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A very good guide on how to peer edit a college essay. Developed by the East Longmeadow High School Department of English for use by its senior class.


College Essay - Peer Evaluation SheetWriter: ________________________________________ Editor: ________________________________________NOTE: Please number each paragraph o the essay beore reading it !use either margin to number"#P$%T &: &ntroductionA. $ttention Catcher: In the space below, list the words, phrases, sentences that BEST capture (your) the readers interest.B. Proide at least !"E SPE#I$I# su%%estion on how to i&proe the introduction.Be particular in your co&&ents ' dont (ust say )*a+e it better.,Instead, -ocus on word choice sentences style, details or e.a&ples, attention catcher.#. /ist the basic thesis or -ocus o- the essay.#an you %et a sense o- this -ocus in the introduction0Is this &ethod e1ectie ' why2why not0P$%T &&: 'ody( )etails ( )evelopment:A. /ist T3! e.a&ples o- e1ectie details (concrete or sensory).4e&e&ber thatconcrete detail can include speci5cs on na&es, dates, places, action.Sensory details would proide speci5cs on releant si%hts, sounds, tastes, s&ells, etc.P$%T &&&: ConclusionA. 6oes the writer proide a transition -or the conclusion ' does it 7ow to a proper and co&plete endin%08es 99999999 "o 99999999B. 6oes the conclusion so&ehow connect to the introduction06oes it return to the basic -ocus or the&e o- the piece06oes it do this in an interestin% way oris it &erely a restate&ent o- the introduction0*&+E SO,E $)+&CE -E%E##. 6oes the writer close the piece by sayin% or su%%estin% so&ethin% i&portant relatin% to the oerall &eanin% and -ocus o- the essay03hat could be i&proed 2 chan%ed0P$%T +: The '&* .uestion6oes the writer reeal so&ethin% i&portant about hi&2hersel- that you probably wouldnt +now -ro& the transcripts or letters o- reco&&endation0I-8es 999999 /ist brie7y so&ethin% you learned about this person that &i%ht not be listed on a transcript or letter o- reco&&endation:I-"o 99999993hat could be added to this essay to help learn so&ethin% about this person that &i%ht not be listed on a transcript or letter o- reco&&endation0