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Pictures related to RPD

Retentive arm Occlusal rest Reciprocal arm

Occlusal rest Clasp shoulder The retentive arm The retentive tip Minor connector

Retentive arm

Reciprocal arm.

Ackers clasp

Reciprocal arm

Retentive arm

Occlusal rest Clasp shoulder

Clasp No.2 Reverse action or hairpin clasp

2 occlusal rests

Ring clasp-2 occlusal rests -One continuous arm -Lingual strut

Strut Pr. Dr. Laith



Half and half clasp

Buccally: retention

lingually: reciprocation

Face to face multiple clasp

Lingual view

Buccal view

Embrasure, butterfly or back to back clasp

I bar clasp

T bar clasp

U bar clasp:

L bar clasp

C bar clasp on molar and premolar

Proximal plate

Occlusal rest

R-P-I system

I bar

Ackers arm Proximal plate Occlusal rest

R-P-A system

Occlusal rest

Proximal plate

T bar

R-P-T system

Auxiliary rest Indirect retainer


Canine rest indirect retainer

Canine extension indirect retainer

Cingular and coronal bars indirect retainers


Cummers arm

Indirect retainers

Wings of stability

After Pr. Dr. laith Abdal Hadi

Types of minor connectors:

Proximal MC

Palatal MC

Embrasure MC

Gingival MC

After Pr. Dr Laith Abdal Hadi

Major connectors (upper)

Single palatal bar

full coverage

horse shoe

Antero-posterior palatal Strap.

Modified full coverage

palatal strap


Requires functional impression

Mandibular major connectors Lingual bar

4mm 4mm 2mm



Lingual plate lower major connector:

Labial bar: