Photo-essay - Blanket Donation Drive, January 23, 2013, Delhi-NCR

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How a group of young boys and girls spread warmth amongst the underprivileged and the needy in the cold hours of January. A photo-essay on Tech Mahindra Foundation's blanket donation drive in Delhi-NCR.

Text of Photo-essay - Blanket Donation Drive, January 23, 2013, Delhi-NCR

  • Thank you, volunteers!

    Akash Agarwal walked into us early morning on January 24, 2013 and gave us this telling piece of paper.

    The night before, he was a part of the first group of volunteers, who were out in the cold, late hours for a blanket-donation drive conducted by Tech Mahindra Foundation, as the first volunteer-engagement activity for 2013.

  • Blanket Donation Drive by Tech Mahindra Foundation

    Tech Mahindra Foundation distributed 100 blankets at around 30 locations to the underprivileged and needy in Delhi-NCR on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 between 09:00 pm to 01:00 am

    The blankets were generously donated by Mahindra Satyam associates from GEGDC and IES in Hyderabad

    11 volunteers from Tech Mahindra along with 3 associates from Tech Mahindra Foundation joined for the drive, which was conducted in three groups.

    Volunteers helped right from loading the blankets onto the vehicles to the actual distribution, and even rendered their photography skills

    2 young girls joined for the drive which went on till late night

    2 volunteers engaged with the Foundation for the second consecutive time

    Preference was given to women, children and the elderly. We also reached out to those with disabilities.

  • Group 1 Delhi-Ghaziabad


    1. Abhishek Kumar

    2. Akash Agarwal

    3. Mudit Jain

    4. Saurabh Varma

    5. Tushar Bhardwaj

  • Group 2 Delhi-NOIDA


    1. Dhawal Agarwal

    2. Poornima Saxena

    3. Sonakshi Gupta

    4. Vijendra Kumar (TMF)

    5. Yash Goyal

  • Group 3 Delhi-NOIDA


    1. Aditya Kapoor

    2. Rishi Vashistha (TMF)

    3. Sachin Kumar (TMF)

    4. Saurav Prasad

  • Some more photos

  • And that night,

    1. Yash Goyal, one of our volunteers turned another year younger it was his happy birthday! We celebrated over tea, chips and samosas.

    2. We spent a moment with a man on the wheelchair, who was trying to go back home late night he initially got scared of us, but later his apprehensions melted, and he exchanged smiles from his new blanket.

    3. We met someone called Phenku a middle-aged construction worker who was working in the cold hours at 11:30 near Film City, NOIDA. He was delighted to have received the blanket!

    4. We found a young boy called ShahRukh, wearing a brand new white shirt, carrying his tea-and-snacks cart back home. His excitement about taking home a blanket for his mother charmed us.

    5. We had a crazy time dealing with a mob near Atta Market, Sector 18, NOIDA who mistook us for some government agency doing an elaborate donation drive we ran, and were followed, only to land up in another place where we found some real needy people. Everything happens for good!

    6. Some volunteers expressed their interest in taking up long term assignments in teaching and life-skills development with the Foundation and our partner NGOs. We are happy and excited!

    7. We had some awesome late-night food at Sector 58, NOIDA.

    8. We made more friends!

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