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<ul><li><p>Blackline Master Grade 4</p><p>Cop</p><p>yrig</p><p>ht </p><p>Hou</p><p>ghto</p><p>n M</p><p>ifflin</p><p> Com</p><p>pany</p><p>.All </p><p>right</p><p>s re</p><p>serv</p><p>ed.</p><p>Think of the best place to visit on a class trip. Write a persuasive essay foryour teacher, telling which place you should visit. Give reasons for yourchoice, and write about your reasons in detail.</p><p>Persuasive Essay</p><p>I want our class to learn important subjects. That is why I think we</p><p>should go to Austin, Texas. The places in Austin I think we should go to</p><p>are San Felipe de Austin, the capitol building, and a country music</p><p>concert.</p><p>My first reason is that if we go to Austin we will learn about our</p><p>history. We could see where Stephen F. Austin brought the early</p><p>settlers in San Felipe de Austin. This will be very helpful for us, because</p><p>we have been reading about Texass early settlers in our social studiesbook. Wouldnt it be fascinating to see San Felipe de Austin with ourown eyes? It will definitely help us do well on the tests and quizzes that</p><p>you give us too. </p><p>My second reason is that we can learn about the government. If we</p><p>went to the capitol building, we could take the tour that they have, and</p><p>we would learn what the people who work there do. Who knows, we</p><p>might even meet our governor! This is certainly important because</p><p>when we grow up we might want to have a government job.</p><p>My third and final reason is that we could have a wonderful time in</p><p>Austin by going to a country music concert. Austin is famous for having</p><p>country music concerts. In music class we sing country songs, and four</p><p>kids in our class take guitar lessons. Seeing an actual country music</p><p>concert would be as enjoyable as sitting in an awesome music class.</p><p>If we go to Austin, we will learn about history, learn about the</p><p>government, and hear a great concert. We can learn a lot at school,</p><p>but isnt it much more interesting to see places and people in person?Obviously, the answer is yes. I hope you will consider letting us go to</p><p>Austin.</p><p>Name</p><p>Score 4</p><p>Benchmark Paper: Persuasive</p></li></ul>