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Photography Careers Alison Adkins

Photography Careers Alison Adkins. Sports Photography Branch of photojournalism Vernacular photography Editorial purposes Newspapers, magazines,

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  • Photography Careers Alison Adkins
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  • Sports Photography Branch of photojournalism Vernacular photography Editorial purposes Newspapers, magazines, advertisement Difficulties depend on sport Found everywhere Job popularity: Expected to grow
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  • Sports Photography Equipment Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) High shutter speeds Interchangeable lenses with 50mm Can be zoomed to 300mm Monopod/tripod Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Nikon D4
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  • Sports Photography Technique Location, location, location VIP spots Distance Shutter speed Shutter priority mode/manual High ISO speed Photos in burst mode Out of focus background to isolate subject
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  • Sports Photography Average salary: $24,000 Education Bachelor degree in photography or journalism 1 year intensive certificate program Associates degree to learn technical skills and business knowledge Coursework History of photography
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  • Forensic Photography Forensic imaging/crime scene photography Reproducing crime/accident scenes with photography Evidence collecting, court aid Photos of victims Objects/Places involved with crimes Car crashes Job popularity: Grow 12%
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  • Forensic Photography Equipment Camera Filters Electronic flashes Lenses Tripod Measuring Device Gray card
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  • Forensic Photography Technique Lighting Shutter speeds Camera mechanics Digital imaging Use of color Fingerprinting
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  • Forensic Photography Average salary: $62,000 Education High School Education Photography, processing and forensics courses Degree Photojournalism, scientific/commercial photography
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  • Wildlife Photography Publications of animals, plants and environments Convey larger picture of wild Messages through photos Freelance or hired Challenges/risks vary
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  • Wildlife Photography Equipment DSLR Lenses Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Tripod Tripod Head Filters
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  • Wildlife Photography Technique Manual focus Fast shutter speed Understand environment Respect Minimal impact
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  • Wildlife Photography Average salary: $41,000 Education College Degree On-the-job Training Workshops Not required for freelance photographers Understanding of cultural context, geography, history, customs
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