Persuasive Writing What is a persuasive argument? Lets find out!

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<p>A balanced argument What were the arguments? For Against What research could the reporter have done before</p> <p>Persuasive Writing</p> <p>What is a persuasive argument?Lets find out!</p> <p>What is it? It is s a piece of writing in which the writer uses words to convince the reader of his/her view regarding an issue.</p> <p>1Questions to ask as we read these persuasive texts.</p> <p>What is the purpose of the text? What are the ideas presented?What words are used to inform you of the authors opinion?Purpose: Why did the writer create this text? NOTE: Careful word choice. Carefully formed reasons for that persons opinion.Writing can influence and change someone's opinion or thoughts on a subject. Persuasive writing can persuade you to think about a topic differently. You can persuade others too with well thought out and researched ideas. You will also need to use as good sentence and paragraph structure. 2</p> <p>Look for words, phrases and techniques.3Dear Premier,</p> <p>I suggest that we should have a law that tells us not to leave trash on beaches. If there is a law already in place, then I suggest we take strong measures to enforce the law. I think this because a lot of people leave trash on beaches and eventually the trash will get picked up by the tide. When this happens a lot of animals die. Some become or are close to becoming extinct. Every day and night tons of sea animals die because of trash!Here are some reasons why we should have or enforce this law. Lots of people dont pick up trash, mostly plastic bags. Turtles eat jellyfish, as you may know, but what Im getting at is that plastic bags look like jellyfish in a turtles eyes. Then when the turtle swallows the bag it chokes because the bag is so thick. The turtle then dies. Another problem is the plastic six-pack soda rings that are left on the beach. When seagulls poke their heads in everything you know that theyre going to get into trouble. Well, they do. In fact, some seagulls get their beaks stuck in these plastic soda rings and then they die from starvation. Also, the seals are very curious animals and they will sometimes try to eat two liter plastic soda bottles that float out with the tide. This can make them sick or even kill them. Another really big reason to outlaw trash on beaches is the fact that California has the most beautiful beaches in the world. People come from all over the place to visit our coastline. How sad it would be if they left thinking we didnt care about our own beaches and allowed people to throw trash anywhere.No beach deserves to be raided with trash, so please consider the idea of making a law to stop people from polluting our beaches or please consider enforcing this law if there is one. I know that you make the best choice you can!</p> <p>Sincerely, Ellen Language. 4</p> <p>Letter from a reader published in a news letter. What is the opinion? 5</p> <p>What is the overall message? Lets decode the text. How doe this lady feel? What about eth colours used? What is the opinion? What words are persuasive?6</p> <p>BTN Games in schools.What were the arguments?What ideas were presented?Persuasive news</p> <p>The Behind The News report will give the student a topic to think about. They should 1. Form an opinion. 2. Research their ideas. 3.Write or speak about those ideas clearly. Writing Activity: Write a letter stating why you would like more indigenous games taught in school. Find out why? Ask you parents. Have a think about it. 7Your Turn! Line up opinion activity? Brainstorm?</p> <p> Research online and books.</p> <p>WriteEdit Publish</p> <p> REMEMBER Use language to influence the reader.State your ideas clearly. Start sentences with worlds like: I think, I believe, I would like to seeThe reason for this is</p>