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Text of PHONt 17704 P.O. >OX 2441 AFRICAN NATIONAL .PHONt 17704 ^ P.O. >OX 2441 AFRICAN NATIONAL...

  • P H O N t 17704 ^ P .O . >O X 2441

    AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS0#-? 7 ZNATALT l fn p h ic A dd. SHESHA R K ~12. JLUfan, Qka mhers,

    2 . )a L u lle 6 1 r e e f

    bu,Ln. Z3.8t_jTur.uary^ _ /9 j 5.

    The Secretariat,

    A .N .C .*

    Dear Son of Afrlfca,

    The President-General woula like to bring to your notice the following propositions.

    Insjlte of hlslllness the President urges that the National Executive should meet Immediately. He further states that he has

    teen ill fer some time andtJTsvemterl954 his Illness case to a climax. According to McCortrs Hospital diagnosis the President

    suffers from High Bleed pressur* in its highest form, and ether troubles were also diagnosed.

    The National Executive would b e e x p e c t e d to give top priority te the discussion sf:

    1. The implementation of Conference decisions.(a) Western Areas Removal Scheme. The President regrets that

    he lo not well informed regarding stsps taken or about to be taken he says he would very much like to be enlightened about this

    matter. He (President) further adds that, he is very much worried by this aattefc. and although he has been given instructions te rest bat he flnds^vry difficult to do so as National Affairs continual^ hauflt him,even meH? than his home affairs do.

    (b) Implementation of deolelon on Bantu Eduoatlon.The President feels very strongly about these decisions and urges the immediate summoning Xof the National Exeoutlve to modify orendorse the decisions of Conference.

    The President would appreciate It If Resha would be sent

    down or somebody te brief him (President) on these matters, he adds

    that the calling of the National Executive should preoede all these

    In a last n note the President rededicates himself to the

    struggle and National Liberation.

    The telegram containing the National Chaplain'e message was

  • D|T /*

    a jc

    fHOME 17/04J O . O X 2441%


    T *! fr*p h ic A64 . "SHESHA RICE"

    S nhfiuniv '

    S a u d le Street,

    D u r b a n .--------------------------/95

    received and several reverend gentlemen were told of the message

    and prayer, were held at various places. The whole of Natal

    coulanot be contacted as the telegram was received late.

    Maylfcuye1 *1

    Xeurs for Freedom,

    ' , r *- rr BecrwtarUt.

  • s i i d r n i m i i L &

    T IIK W V M C A O M M :

    AN NATIONAL CONGRESSW I f & L Z W E 'jv^ *w w ^ w 'vvw>

    (NATAL) 0 > K < /





    JftS Q U J U t ,

    2 c 5 o u illt C

    Q\J*m. 8th_June,_____ 7956.

    Er, Ter be,

    " onnctior. vith ti.fc question of tcy preliminary

    ry pproach t0 the Hcuser Grcu:- financial aid to launch our ^e^spaper you will note 5n hi^ letter hat t-t raises even in this early stag? fb* i S n T ? - * U ? . ? USer

    4tc 138 ke sure ti *ir on loes k i t f liiilertist ascendancy in thr African 1 ^we nay do internallv by m ' 0 r * it?. ! tV -r-ir-.GS. ate vet Tor their puroose L 1 3 ?dPer ?ru:id * net

    aispell American feaj-s and ISsp iclins! dltcr- Ihls >M

    official l e t t w e s ^ la l iy - t e e |u s e aps'e i \ i *propose nyself. But J r vm> " r. SC*.!!) to


    propose nyself. But ify^^vS^srriL f e e l i ? , 'Coai:-itte!i0n yU COUl

  • (Eorpnraltmi nf ttjp (tty of Surban.T(*iAfw Nb 27535tan._____________


    PO SOX 1014


    0 7 * h A li

    i DURBAN

    13th August, 19 >6.

    ALL COMtrONO6, I aw directed by His Worship the la/or to inform you that in terras of Section3 of the Regu]ations for, inter alia, the Conduct, Control, Supervision and Restriction of Meetings or Assemblies of Natives within the City of Durban published under Provincial Notice No. 78/1933, he has granted permission to you to hold a meeting at the Bantu 8ocial Centre, 29 Beatrice Street, Durban, on Saturday, 1st Septecber, 1956, fro 9 a.n. to 5 p.m., for discussion of the subjects set out in ay previous letter.

    Eils permission does not cover the d!scussion of subjects not enumerated above, and If the raeetii. Uncases other autjecte, it vill to tnat extent not have be aj^ author iso?

    Parnif3ioii for till* owrtlnj is , 7wtt i ubj*ct tv o** a>U*2i-e *vdth all M ic e require

    Icors falthftilly,

    w jtm x .J


  • T C t.* r ^ -

    dnrporalion a! thf ffltty of lurban.Tl*phor! No. 27535

    Extrv ________ 22 2 __

    IN REPLY PLEASE QUOTERf No_____ 55/467/2

    PO BOX 1014





    l^th August, 19 56-

    t cettng m coa^cWo" tth (Mi / plane tk for



    Mr. P.H. Sinelane,Secretary, African National Congress,

    308 Lakhani Chambers,2 Savllle Street,


    Dear Sir,

    fa T APriUgftU^n to Hold HggtfrKp t is ; aad 2nd Surugber, UJ6.

    I duly received your letter dated 2nd August, 2?56, in t.he above connection.

    In teras of Section of th Regulations for, inter alia, tne Conduct, Control, Supervision and Restrict! oj of ;'e* tinjt- ->r Ass-.''lies of Natives within the City cf Durha:. ; published under Provincial ' ice

    V8/1933, I ao directed by His Worship the !>iayor to ir\f.-.r you t,hat le has cranteu per tolas ion to you to hoi : & mating at ve 3antu Social eiitre, 29 Beatrice Street, Durban, on Satur^-ay, let Septenb*rr, I9'yi, froa 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and on Sunday, 2nd September, l?i>6, from 9 a. jO 5 p .w ,, for diecunsion of the following subjects

    Completion of business not covered at its Ccnferer^e heldat Edenda'e, Pietemsiri tzb irg on JWth - July. 1950 asfollov?

    (1) Discussion *if Presidential Address.(2) D i r. cuss ion of Executive Report.

    (3 ) Discussion of Labour Report,[A) Discussion of Org-inlsational Report.(5) Discussion of Financial Report.(6) Flection of Office bearers.

    (7) General business affecting the or. vn nation.

    This permission does not cover the discussion of ruhjects notI __ . ! . 4 1 . * .


  • /m s u


    .B O X 2 4 4 1 , DURHAM PHONE 2 7 7 0 4

    -W e F lp h ic z Address: "SH ESH A r i i r *


    PiCMden* General:C b i.J A. J. LUTHUU. Groulvjlte Mnaion Station, P.O. Groutville

    Deputy President:DR. W Z CONCO,Bot 13. Umaimktilu.

    All communication* to be add rased to tbe

    Hon. Secretary

    314 l a k h a n i C h a m b e r s .

    2 S A V IL L E S T R E E T . D U R B A N .

    IQ y h * __ SBC 1199

    Dear Friends,

    A:e- request all freedom lovers to help us in

    contributing to a (RECEPTION) of our president Chief A J.Xtiftoft

    Luthuli*. $ reception is to b e held at the Bantu aocial

    centre 29 Beatrice street DBN.



  • P lH % S .P.O. box ,Port Llizabeth .14th May, 1*5'-.


    My u ..r P .H .. A Men notlng the gr9Bt at9ae you hav. been

    - r a i n i n Natal arainst those who would pat the clock back . 1 mast

    - r ? y ; . g W - ' 4 j s .

    r k H d b .- iv : s rsus s w ^ S ^ sare am n ie .ii enj *> reojl* ' esprvf to be exr^***5 t0 '? op*l .* ?hey e r e ^ a y h ^ n o b W ? . / i a % - , .r , l s ; n hew. 1 . f . .

    left their own orf l 8 i o t ^ V c c n ^ o n g r ^ s s leadership .

    u Y ^ o f l a nhout t k alleg.d A f f e r e n t b . t .n >f J t . ,

    and the 1..4-- f r ^ a m m e o l action . The t e 2 n " 'V t h . 'c h a r U r . H ' not and cannot tell you h , t they see to he r u

    carrot tody t .a t .e ! . t e which drew up

    f v h k - z \ ^runi;*xeople and*the breedon* Charter In his address

    to the Cradocic conference 01 the > -a, ....o . ;

    A .I . Mda I Who la now Inscttve, . L d ^h e lp lo n

    ^ p o s d % h e rift , programi.a of Action . Today there U so xue, t .l *

    i ^ ' p r o ^ r ^ a c U ^ 1 and*left , .o v ^ e n t ^ c a u s e

    u 'w a a adopted . They too, said it was a "communist document .

    too it waa said we are extremists .

    At that Conference in W 48 an aiecutive was elected

    constting of Sisulu. Kotane, Tloome, ^ o l e ^ &aar

    - S r S T s . s r r a r5 5 c S x ^ ^ -s s ^ .r s i ^ asa^ ^ -rsss- S B s W r p r s * ^^tSSv^SS^*0 t l r ^ l ' S ^ C ^ n i s L " f^d a n h a t norseise oprressi,*the rtoirqns ir Afrika Vi$o hes colonies here in A.ri

  • 2.

    fast bv the truth end course, going toeffusions of these ?en ; a long a3 th e y a r e sola'tedthem full support at a L tl # The freedom Charterfrom the people we have tlh h3cd9 0f all the people in ^hein Zulu must be placed in the hancs distribute it Inu r b a n areas and in the reserves . - explained and fouffrtmeetings . It must be cerried class is so . e t a ^ t n . tfor because the very fact thet vn interests of the

    I? shows that it is true to ^ u anythin? - * a t h . wi Tin p is e vitai r c don our

    S t o .n 1 *M ahova ua s;- tf rc01fa,r ' ^ ; C h .r fr . ff> *

    orn eil * ! * " ' .inning .gaol satisfied that. , n U U . .

    I am trying to git to i-urben

    however v.e will see ,!? Ihis meeting in Durbanto be coming on very

  • h

    r 'fc-v^r. - -Jv

    on. w z coMca m a u *>!

    The Secretariat,African Fatloral Congress, P .O . Box 9207,J0HABTN3SBURG *

    -SSPfc* * # # JJT' 'i


  • BOX M4t, OUMAM PHOHI 177*4


    (N A