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Poole Heart Support Group Magazine Summer 2010

Text of PHSG Magazine Summer 2010

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    MagazineSummer 2010

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    POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUPHead Office: Poole Community Health Centre

    Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133

    Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 1.30-3.30pm

    Web site address:




    PHSG COMMITTEEKEITH MATTHEWS Chairman 01202 855001

    DAVID ANDERSON Secretary 01202 697376

    RITA HOLMES Treasurer 01202 743960

    ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Coordinator 01202 884250

    ALAN BRISTOW Magazine Editor/Liaison 01202 694886

    GARY LEE Social Secretary 01202 722814

    JAN MESHER Office 01202 250108

    PAM BAILEY BHF Rep. 01202 574944

    DON BAILEY Member 01202 574944

    GEORGE WILKINSON Member 01202 740374

    IRIS ROETHKE BHF Rep 01202 258227

    ROGER RIDOUT Purbeck Member 01929 423079

    DOREEN TOBITT Member 01202 670137

    ALAN JEFFRIES Ad. Manager 01202 680651

    If you know a member who is ill, please tell us by contacting Mavis Terry,

    Welfare Support, on 01202 874760

    OTHER CONTACTSJIM WAINE Founder and Vice President 01202 871532

    MAX SMITH Website 01202 676601

    DEREK POPE Database 01202 889070

    DAVID LLOYD Publicity 01202 697179

    GEORGE OLEARY PHSG Shirts 01202 743978

    GERRY WRIGHT Special Events 01929 421864

    CYRIL MARTIN Walking Group 01202 733956

    Please send magazine articles to:

    Alan Bristow, 60 West Way, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9LS

    or by e-mail to : Tel. 01202 694886

    Magazines are published 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.

    Last date for articles to Editor is 10th day of month before publication.

    Dates for your Diary Meetings and Social Events Please see page 18

  • Chairmans Letter

    Page 3

    In this issue you will find your renewal slip for your

    membership of PHSG. Im sorry, but it comes around

    every year! Id like to make a particular plea that you

    take the form and fill it in right now as it makes life so

    very much easier for everybody if you do. Each year

    we find we always have a number of renewals

    coming in months after the due date and the

    membership people tear their hair out and thats not

    good for the heart ! Dont forget that you will not be

    allowed to exercise and wont receive a magazine if

    you dont renew.

    At the risk of labouring the point, could I also ask that when you do send

    in the form you please take care to make any corrections to the

    information, including your email address and exercise venue(s) used,

    and as email addresses are so specific, write them out clearly and BIG.

    This year we will issue a permanent membership card on joining rather

    than one every year. Everybody will get one of these this year. This will

    save a lot of administration, and frankly, the number of times a

    membership card needs to be produced is so small that it shouldnt be an


    PHSG exists to support rehabilitation and most of you will know that we

    had to step in recently financially to help the hospital programme. Wed

    rather that this had not cost us anything, but we decided that the need

    was urgent. The programme is saved at least for this year and its nice to

    know that our effort was appreciated, for which see the communication

    from the Rehab team on page 6. Keith

    Bournemouth Bay 5K British Heart Foundation WalkA big thanks to all those who took part in the 5K walk pier to pier on

    the 28th March; a huge 622.50 raised for the British Heart

    Foundation ! There were about 30 PHSG members who took part

    and luckily the weather was kind to us, even though rain was

    forecast, everyone finished in under an hour and a huge number of

    jelly babies were eaten during the walk !

    Well done to those who took part and I look forward to even more

    members joining in next year !

    Thanks Emma Cardiac Rehab Exercise Instructor

  • Cardiology News from PooleHospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Page 4

    Dear Friends,I hope that you are all well and looking forward to the

    summer, which after this last winter will hopefully be

    hot and sunny.

    I would firstly like to say thank you for inviting me to

    your annual general meeting and allowing me to give

    a presentation. It was really good to meet so many of

    you again and to see that you were all pictures of

    health! It was a very nice evening and I now am the

    proud owner of a T shirt with the Poole Heart Support

    Group Logo on.

    As you will be aware from watching TV, the NHS is in some financial difficulties at

    the moment and Poole will not be exempt. We will see some difficult times ahead

    over the next several months and that will present a challenge to us all. We will

    however always strive to ensure that the highest standards of patient care are

    maintained and I will keep you abreast of all that is happening as and when I can.

    In cardiology we are doing very well and meeting all of our targets and the pacemaker

    service is going from strength to strength. We are expanding our medical

    investigations day service unit from the 10th May and taking on more work from the

    hospital, which will mean so many more patients can be seen as a day case. Patients

    can be given a wide variety of treatments without having to come in overnight. This

    is an excellent service and we hope to undertake some cardiac work there too.

    We have had our presentation from the university for our achievement of Practice

    Development Status and are now embarking on an exciting new initiative, together

    with our quality service group, called Back to the Future. It is taking the best of old

    style nursing and translating it into the 21st century, based on the teachings of

    Florence Nightingale. As you know, she was the founder of modern nursing and we

    will be using extracts from her notes on nursing, 1859, as a basis for the work we

    will be doing. All of this is aimed at excellence in care and meeting the dignity and

    respect agenda we all strive to achieve. We will be adopting a medical ward and

    working with the staff so that through reflection and discussion they can understand

    fully what it is like to be a patient or relative. Also our quality group members will get

    to know the problems faced every day by the staff. We will use this mutual working

    together to change practice if needed, to ensure we do the very best we can for our

    clients and patients. If successful it will be rolled out throughout medicine and

    eventually hopefully the whole hospital. It is exciting ground breaking work and we

    have a motto for this, Together we can make a difference!

    I will keep you up to date on how we are doing and you will also hear about it from

    your representatives on the group. All that remains now is for me to say take care

    over the summer and look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

    Geoffrey Walker OBE JP RGN

    Matron Cardiology and Medicine. Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Page 5

    Heart News with Dr. Christopher BoosDear All

    Saturday 8th May was the first European Heart

    Failure Awareness day. This was organised by the

    Heart Failure Association (HFA) of the European

    Society of Cardiology. The intention was to

    highlight, to the public, the huge problem of heart

    failure, its associated symptoms and emphasize

    the importance of prompt diagnosis.

    National heart failure societies, such as the British Society of Heart Failure,

    were invited to organise local programmes. Over 20 countries participated

    in the project and included Austria, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria,

    Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway,

    Portugal, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the


    So what exactly is heart failure? It is a condition in which the heart has lost

    the ability to pump enough blood to the bodys tissues. With too little blood

    being delivered, the organs and other tissues do not receive enough oxygen

    and nutrients to function properly. Symptoms include breathlessness (usually

    with exercise and often on lying flat), ankle swelling and fatigue.

    At present heart failure management consumes 2% of the NHS budget. It is

    an important condition as it impacts on patients quality of life and potentially