PHSG New 2018 PHSG New Members 4 Whatever your interests the chances are that someone in Poole Heart

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    New Members

  • There are only two classes of mankind in the world: doctors and patients. Rudyard Kipling

    POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUP MAGAZINE Poole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 2:00-4:00pm



    PHSG CONTACTS KEITH MATTHEWS Chairman & Magazine keith@ 01202 855001 DAVID ANDERSON Secretary & Website david@ 01202 697376 RITA HOLMES Treasurer rita@ 01202 743960 JAN MESHER Office Manager jan@ 01202 250108 DEREK POPE Membership Database derek@ 01202 889070 ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Co-ordinator robin@ 01202 884250 LESLEY RICHARDS Lead Trainer lesley@ 01202 691339 ROGER RIDOUT Purbeck Liaison roger@ 01929 423079 GEOFF LAWRENCE Talks & Social Events geoff@ 01202 888438 GEORGE LLEWELLYN Talks & Social Events geoll@ 01202 605455 JUDY & DAVID DEADMAN Walking Group 01202 692369 DAVE EVANS Clothing Sales 01202 602856 PAM BAILEY BHF Representative 01202 574944 JIM WAINE Founder and VP jim@ 01202 871532

    All PHSG emails are

  • 3 PHSG New Members

    This magazine is produced specially for all new and prospective members and gives details of our activities. If you have already joined PHSG, then welcome. You will receive our Quarterly Magazine regularly from now on. If you are thinking about joining, then please read what we offer; we feel sure you’ll want to join to support us as we support you in turn. You’ll find an application form tucked inside this issue. When you join, your membership fee also includes a nominated friend or partner who is welcome to join in with all activities. Controlled exercise is the best way of maintaining your health and we cannot impress this on you enough. We appreciate that particularly now, if you have just had a heart event, you might feel apprehensive about starting with us, but don’t be. All of our class instructors hold BACPR qualifications which means they are trained to supervise you safely. Additionally, we will try to assign you to a buddy in your class who will “show you the ropes.” You’ll quickly find that each class is friendly and each has a camaraderie of its own. Most people in PHSG, including the committee, have had heart problems and understand what you are going through. You are not unique! There is always someone to listen to you.

    The Benefits of Belonging to PHSG


  • PHSG New Members 4

    Whatever your interests the chances are that someone in Poole Heart Support Group shares your enthusiasm. How better to meet them than joining PHSG and getting involved in the many and varied activities that

    we offer. Later in this magazine you will read about all our activities including the Exercise Sessions, and from the photographs you can see that having fun is as important as keeping fit. There is plenty of opportunity to chat with your exercise buddy whilst exercising if you don't get too out of breath.

    The Social Meetings and Chat Stops are also an ideal time to talk with old friends and meet new ones and take in the informative talks. The Walking Group offers a great chance to make good friends either during the walk or in the pub afterwards. Whether you walk slowly or quickly there is certain to be another member who will keep your pace. The Cycle Club meets monthly throughout the year arranging short easy cycle rides for fun and fitness.

    Our Quarterly Magazine, published in March, June, September and December contains many items of interest to all our members. Should you have a particular expertise, or just want to share an experience with others then the editor will be delighted to hear from you.

    Join Us - Come and make Friends!

    Looks like fun, doesn’t it! Our Christmas session.

    Some of our trainers get together

  • 5 PHSG New Members

    Those completing the Rehabilitation Programme at Poole Hospital are invited, as individuals or together with their partners/spouses, to become members of Poole Heart Support Group and to join us at one or more of the Exercise Venues. Also, you may be referred to us by your GP surgery. Complete and return the Application Form supplied with this Magazine and an Exercise Recommendation Form together with an explanatory letter will be sent from the office for you to complete and return. This Form will normally be signed off by the Hospital rehabilitation team where you completed your programme, but otherwise by your GP. Then we will arrange a suitable exercise venue and session for you.

    Robin Pringle - Exercise Co-ordinator 01202 884250 Roger Ridout - Purbeck Members 01929 423079

    How to Join Us

    The Chat Stop is a popular way of socialising and meeting up in the daytime. All members are very welcome to come along for a chat, cup of tea or coffee, a biscuit or two, and the chance to talk to other members. We have regular speakers on topics of general interest or medical matters. As a member you can come along and make yourself known to the other members. We are always delighted to see new faces as well as the “regulars”, so a big welcome to all. We hold evening meetings generally in February, May and October at which we aim to have an informed talk by a health-care professional or an alternative interesting speaker. In the summer we often have an outdoor event such as a Treasure Hunt. Our formal Annual Dinner is held in March. Our necessary AGM is held in April, but we try not to make it too boring!

    Our Social Programme

  • PHSG New Members 6

    The History and Activities of the Poole Heart Support Group

    This is a brief synopsis of the history of Poole Heart Support Group which we refer to as the PHSG. The first meeting to study the feasibility of setting up a support group was on 27th January 1992. Five people were at this meeting, the British Heart Foundation area support adviser, the Senior Cardiac Consultant at Poole Hospital, two sisters from the cardiac rehabilitation unit and an ex-patient, Jim Waine. The first committee or working party meeting was on 2nd July 1992. At that meeting, the Constitution was agreed. The aims of the group are Social meetings - Exercise programme - Walking Group - News Magazine - Enewsletter - Cycling Group. Some of the original founder members are still in the group and a few still on the committee. A tribute to our effectiveness perhaps. Administration We have our own office with very strict procedures and training and its own office manual. Our accounts at the end of each year are certified by a professional accountant and copies of the accounts are forwarded to the British Heart Foundation with the minutes of the AGM. Social Activities Social meetings are held regularly. The meetings are planned with a guest speaker, often but not always on a medical topic, followed by tea and coffee so that people can chat to one another and a raffle to help with our funds. Occasionally we have an outing instead. We also hold monthly “Chat Stop” meetings during the day except in the summer. This gives an opportunity to have a cup of tea and just meet other members, although we sometimes have some entertainment. Our Annual Dinner is generally held in the Spring. Quarterly Magazine Our full colour Magazine is produced quarterly. It contains contributions from regular contributors such as Health Care Professionals in cardiology and notes about our events. We aim to keep our readers up to date with the latest developments, and also keep them amused with some pages of jokes! E- Newsletter We encourage members to let us use their email address so that our secretary can send out monthly news bulletins and reminders about events.

  • 7 PHSG New Members

    Exercise Programme The exercise programme we have established is based on studies from the USA by Dr. Dean Ornish on the need for exercise in people with heart related problems. We include the recommendations of the British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation, the Poole Rehabilitation Team and BHF studies. The venues and the criteria we set were difficult to attain, but all of our trainers have qualifications from the BACPR and the Group funds this for them. We have many venues now where you can exercise and these are laid out on the next page. We keep the cost to as low as possible and the classes are private to PHSG and closed from the public where possible. Classes are run by a qualified instructors and partners are encouraged to join in. Walking & Cycling Groups The Walking Group was set up in 1997. We were the first Heart Support Group in the country to be affiliated to the Ramblers Association. The Cycling Group started in 2007 and is affiliated to the Cyclists' Touring Club. NHS Talks and Meetings PHSG have a very good relationship with Poole Hospital and the Cardiac Group. Members of PHSG sit on the Practice Development Unit Quality Service Group and Dorset Cardiac and Stroke Network meetings. We also attend Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit meetings and Cardiac Education Days at Poole Hospital where we introduce our Group to recovering patients. Members also attend the East Dor