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<ul><li><p>Philippine Food </p><p>Holidays </p><p>21-28 OCT 2017 </p><p>Filipino Food is the Next Big Thing Andrew Zimmern Host and Chef Travel and Living Channel </p><p>Discover why the world is now looking at the Philippines as </p><p>the next hottest culinary destination! </p><p> 8 Days of Gastronomy Tour 700 Years of History </p><p>A Curated Trip of the Culinary Culture of the Philippines </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p>Join Food Holidays Publisher and Tour Operator, Clang Garcia, as she takes you on a creatively-designed gastronomic expedition, bringing to life the contents of her award-winning book. </p><p>Food Holidays is the New Luxury Tour Product. </p><p>It provides a different dimension in exploring the Philippines through enriching experiences. </p><p>Following are the highlights of the 8-Day Gastronomy Tour: </p><p>- Discovery of stunning destinations - Curated Cultural Immersion - Dining with flavors of history - Thrill of learning local cuisines - Interactive experiences - Empowerment of local communities - Unlimited Fun! </p><p>Travel | Eat | Learn | Help </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>Taste the evolution of Philippine cuisines through history and geography. </p><p>The country plays a dramatic role in global history from early days of trading to being under the colonial rule of Spain (1521-1898), U.K. (1762-1764), U.S.A (1898-1946) </p><p>and Japan (1941-1945). Discover Philippine history through its symphony of flavors. </p><p> Because you are special, we are bringing you the </p><p>trailblazers of Philippine culinary and heritage tourism. Meet and learn with the following icons. </p><p> Day 1: Welcome to Manila! </p><p> Gold Museum Tour + Degustacion Dinner on a Rooftop </p><p> Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms Gorgeous and historically intriguing exhibition from the 10th -13th centuries. Ken Johnson New York Times </p><p>Journey back in time through an exhibit of more than a thousand gold treasures from early civilization. </p><p>Have an extraordinary dining experience at Top of the City. Be captivated by the panoramic view of the city by night. Indulge in a curated degustacion with visual presentation the evolution of Philippines cuisine from heritage dishes to global fusion of influences from China, Mexico, Spain and U.S.A. The owner, Chef Jessie, will do a cooking demonstration of a clay pot cuisine. </p><p> Accommodations: Manila Hotel </p><p>Chef Jessie Sincioco Owner </p><p>Top of the City </p><p>Carlos Celdran Celebrity Guide </p><p>Intramuros </p><p>Ivan Man Dy Celebrity Guide </p><p>Binondo </p><p>Chef Cocoy Ventura F &amp; B Director Villa Escudero </p><p>Resort </p><p>Don Ado Escudero Owner </p><p>Villa Escudero Resort Sonya Garcia Owner </p><p>Sonyas Garden </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p> Day 2: Binondo + Intramuros: The flavors of 13th century trading between China and the Philippines + Life Under Spain </p><p>Have a walking tour with Celebrity Guides who guided various international media and celebrity Chefs! The famed Ivan Mandy will be the guide in Binondo while Carlos Celdran will handle the Intramuros Tour. Nibble your way around the secret alleys of Binondo, hailed as the oldest Chinatown in the world. Beaming with over 400 years of history is home to the oldes flavors of China, 16th century Baroque cathedral and great shopping finds. Intramuros is known as the Old Manila that served as the seat of Spanish colonial sovereignty in the Orient for over 300 years. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Church, dine in a colonial house, check out the plazas, ruins, cobblestones, bulwarks and loads of historical treasures. Return to the hotel to rest and freshen up. Go out for a cultural dinner show. Participate and learn how to do the tinikling (bamboo dance). Accommodations: Manila Hotel </p></li><li><p> 5 </p><p> Day 3: Laguna: Coconut Plantation Tour </p><p>Experience the rural charm of being in a coconut plantation at Villa Escudero ride carabao-driven cart and serenaded with folk songs, walk barefoot and have a Filipino buffet lunch in a waterfalls restaurant. </p><p>Meet Chef Cocoy Ventura, the F&amp;B director of the plantation who used to work at the French Laundry in Napa Valley, California. He will take the guests around the hacienda to have a glimpse of coconut life watch a farmer climb and harvest fresh coconuts or experience grating a coconut the traditional way. </p><p>Have a rare opportunity to meet the legendary owner of the hacienda, Don Ado Escudero. He will conduct a cooking demonstration of his famed Pansit Buko, a recipe that he crafted during WWII. Hear he stimulating story straight from the coconut scion. </p><p>Drive to Cavite and be captivated by Sonyas Garden a magical sanctuary of nature artfully-designed to soothe your soul. Accommodations: Sonyas Bed and Breakfast </p></li><li><p> 6 </p><p>Day 4: Cavite: From Farm-to-Table to Gourmet Dining Learn the Art of Living Well from Sonya Garcia, the purveyor of organic farm-to-table dining in the area. Discover the simple pleasures of life from basic gardening, harvest fresh herbs and prepare a dish. Have a leisurely stroll in the garden interlaced with colorful flowers and foliage, visit the country store for interesting products to buy, stop at the panaderia (local bakery) and have a bite of traditional breads or visit the spa and try the pampering signature massage. Check out towards late afternoon and visit the viewing site of Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world situated within an island, within a lake. </p><p>Have an early dinner at Antonios, an old house converted into a fine dining restaurant. It has been listed at San Pellegrinos Asias best restaurant and at the Miele Guide. </p><p>Accommodations: Manila Hotel </p></li><li><p> 7 </p><p>Take a domestic flight from Manila bound to Bicol. Discover the thrill of harvesting sea urchins and sea grapes - and eat them fresh. Experience a sea-to-table dining experience onboard a bamboo raft floating in the azure sea. Indulge in the coastal cuisines of Sorsogon. </p><p>Be captivated by the magic of the night with a curated firefly dinner cruise. </p><p>Accommodations: Dancalan Beach Resort </p><p>Let us take you to the home of the majestic Mayon Volcano, known for its perfect cone shape. Visit a local community and learn the age-old craft of abanico (local fan) production using indigenous materials, learn how to make centuries-old recipes like longganiza and pinangat, visit heritage sites like the Cagsawa Ruins and the 400-year old Daraga church. </p><p>Accommodations: The Oriental Hotel </p><p>Day 5: Bicol: Sea-to-Table Dining Experience </p><p>Day 6: Bicol: The Volcano and its Robust Harvest </p><p>Savor traditional cuisines then cool off with Halo-Halo, the famous Philippine dessert. Go for shopping of local products then fly back to Manila. Rest and prepare for a farewell dinner. </p><p>Accommodations: New World Hotel </p><p>Day 7: Bicol Manila Farewell Dinner </p><p>Day 8: Departure from Manila or extend for few more days Optional Tours may be provided </p></li><li><p> Tour Summary </p><p>Day 1: Arrival in Manila Gold Museum Tour + Degustacion Lunch on a Rooftop </p><p>Day 2: Binondo + Intramuros The flavors of 13th century trading between China and the Philippines + Life Under Spain </p><p>Day 3: Laguna: Coconut Plantation Tour </p><p>Day 4: Cavite: From Farm-to-Table to Gourmet Dining </p><p>Day 5: Bicol: Sea-to-Table Dining Experience </p><p>Day 6: Bicol: The Volcano and its Robust Harvest </p><p>Day 7: Bicol Manila Farewell Dinner </p><p>Day 8: Departure from Manila or extend for Optional Tours </p><p>Contact Details Package Inclusions for the 8-Day Package: </p><p> Round trip airport transfers from Manila Deluxe accommodations as stipulated on the itinerary Air-conditioned transportation for land travels Round trip domestic airfare for the Bicol tour Meals (7 Breakfast | 6 Lunch | 6 Dinner) Creatively designed culinary experience Curated culinary tours Cooking demonstrations of century-old recipes Unlimited fun! </p><p> Philippine Food Holidays 21-28 October 2017 </p><p>( 8 Days / 7 Nights) </p><p>CLANG GARCIA Managing Director Mobile / Viber + 63 918 9001415 Skype: clangg </p><p>Package Cost Early Bird Regular Last Minute </p><p>Per Person Rate Rate Rate </p><p>Twin Sharing $2,000 $2,200 $2,400 </p><p>Triple Sharing $1,800 $2,000 $2,200 </p><p>Single Occupancy $2,350 $2,500 $2,650 </p><p>Payment Cut-Off 31-Mar-17 28-May-17 31-Jul-17 </p></li></ul>