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Poole Heart Support Group magazine, Summer 2014

Text of PHSG Summer 2014

  • Summer 2014Summer 2014

    2Free to


    Here to helpAffiliated to the British Heart Foundation and

    Arrhythmia Alliance - The Heart Rhythm Charity

    Poole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NTTelephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133

    Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays:

  • POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUP MAGAZINEPoole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 1:30-3:30pm

    Please send magazine articles and photos to:Editor, 10 Hill View Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9QY or bye-mail to; Tel. 01202 855001Magazines are published 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.Last date for articles to Editor is 10th day of month before publication.


    PHSG COMMITTEEKEITH MATTHEWS Chairman 01202 855001DAVID ANDERSON Secretary 01202 697376RITA HOLMES Treasurer 01202 743960GEORGE LLEWELLYN Monthly Meets 01202 605455JAN MESHER Office 01202 250108JOHN OFFER Member 01202 386674DEREK POPE Database 01202 889070ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Coord 01202 884250ROGER RIDOUT Purbeck 01929 423079GEORGE WILKINSON Member 01202 740374PAM BAILEY BHF Rep. 01202 574944

    If you know a member who is ill, please tell us by contactingMavis Terry, Welfare Support, on 01202 874760

    OTHER CONTACTSJOHN DEFTY Chat Stops 01202 760350CYRIL MARTIN Walking Group 01202 733956DAVID ANDERSON Website 01202 697376JIM WAINE Founder and VP 01202 871532

  • 3 PHSG Magazine

    Membership has remained stable with 578 paid upsubscriptions and with 306 partners registered, We are now upto member number 2230. Roughly speaking, we gain about 100new members each year. Most of our members come fromreferrals after rehab at Poole Hospital but we are acutely awarethat many people could miss the benefits that we offer if theytake an alternative care route. We would like to open otherlines of recruitment but for this we really need a newcommittee member to take on some publicity duties.In a similar vein, I would like to give notice that this is the last

    year that I will offer myself for the post of chairman. I have needed to take on the postof Magazine editor which I am happy to continue, but this reduces my efforts asChairman. We should appoint a Vice-Chairman who will work with me this year withthe aim of taking over next year.All of the management functions of the PHSG continue to run smoothly. The officefunctions, the hospital liaison meetings, the website, our social events, and ourAlmoners contacts with our members presents us as an efficient organisation and weare grateful for the work of all the volunteers to achieve this.The work of the PHSG continues with our popular programme of gentle physicalexercise classes, and the walking and cycling groups which cater for physical activitywith different sections of our membership. Cyril Martin reports that the summer walksof 2014 has started with an attendance of 15 on April 9th and he would like to offer histhanks to all his helpers. We note that we have a literally healthy number of regularexercisers across our various venues. The step down class continues and this yearwe have been able to continue our new class at Hamworthy Fire Station.The evening meetings and other events organised by George Llewellyn have becomeless frequent than monthly by design, and we have had to move from the HospitalPostgraduate Centre. Our evening programme is merging with the daytimeChatstops which Jan Mesher and John Defty deserve our thanks for organising. TheChatstops are becoming more popular and George L is weighing in providing quizzesand speakers. Thanks too to Pam and helpers for their hard work in providing tea andcoffees, and George and Margaret Wilkinson for the raffles and George & SandraLlewellyn for organising the club branded clothing.The year rounded off in March with our annual dinner at Bentleys attended by one ofour Vice Presidents, Geoffrey Walker, who addressed us in entertaining fashion. Ourhospital rehab team and our trainers were out in force. In all about 100 people enjoyedan excellent meal.Finally Ill mention our secretary, David Anderson. Working behind the scenes quietlyand unrewarded is the lot of a good secretary, so lets show him that we care!Many people work voluntarily for PHSG, lets give them a biground of thanks.

    Chairmans Annual Report 2013/14

    KeithCOVER PICTURE: Seascape Barry Pope

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    from Poole Hospital NHS Foundation TrustMedicine and Cardiology News

    Dear friends,I am pleased to inform you that the new cardiology build isnow completed and has opened, although we are still in theprocess of moving services in. It is large bright and airy andallows for a large teaching / seminar room as well asconsultant space and treatment and investigation rooms. It hasreally doubled the space for the cardiac department and willensure we continue to have the space for increased demandfor the foreseeable future.In March the Medical Investigations Unit became runner up for the National Innovationof the Year award, in the British Journal of Nursing ceremony in London. This was agreat achievement and ensured that the unit is now in the category of a National awardwinning unit. We were pleased to be recognised for the innovative work undertaken inthe unit which is a nurse led service, which over the years has allowed for patients to betreated as day cases rather than admitted. Sisters Peeke and Nippard, together withDeputy Sister Connor and Senior Sister Pasamar and myself went to the ceremony. Itwas held at Shakespeares Globe London and over 400 guests attended the evening.I would also like to say a special thank you for the invitation to the annual dinner atBentleys which I was delighted and privileged to attend. It was nice to see so many ofyou, and I was so pleased to be asked to be the after dinner speaker. The food andcompany was wonderful and I did have a few drinks of the alcoholic type, purely formedicinal purposes!On the 8th May I attended the annual Florence Nightingale Foundation Service inLondon as I am also an Honorary Vice-President. To begin with I was on the panel forquestions from student representatives from all the universities in the UK at St ThomasHospital in the morning. In the afternoon I went with the team to Westminster Abbey tobegin rehearsing everyone for the service later that evening.The service which is thought provoking and full of pomp and ceremony was from 6.30to 7.30 in which the lamp is processed with an escort of student nurses. The Dean gavethe address about Nurse Edith Cavell shot in the First World War. The whole ceremonyis a tribute to nurses and the Abbey was full with over 2000 guests and dignitaries. OurPatron HRH Princess Alexandra also attended.After this we had a VIP reception in the Jerusalem chamber with the princess as guestof honour, then it was back to earth for the train home and 18 hours after leaving thehouse I got back ! It was a long but wonderful day.All that is left to say is have a wonderful summer and take care.Geoffrey Walker OBE JP MA RGNMatron Medicine, Cardiology and Specialist Nursing ServicesPoole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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    We are affiliated to the ArrhythmiaAlliance. Their website lists all theiraffiliated groups.

    Review what they do

    Bob Ormiston was a popular member of PHSG who fought hislong illness with fortitude. He was a regular on the Walkinggroup and attended the Poole Hospital Quality Service Groupas a Patient representative. He worked for a while as co-editorof this Magazine, helping out in a manner typical of hiswilling disposition. His funeral was held at Poole Crematoriumon 25th April 2014 and was attended by a large gathering.


    We acknowledge with thanks a donation from Pam Baileyof 10 from fair stands that Pam has run for us and BHF.Pam works at these fairs unstintingly.

    We acknowledge a surplus of 482 from the proceeds of thePurbeck group over the last year.

    The Chatstop with Malcolm Angel raised 18 from teas and14 from books.. Takings were up due to the generousdonation of home made cakes for sale.

    We acknowledge with thanks a donation of 120 from Maureen Russell who writes;Following my heart attack in November and attending cardiac rehab, I realised thatthe Support Group do a great job. This money was raised from fundraising at Easter atthe Harbour Hospital in Poole where I work. I hope you can put the money to good use.Thank you Maureen, we certainly will.

  • PHSG Magazine 6

    Hello again. Its been a while since I have written thiscolumn. I have been asked by several readers to say a littleabout catheter ablation for cardiac arrhythmias. This isindeed an enormous subject and very much an expandingfield. In fact, it is an entire specialty area withincardiology performed by my colleagues inelectrophysiology (EP) who undertake this procedure.The two conditions that are most likely to be relevant toyou are atrial flutter (AFL) and atrial fibrillation (AF). AFL is far less commonthan AF and together they affect 1 in 4 of us during our lifetime. Thesesomewhat overlapping conditions greatest importance lies in the fact that theycan make you feel below par (palpitations, breathlessness and fatigue)