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Photography and Branding Tips

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Steps for good phootgraphy

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COMMUNICATIONS PRESENTATION1Making People CareWhat makes a good story?A captivating heroine or hero - somehow you can relate to their lifeA journey or conflictA transformationSomething surprising!Feeling connected to the characters

Different Kind of stories

Lives changedOpinions changedSystems changedA chapter in a longer/larger process

Identifying Good storiesWho Identifies Good Stories?Field staffLocal Implementing Partner staffVillage leader, community member

Photos bring a story to life and make it real. The best photos:Are not posed, but show action or interaction between people;Are taken close up;Have people in them;

Take lots of photos, but only save 1-3 best photos.

Photos Essential to a StoryBut before clicking awaythink about what you want to communicate using your photo.5Photo tip 1

Dont ask for posed photosCatch people doing something! A picture alone can tell a storybut only if people are doing something!

Photograph people unposed, and ideally involved in a typical setting.6Photo tip 2Get so close that you feel like you are too close.Get Closer

Proximity will make the subject strike people in a different way.7

Composition Use the Rule of thirdsDont place your subject at the centre of a frame. Remember the rule of the thirds and seek a composition that strikes balance between the strongest element and the environment.10

Photo Tip 3 Notice LightGet the sun at your back.Early morning, before sunset and cloudy days have the best natural lighting.Photos in natural light will be more natural than indoor shots with flash.When the sun is very bright, try using the flash to reduce heavy shadows.

Remember, light can bring emphasis to what you want the viewer to be drawn to in a photo.15Page 16 of 40

Photo Tip 4Who is the main character here?(The clients or banner?)Ensure the photo has a clear main character

Have one subject to avoid confusion.18Photo Tip 5: Photograph Children at their Level

Remember..Do not infringe on peoples privacy.

Always ask for permission.

Send photos in their jpg format, separate from stories.

Have fun!

Branding strategy and Marking Plan

Branding and MarkingIt is a contractual obligationIt is EXTREMELY important to USAIDMaybe the MOST IMPORTANT obligationNot respecting the Branding and Marking Plan could lead to us losing the entire A+K contract.Most important principlesUSAID logo must ALWAYS appear with A+K logoUSAID logo and APHIAPLUS KAMILI logos should either be larger or same size as other logosUSAID/A+K logo must be on the Top LEFT, or Bottom Left, FIRST among any logos, unless another donor is contributing dramatically more to the activity (ever the case in KAMILI?)ContinuedMinistry logos appear on the TOP RIGHT, or bottom left, after the USAID/A+K logoUSAID/A+K logo must appear on ALL products, publications, printed materials, etc. according to the planAll A+K staff must respect the plan

ExemptionsAny changes or exemptions must get written consent from our AOTR and the Health Communications officer at USAID.Exemptions are granted when branding will HURT the activity or the image of the U.S. or endanger the staff.