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Poole Heart Support Group magazine for Summer 2009

Text of PHSG Summer 2009

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    MagazineSummer 2009

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    POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUPHead Office: Poole Community Health Centre

    Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133 (9am-4pm answerphone)

    Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 1.30-3.30pm

    Web site address:




    PHSG COMMITTEEKEITH MATTHEWS Chairman 01202 855001

    DAVID ANDERSON Secretary 697376

    RITA HOLMES Treasurer 01202 743960

    ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Coordinator 01202 884250

    ALAN BRISTOW Magazine Editor/Liaison 01202 694886

    GARY LEE Social Secretary 01202 722814

    JAN MESHER Office 01202 250108

    PAM BAILEY BHF Rep. 01202 574944

    DON BAILEY Member 01202 574944

    GEORGE WILKINSON Member 01202 740374

    GERRY WRIGHT Purbeck Member 01929 421864

    VACANCY Want your name here? Please see a committee member!

    If you know a member who is ill, please tell us by contacting Mavis Terry,

    Welfare Support, on 01202 874760 or

    OTHER CONTACTSMAX SMITH Website 01202 676601

    DEREK POPE Computer Club/Data base 01202 889070

    DAVID LLOYD Publicity 01202 697179

    GEORGE OLEARY PHSG shirts 01202 743978

    CYRIL MARTIN Walking Group 01202 733956

    Please send magazine articles to Alan Bristow, 60 West Way, Broadstone BH18 9LS Tel. 01202 694886

    Magazines are published 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.

    Last date for articles to Editor is 10th day of month before publication.

    Dates for your Diary - Meetings and Social Events - Please see page 19

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    Chairmans Letter

    Hello, I am your new Chairman and I am pleased to have been elected to

    that post at the recent AGM, with the full support of our founder, Jim Waine,

    and all the committee.

    I still tend to think of myself as one of the new members, but I realise Ive

    been active in PHSG for nearly five years ! Ive had a few stays in hospital

    back then and have direct experience of both Bournemouth and the Poole

    CCU and the rehab programmes of both hospitals. I exercise at Canford,

    organise the Cycling Group and drop into the Computer Club from time to

    time. Youll generally find me at the monthly Thursday talks too. Ill try to

    drop into some other groups if time permits. That may have to wait until I

    retire in September !

    Im looking forward to helping PHSG continue its good work. See you around !

    Keith Matthews

  • Cardiology News from Poole

    Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Page 4



    Dear Friends,

    Its good to have the opportunity to update you all again

    and against the back drop of spring which is always a

    good time of year and holds so much promise of

    hopefully a lovely summer ahead.

    We are about to put on an additional 3rd pacemaker

    insertion list per week to meet the demands of the

    service since we commenced last year which is

    excellent and will of course reduce waiting lists. Also

    we have had no pacemaker infections due to insertion

    over the period, and we use a mild sedation during the procedure to help the patient

    relax which is innovatory and has proved a great success.

    We have also as part of the cardiac rehabilitation service worked in partnership with

    the British Red Cross through one of our quality service group members, Dr Isobel

    Smart, who is President of Dorset Red Cross, to run first aid courses for family and

    friends of cardiac patients. The course has proved a great success and members of

    the Heart Support Group came to the launch course and more are planned.

    With regard to our bid to become a Practice Development Unit for Cardiology and

    Medicine with the University of Bournemouth, we had our final health check before

    going for accreditation on the 29th April. The university representative came to see

    our service and projects from the staff and to look to see if we were ready. She was

    extremely impressed and had nothing but positive comments. Alan Bristow also

    met her over coffee, to talk about the Quality Service Group and she was delighted

    with our public/patient involvement - Alan did a great job of selling us! Hopefully we

    can now go for full accreditation at the end of June, which will recognise us as a

    centre of excellence. I will keep you all informed of progress, it will be a real feather

    in our cap and key to this has been the strong links we have with all of you through

    our Quality Service Group which I know will now continue to go from strength to


    It has been really good to have members of the Quality Service Group accompany

    me on Matrons rounds. It has set a clear sign to patients and relatives that we do

    listen to them and take action. I have really enjoyed showing every one around and

    the staff also have appreciated the involvement too. I am immensely proud of the

    service and staff and therefore its good to let people see what we do. One of the key

    comments made by the members of the group as they visited the wards was how

    clean they were. I have passed this on to the cleaning managers and also the staff

    themselves, as all care is a team effort.

    I look forward to speaking to you all again soon and giving you a lecture in November,

    until then have a healthy and happy summer.

    Matron Geoffrey Walker, Cardiology and MedicineMatron Geoffrey Walker, Cardiology and MedicineMatron Geoffrey Walker, Cardiology and MedicineMatron Geoffrey Walker, Cardiology and MedicineMatron Geoffrey Walker, Cardiology and Medicine

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    Heart News with Dr. Christopher Boos

    Dear All

    I am delighted to say that we started our

    Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) Service on

    the 12 March 2009. This is a unique, once weekly,

    service that is unavailable in most hospitals across the

    UK. So what is CPET ? Well, it is now the gold standard

    objective tool for the evaluation of cardiopulmonary

    function and fitness. It is an entirely non-invasive and

    objective method of assessing integrative exercise

    responses involving the pulmonary, cardiovascular and skeletal muscle

    systems, which are not adequately reflected through the measurement of

    individual organ system function, such as

    with an echocardiogram and cardiac MRI

    or with routine treadmill testing. At Poole we

    have acquired a state of the art system.

    What does this test involve you might well

    ask? After taking a brief history, patients will

    undergo measurement of their height,

    weight and body mass index. This followed

    by baseline spirometry to assess for any

    resting breathing limitation. Patients are

    then exercised on either the bicycle or

    treadmill. During exercise patients will have

    either a mouthpiece or face mask fitted

    (which directly measures gas exchange)

    connected to the metabolic cart and gas analyser (see image). An enormous

    number of measurements are assessed and include continuous 12 lead

    ECG analysis, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing reserve, oxygen

    consumption and saturations etc. A typical protocol will consist of at least 1

    minute of resting assessment (ECG and simultaneous gas analysis) followed

    by 1-3 minutes of electronically unbraked bicycling or gentle treadmill

    assessment followed then by full exercise (typically 5-11 minutes) specifically

    tailored for the patients capabilities. The entire test from arrival to full

    completion takes 30-40 minutes with an immediately available report. The

    uses for CPET are numerous and include, objective pre-operative risk and

    disability assessment, investigation of breathlessness, diagnosis of coronary

    artery disease and heart failure risk stratification to name just a few. I look

    forward to leading the expansion of this really exciting and new service.

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    Exercise News

    SPOTLIGHT ON..................Images

    I have been asked to write a bit about myself and the fitness groups I teach

    at Images Gym. I took over the circuit classes from Lesley over six years

    ago, although it really doesnt feel that long. Over that time I have seen

    many faces come and go but what has never changed is the happy and

    supportive attitude of the exercisers!

    I teach about 25 fitness classes a week, two of which are for the Heart

    Support Group, and they are definitely two of my favourites.

    When I sat and considered what I do in my spare time, I realised that fitness

    seems to account for nearly all of it. I run my own Pilates busines