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Band promotional photos (photo shoots)

Before setting up a photo shoot I decided that I would look at a hand full of band promotional photos to get some ideas on what I want to do for my music magazine.Underneath are three of my favourite photos I found when looking for images. The three bands I picked to use for this were; Bless the fall, Forever the sickest kids and Tek one. I picked them because they are the kind of music the people reading my magazine would listen to. Under each section is a link to one of the bands songs to help prove my point.

Bless the fall photos by Tim Harmon (

This is a photo shoot Tim Harmon did with the band bless the fall. The photos make the band look playful. This is done in the first image by having them play golf wrong and the second image having them in a little kids playground on a rocking horse. I like these photos because they look fun and are happy. The photos dont really give away what type of music the band plays, so they do not use stereotypes for prompting there music this makes the band more appealing to a bigger audience. Also they are all pose in quite cute ways, this will help them get even more attention.Song name: whats left of meSong link:

Forever the sickest kids unknown photographer (universal records)

This picture was done for Forever The Sickest Kids new album series the weekend. This picture was done for the first album out of the three to be released called Friday. The fact they are in a high school ties into the album as the made it for there fans who are at school/college. The way they have papers flying everywhere shows the excitement of the weekend starting, I like how on the papers they have words linking to their music. The photo is comical because it shows the type of people that there are at high schools such as bullies and the cool kids ect. I like the effect a quick shutter speed has on the picture as it catches every piece of paper still flying around. I also like how on some of their book they have doodles and notes, for example Kyle (the one in the yellow top) holds a book with the word I (heart) Jonathan on it also Jonathan holds a not pad which says will you go out with me? these are all thing people do when at school when they had crushes. The pose make the image fun and very eye catching. Song name: what do you want from meSong link:

Tek One photographer unknown (taken from rock sounds website)

This photo is of Tek one, I really like the make up they used because it gives them a dangerous and rebellious look. Also the t-shirts from drop dead (bmth lead singers clothing label) they are wearing are quite violent and bloody. This image could give the impression that they are a heavy metal band when in fact they make Dance/Electronic music but they have remixed a bring me the horizon song where it is more heavy. Tek one and bring me the horizon toured together, this could the reason for the beaten up look. Song name: broken strings

Song link: name (with bring me the horizon): sleep with one eye open

Song link: