Pembina Trails Mosaic Project The Rights of the Child

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  • Pembina Trails Mosaic ProjectThe Rights of the Child

  • Day 1We are going to learn about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the ChildWe are going to learn about a Pembina Trails School Division initiative involving all 13 000 K-12 students in the divisionYou are going to plan your contribution(you will get another entire class to create it)

  • Your First TaskThink-Pair-Share Write down 5 rights that you believe children around the world should haveShare your ideas with a partnerDiscuss with the class

  • The ProjectAll 13 000 K-12 students in Pembina Trails will individually create an 8x10 canvas connected to the theme of the rights of childrenThe end goal: a giant mosaic shaped as the UN symbol for the Rights of the Child displayed on the surface of the playing field at IG Field using 13 000 canvases produced by all Pembina Trails studentsOn May 21st all 13 000 Pembina Trails students will go to IG Field to see the mosaic and participate in a Childrens Rights Day

  • The Symbol for the Rights of the Child

  • You will get.

  • Together, we will create

  • There will be helicopters overhead taking photos

  • And multiple dronesseriously

  • What do I put on my canvas?The idea is to produce a canvas which represents 1 of the 54 rights of children from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Your teacher will give you a copy of the Convention, and there may even be a poster on your classroom wall

  • The Rights of the Child

  • But, I am not an artistWhile we know some of you are very talented artists, many of us are notThis is not solely an art projectSome ideas:CollagearticlePoetryphotoMath equationDrawPaint

  • ExemplarsHere are some of the canvases produced by a pilot group last yearYour canvas does not have to look anything likes this, but it they might give you some ideas

  • The Right to Government Protection

  • The Right to a NAME

  • The Right to An Identity

  • The Right to a Name

  • The Right to Join Groups

  • The Right NOT to be Mistreated

  • The Right to Play

  • The Right to Play

  • What are Childrens Rights?

  • Why is this important?

  • Child Soldiers

  • Sanitation Issues

  • Canadian First Nations Reserves

  • Canadian First Nations Reserves

  • War Torn Conditions

  • Child Labour

  • Child Labour (cocoa plantation)

  • Lack of Clean Water

  • Starvation

  • Starvation

  • What is in this Convention? Read for yourself:

  • Final Steps for TodayAfter having read through the Convention on the Rights of the Child talk to a partner and try to pick out 5 which you believe are very importantThen, individually choose 1 from the list of 5 which you feel is relevant in our world and you can represent on your canvasMake a plan for completing your canvas. You will have another class period to get it done so it can be displayed at IG Field