Performance Improvement Tools Create, Get and Share Them

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Performance Improvement Tools Create, Get and Share Them. Duke Rohe, BS, FHIMSS Performance Improvement Specialist Alias ‘the tool-fool’. How I Feel. How I Look. What we would like to achieve in the next few minutes ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Performance Improvement ToolsCreate, Get and Share Them

    Duke Rohe, BS, FHIMSS

    Performance Improvement SpecialistAlias the tool-fool

  • How I FeelHow I Look

  • What we would like to achieve in the next few minutes ?Provide a better understanding of what a tool is and how it can be leveraged to make a differenceLearn how to begin creating a sharing environmentLearn how to become a tool geek that your organization cant do withoutLook at a variety of ready-to-use tools and see how they might apply in your area

  • Purpose 4 creating a toolAccelerate learningGive a guide of predictabilityProvide a roadmap for similar territoryReplicate knowledge efficiently from one application to anotherEliminate the waste of reinventing knowledge and learning through errorA good idea is good. A good idea times 50 is mighty good

  • Why a presentation on Tools ?We have finite amount of resources and finite time to get better than the competitionWe can no longer afford to redo, waste effort, allow incomplete sharingWe must leverage our strengths or we will drown in our weaknessesOne digging with a shovel does more than a hundred with spoons

  • Attributes a Sharing EnvironmentTo know is great, to share what is known is mightyConcept of knowledge management attempts to map knowledge throughoutAccess to tools is easy and intuitiveEmphasis on sharing, growing knowledgeEncourage, allow time, reward discovering and sharing new ways

  • How to Dampen Knowledge Management (or Sharing)No attention, no time, no diceMake it old, hard to find, not transferableAll take and no giveCounterproductive incentives

  • How 2 BeginBecome the resident knowledge sharer in your organization Begin taking notes as if your were the CNN reporter for your organization.Look for the scaffolding behind your project work that would guide others Discover business models, cause and effects, organizational behavior as candidates

  • How 2 Begin Look at the scaffolding behind how people think and act and fill in the missing piecesGain a dissatisfaction with reinventing knowledge or having to create what has already been createdBecome the source for helpful tools and news around the organizationThink in questions that lead people to the right action/answer

  • How 2 Begin againBridge the gap between the need-to-know need-to-share of communicationThink of ways you can engage staff to continue resolving their own challengesFind ways to stimulate thinking to what might be overlookedPractice paranoia to get folks to surface those landmines that sink success

  • How 2 Begin and againRead what works in other industry. Find the no duh-uh application that people discount or tend to overlookItemize those things you wish you would have known or done different File these electronically by how it might be used, Communication, teams, project management for quick reference

  • How 2 serve it upThink simplicity, bite size chunks, understandable by the little peopleOffer no more than they need to know, no less than what is needed to be successfulGive folks a menu for the best resultsMake it fun, interesting. Not everything in healthcare has to hurt or be boring. Turn it upside down: For worst results, do this.

  • How 2 serve it upLimit it to one page is best. Categorize where possible, use font types to make it easy/interestingSpend time to groom it. Give me more time and Ill write you a shorter letter Mark TwainPut you name/department on it. a Duke original, contributed by Duke, modified by Duke, forgotten by Duke.

  • How 2 spread it aroundDistribute via email. Weekly Reader to subscribers Offer it to periodicals, newsletters, professional journals, conferencesNetwork it with your peers in other areas. It creates a favor-mentality on the other end

  • How 2 spread it aroundGive it away internally. Got a need? Heres a tool.Put these filed tools out on a common server for all to access. Refresh periodically the users memory of whats out there*The most valuable tool fills a need in a crisis and is given away for free.

  • A test of the bestThe best tools have function over time and in various applicationsV = B x U Value = the benefit of the tool times its use

    (if it is free or very reasonable and available, its value will grow -- others will seek out its creator and that is worth a bundle)

  • ReminderHonor your sourcesIf you use their stuff, acknowledge them

    A tools best complimentSomeone else improves on it or shares it with a peer.

    The worst tool is an ingenious one that is never created nor shared

  • What Qualifies as a Tool ?

    If it can accelerate learning or success it qualifies:Forms, bullet-format notes, new thought-provokers, proverbial wisdom.Icebreakers and debriefs, tests that lead you to your answerQuestions that drive folks to their solutions, action item trackersCommon sense revisited, notable quoteables, comic reliefs

  • What Qualifies ?A guide or pattern for achieving results, doing things right and avoiding pitfallsList of how-tos, have-yous, do-dos, dont-dos and how-do-you-dos (checking to see if you are reading)Summary notes that will inspire and inform. Summary of books, conferencesStep-by-step procedures, observations of causes and effects

  • What Qualifies ? Concepts translated from one industry to the nextNew knowledge or thought-provoking abstractsMacro-rich spreadsheets and databases with multiple applicationsChecklists, visual examplesComplex methodologies boiled down to their pertinent points

  • What Qualifies ?Personal pieces that bring life to life, heart warmers, life expandersLittle techniques that bring great resultsSummary of ideas that have worked elsewhereLessons learned from a project, especially the never do thisSamples, examples and starter fluid for an application

  • Folders for EASY Access and HIGH useNew StuffRed TagBenchmarkingCommunicationChangeCultureCliffnotesIdeaGrow U

    Knowledge MgmtProcessMgmtProject MgmtQualityReengineeringServiceSystems ThinkingTeamsVisual ControlVisioning

  • How 2 end

    The worst tool is an ingenious one that is never created nor shared.What you put into life is also a measure of what you get out of it. Dont cheat yourself.If you would like a set of around 1000 electronic tools ready to modify, email me at

  • Other tool sites (around 200 each) and select Resource


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