Pilgrim Girls By: Jessica Wambles. The Pilgrims and the Story of Thanksgiving

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  • Pilgrim Girls

    By: Jessica Wambles

  • The Pilgrims and the Story of Thanksgiving

  • Pilgrim Girls ClothingCoif- close fitting linen cap Shift- undergarment like a shirtWaistcoat- fitted jacket like a vestApron- cloth that covered the front of the skirtPetticoat- undergarment worn under the skirtShoes, stockings, coats, and hats was also worn.

  • Roles and ResponsibilitiesRun ErrandsFetch wood and waterHerded chickensGardeningCooking and preserving foodSewing clothing and beddingMilk cowsMake soapClean houseHelp their mothers

  • SchoolingParents taught their children reading and writing. The children learned at night or during the winter. Parents used hornbooks and bibles to teach the children how to read.

  • GamesLeapfrog MarblesBall and CupNaughts and Crosses(tic tac toe)Poppets(Cloth dolls)

  • HousingHouses were constructed out of wood on stone foundations. The size of the house was about the same size of a small apartment.

  • FoodFish (Bass, bluefish, cod)Seafood (Clams, lobsters, mussels)Birds (Wild turkey, duck, goose)Grain (Indian corn)Fruits (strawberries, grapes, plums)Vegetables (peas, squashes, beans)Nuts (Walnuts, chestnuts, acorns)

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