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Petra the Platypus

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Petra the Platypus. Written and Illustrated by Daniel Rodrigues. Petra was a unique looking creature. The ducks didn’t like her because she didn’t have wings. The possums didn’t like her because her nose looked like a beak. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Petra the Platypus

Leo the Loon

Petra the PlatypusWritten and Illustrated by Daniel Rodrigues

1Petra was a unique looking creature.

The ducks didnt like her because she didnt have wings.

The possums didnt like her because her nose looked like a beak.

Poor Petra. All she wanted to do was to hang out with a creature and have some fun.

While she was feeling sad, there came another creature who would make her glad.

This creature had spikes everywhere and a long nose. He was confident in his pose.

Who are you? asked Petra.Im Eddie the Echidna replied Eddie.Petra never seen an Echidna before. The two struck a friendship that was unique.

Eddie showed Petra what he eats.Ants, gross! said Petra.It is all I can eat said Eddie.

Petra showed Eddie what she does.Its cold in the water said Eddie.This is where I get my food said Petra.

Despite their differences, Petra and Eddie got along well. Eddie had his ants and Petra had her worms.

It was their unique looks which kept them together in this judgmental world.


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