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Photo Editing. Don’t Always Believe What You See. Directions. 7-207 (16 students – 4 groups of 3 & 1 group of 4) 7-210 (19 students – 5 groups of 3 & 1 group of 4 ) TIMELINE OF EVENTS Monday November 4 th Receive Directions Choose Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Photo Editing

  • Photo EditingDont Always Believe What You See

  • Directions7-207 (12 students 6 groups of 2) 7-210 (12 students 6 groups of 2)

    TIMELINE OF EVENTSMonday November 3rd Receive DirectionsBegin Process of Selecting Images (4 images per group) and Creating PowerPoint for Group Presentation (copy and paste images of choice to own PowerPoint)Friday November 7thContinue Selecting Images for Putting Together Group PowerPointDetermine Speaking RolesDetermine Verbal Content for Group PresentationUse Click to Add Notes Section

  • DirectionsTIMELINE OF EVENTS CONTINUED:Friday November 14thDetermine Verbal Content for Group PresentationPractice Group PresentationMonday November 17th Present to Classmates TodayShow the photos on the screen one at a timeMake Sure to Describe HOW each photo has been edited AND for WHAT PURPOSE. Each person discusses 1 photo (unless there are 3 group members)Length of the Presentations Must Be Between 1 - 3 Minutes for the opportunity for Full CreditNo notes may be used for the presentation.

  • BP Oil Spill

  • BP Oil SpillAll eyes were on BP in the aftermath of the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, caused by the blowout of one of the oil giant's wells on April 20, 2010. Which made it an odd time for the company to try to pass off Photoshopped official images of its clean-up efforts.It was astute members of the blogosphere that first noticed problems with the images. BP eventually acknowledged that a contract photographer not only used Photoshop for the usual color correction, glare reduction, and cropping, but also to cut and paste three images. The shots were removed from the site, but remain on the company's Flickr page in both original and edited versions for comparison and "for transparency."For example, this shot taken from inside a helicopter was doctored to make it appear as if it was in the air. But among the problems, note the control tower still in the left corner of the photograph as well as white space around the shoulder of one of the pilots.

  • Katie Couric Photos

  • Katie Couric PhotosThe photo on the right isn't exactly what it appears to be. An image of Katie Couric, originally released in May 2006 by CBS, was slimmed down for reuse.The left photo is the official first-pic-of-Katie released by CBS, parent company of CNET publisher CBS Interactive. (TVNewser posted it in May 2006.) The doctored photo on the right appears in the September issue of Watch magazine, which is owned by CBS, according to, which first reported on the alteration.

  • CBS Logo

  • CBS LogoDecember 2000: In this single frame of a live video broadcast, the CBS emblem was digitally inserted during the New Year's Eve broadcast to conceal the NBC emblem on display in the background. The technology used is the same as what's been widely employed during the broadcast of sporting events to display advertisements on billboards.

  • Ice Skating Rivals

  • Ice Skating RivalsThis digital composite of Olympic ice skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan appeared on the cover of New York Newsday in February 1994. The picture showed the rivals practicing together, shortly after an attack on Kerrigan by an associate of Harding's husband. The picture caption reads: "Tonya Harding, left, and Nancy Kerrigan, appear to skate together in this New York Newsday composite illustration. Tomorrow, they'll really take to the ice together."

  • TV Guide Cover

  • TV Guide CoverThe cover of TV Guide in August 1989 displayed this picture of daytime talk-show host Oprah Winfrey. This picture was created by splicing the head of Winfrey onto the body of actress Ann-Margret, taken from a 1979 publicity shot. The composite was created without permission of Winfrey or Ann-Margret, and was detected by Ann-Margret's fashion designer, who recognized the dress.

  • George W. Bush Political Ad

  • George W. Bush Political AdThis March 2004 political ad for George W. Bush, prepared during his run for president, shows a sea of soldiers as a backdrop to a child holding a flag. This image was digitally doctored by copying and pasting, from the original photograph, several soldiers in order to digitally remove Bush from a podium. After acknowledging that the photo had been doctored, the Bush campaign said that the ad would be re-edited and reshipped to TV stations.

  • Shark Attack

  • Shark AttackThe dramatic image made its rounds on the Internet in 2001. The shark had been pasted into the bottom of the shot of a hovering U.S. Air Force helicopter.

  • Magazine Cover Changes

  • Magazine Cover ChangesThis digitally altered photograph of O.J. Simpson appeared on the June 1994 cover of Time magazine shortly after Simpson's arrest on murder charges. This photograph was manipulated from the original mug shot. A copy of the mug shot also appeared, unaltered, on the cover of Newsweek. Time magazine was subsequently accused of manipulating the photograph to make Simpson appear "darker" and "menacing."

  • Faking Diversity

  • Faking DiversityThe University of Wisconsin wanted a picture that reflected diversity at the campus back in 2000, so they put a 1994 photo of a black student, Diallo Shabazz, into a 1993 shot from a football game.