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<ul><li><p>Peer Editing Process Rubric ESL Writing 3 S. Coderre Below is a rubric to keep students on track with the peer editing process. We do it on wikis and on paper. The ESL Writing 3 class wiki with this writing process and rubric can be found here: THE PEER EDITING PROCESS ALL writing assignments follow this format: PREPARATION - complete WORKSHEETS and GRAMMAR pages to get you ready for the 1st draft 1st draft - write the first page in PENCIL, double space (skip lines) find 2 students to be your editors - you read one sentence out loud to other student, the editor correct mistakes, writer reads corrected version out-loud to editor, move on to the next sentence - then go to another student and have them correct your work in the same way - make sure you get BOTH students to sign their full name [DO NOT just give your page to another student to edit; you MUST do it together and the writer MUST READ the story out loud to the editor] Make sure BOTH student editors sign your page 2nd draft - RE-Write your 1st draft as a 2nd draft with all the corrections in PEN (double space) teacher checks the 2nd DRAFT - he/she will have you read out loud - you will correct each sentence and read the corrected sentences as you go through the document - if there are MANY mistakes you have to REDO draft 2 and bring it to the teacher again -if there are FEW mistakes then go to the 3rd draft 3rd FINAL draft TYPE on computer in Word or hand-written in PEN neatly (if no computers avail) on solid white (no-line paper) double spaced, paragraph form Double space! Skip Lines on ALL Drafts [next page for Rubric] </p></li><li><p>Peer Editing Rubric and Check list Student author (being edited): _____________ Date: _______________ Student editor: ______________________ Needs </p><p>improvement Satisfactory </p><p>Very Good </p><p>Excellent </p><p>Grammar points which are being studied are used properly in the story </p><p>Structure paragraphs and sentences follow what is being taught currently </p><p>Mechanics Punctuation, Capitalization, phrasing </p><p>Logic and coherence the story follows a plan or outline </p><p>Literary device makes correct use of literary device being studied </p><p>Partner Participation partner is reading and correcting according to the process </p><p>Organization deadlines are met; story submitted to correct place on wiki </p><p>Format Indents, double space, correct fonts, page length </p></li></ul>