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Poole Heart Support Group magazine, Autumn 2014

Text of PHSG Autumn 2014

  • Autumn 2014Autumn 2014

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    Here to helpAffiliated to the British Heart Foundation and

    Arrhythmia Alliance - The Heart Rhythm Charity

    Poole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NTTelephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133

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  • POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUP MAGAZINEPoole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 1:30-3:30pm

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    PHSG COMMITTEEKEITH MATTHEWS Chairman 01202 855001DAVID ANDERSON Secretary 01202 697376RITA HOLMES Treasurer 01202 743960GEORGE LLEWELLYN Social Events 01202 605455JAN MESHER Office Manager 01202 250108DEREK POPE Database 01202 889070ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Coord 01202 884250ROGER RIDOUT Purbeck Liaison 01929 423079GEOFF LAWRENCE Member 01202 888438JOHN OFFER Member 01202 386674GEORGE WILKINSON Member 01202 740374PAM BAILEY BHF Rep. 01202 574944LESLEY BRADSHAW Co-opted 01202 691339

    If you know a member who is ill, please tell us by contactingMavis Terry, Welfare Support, on 01202 874760

    OTHER CONTACTSJOHN DEFTY Chat Stops 01202 760350CYRIL MARTIN Walking Group 01202 733956DAVID ANDERSON Website 01202 697376JIM WAINE Founder and VP 01202 871532

    COVER PICTURE: Autumn at Canford Keith Matthews

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    Another issue rolls around during a quiet period for PHSG.Holidays and summertime take precedence and so it should be.Stay calm, keep happy and stay in the zone.Eagle-eyed readers will notice two new names on thecommittee list opposite. Oh all right then, I know you dontlook there but do take a look now. Youll see that GeoffLawrence has joined the committee as from the AGM . He hasalready started to give a hand with the Office and will find hisfeet soon. We welcome him aboard.Lesley Bradshaw joins us as a co-opted member too. Most of

    us know Lesley and have been to one of her classes. She has always been our leadtrainer and has introduced many of the other trainers to the group. Robin Pringle andthe committee have arranged for Lesley to take on some of the co-ordination of thetraining and exercise programmes and to understudy Robin with his slowly expandingworkload so we will feel more comfortable with someone sharing the work. Lesleywill of necessity have access to the membership records and so joins us on thecommittee formally.At the risk of being boring about the subject, we really would like to see some newfaces helping out. I know this is a request common to every club or society that Ivebeen involved in, but if you feel you could offer some help, on the committee withpublicity, writing a page for this Magazine, or helping out in the office from time totime, or just generally, Im sure youll actually find it quite enjoyable. Take a look atthe Office advertisement on Page 13 or give me a call or an email if youd like todiscuss it.One thing wed really like just now is someone who has a little bit of storage spaceand who would be prepared to run the bookstall at the Chatstop meetings. I have allthe books now and have laid them out alphabetically in flat boxes so they can be soldfrom the display. A small job for a few hours during winter months but one thatmembers really appreciate. Also if someone who could help with publicity for PHSGand make sure our details are around in all the surgeries locally would be very helpful.Neither of these task involve committee meetings and publicity could be tackled atyour own pace and timing.Finally, please note that we have now consolidated our meetings on the one place andthat from now on they will all be held in the St Johns Hall at Broadstone. Chat Stopsat 2pm and our eveing meetings at 7:30pm. You can see the bookings on page 11, butunfortunately we cannot announce the speakers for the eveningmeetings yet as its proving tricky to finalise some of the healthcare people. Watch the e-newsletter for updates.

    Chairmans Letter


    Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. W.H. AudenEducating the mind without educating the heart is no education. Aristotle

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    from Poole Hospital NHS Foundation TrustMedicine and Cardiology News

    Dear Friends, Well here we are in the summer and hopefullyyou are all enjoying the weather and the chance to spend timeoutside with family and friends.At the hospital the final phase of the new cardiology build hasbeen completed and the services have now moved in, this hasalmost doubled the space available and now provides a largeteaching and seminar room as well as enhanced clinical areas.The cardiac rehabilitation service has also relocated there fromthe medical investigations unit so all cardiology services are inthe same building.The hospital as a whole is busier than ever and there seems to be no let up from the winterperiod. As you will have probably seen in the news throughout the NHS we are seeingincreasing numbers of patients presenting at the emergency departments, and it is a strugglefor hospitals to meet this demand and achieve the 4 hour target. Here at Poole we are nodifferent and we have seen a 10% increase in attendances this summer; there are no longerwinter pressures as these are now all year round. The increased demand has requiredincreased capacity and we have had additional escalation beds open to meet this. Of coursealways the care and safety of our patients is the priority and all escalation is carefullymonitored by the senior staff.

    As you will all be aware this summer we see the commemoration of the 100th anniversaryof the outbreak of World War 1, the so called, War to end all wars, and the terrible carnagethat resulted. We can all reflect on that warm summer of 1914 when the young men of theBritish Empire marched off to a war they thought would be over by Christmas but whichlasted for just over 4 appalling years.On August 3rd Shelley Pasamar, Tracy Preddy and I went to be part of the commemorationat Highclere castle (of Downton Abbey Fame) of the start of the war. We were part of theFlorence Nightingale Foundation contingent and had displays in a large tent for the publicincluding stands from the Foundation, the armed services and a silver lamp used for theFlorence Nightingale service at Westminster Abbey. It was a wonderful and thoughtprovoking day and we all dressed in 1914-1918 uniforms. The event by the Earl andCountess of Carnarvon raised money for army charities and was extremely well attendedwith lots of pavilions and people dressed up. It was so gratifying to meet school childrenwith their parents who studied Florence Nightingale and the war as part of their lessons.We had a lovely day, the weather was kind and we met many fascinating people, but theunderlying theme was the sadness, pain and suffering that conflict can bring and theimportance of the medical and nursing professions in alleviating this.Thats all for now enjoy the rest of the summer and take care.Geoffrey Walker OBE JP MA RGNMatron Medicine, Cardiology and Specialist Nursing ServicesPoole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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    Exercise News By Robin PringleAs I write this article we have Lesley, Jenni and Michelleaway on holiday. Emma is pregnant with twins. Noirin hasjust survived the write-off of her brand new Golf. Noirinhas also just done the Brownsea Island swim . . . I have toldher to keep on swimming as we dont want any morepregnancies at the present time! There are more holidays tocome but we do believe that all the bases are covered.As you can imagine as the Group gets bigger and I getolder there is a need for some of the work to be passed onand to that end a part of my PHSG duties, recruitment,arranging training and re-validation is now to beundertaken by Lesley who probably understands them alittle better than I do. Lesley will be paid a very modestretainer and has been co-opted on to the committee.Getting back to our lovely Emma. Just how she is going to juggle twins and her workis going to be up to her. However there are about 100 surrogate grandparents lookingon and wishing her well for the future. Her classes will remain Emmas classes unt