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<ul><li><p>Unique Selling PropositionsPIPELINER CRM AUTOMATA</p><p>WHITEPAPER</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>Sales organizations have long struggled with systematizing their segments: territories, splits (inside / outside sales), and even sales situations (pre/post-sales, renewals and account expan-sions). With Pipeliner CRM, you see it all. Every part of your sales organization is laid out before you. Now you can switch seamlessly between pipelineviewsusing the same shared database!</p><p> Consolidated, connected teams</p><p> Looksmart and organized</p><p> Unified process management</p><p>Multiple Pipelines</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 2</p><p>Multiple Pipes: The Sales Organization, Revealed.</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>One of the hardest but also most rewarding jobs in sales management is the roll out of a best practice sales process throughout the sales or-ganization. Have your best sales rep lead by example and document his magic formula in your CRM so that the rest of your sales organi-zation can learn from it. Can your CRM do that?</p><p> Customize best practice sales processes.</p><p> Visualize opportunities in the multiple pipeline views.</p><p> Drag &amp; drop opportunities to move them within the sales process.</p><p> Drag &amp; drop opportunities to changetheir closing dates.</p><p> Create and attach sales &amp; onboarding documents to each stage of your sales process and get your team up to speed quicker.</p><p>Best Practice Sales Process</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 3</p><p>Drag &amp; drop theopportunity.</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>Nothing is more important in sales than keep-ing sales reps focused on their target. Pipeliner CRM puts their target right in front of them. With many different views onweighted, un-weighted, balanced, ranked and real target, you can see the status quo of your sales perfor-mance. This allows you to analyze different sce-narios in order to focus your efforts to the most promising activities.</p><p> Set your sales target for a specific period.</p><p> Get an instant overview of your sales pipeline value.</p><p> Target Multiple KPIs according to your business.</p><p>5 Targets to Keep You Focused</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 4</p><p>Set your goal KPI.</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>Create a list of all activities that a user needs to accomplish within the corresponding step in sales pipeline in order to move the opportunity from one sales step to another. Schedule auto-matic tasks when an opportunity hit the corre-sponding step in sales pipeline.</p><p> Relateasimple check-box, field or any activity.</p><p> Auto-check the sales activity.</p><p> Auto-schedule the tasks for each step of your sales pipeline.</p><p> Motivate your users!</p><p>Sales Activities / Buyers Actions</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 5</p><p>Check as done!</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Unlike traditional CRM, Pipeliner CRM has moved well beyond the concept of a standard dashboard to more targeted and innova-tive ways of delivering instant intelligence to the user. Intelligence that helps the user cut out the noise, easily navigate complexity and focus immediately on what is most important.</p><p> Activity Stream Navigator organizes you! </p><p> Target Overview Navigator focuses you!</p><p> Notifications Navigator reminds you! </p><p> Suggestions Navigator advises you! </p><p> Business Overview Navigator steers you!</p><p>Navigator</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 6</p><p>Focus in real-time on whats most important!</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Strategic selling is based on understanding the roles and characters of all the stakeholders involved in a deal.</p><p>How can we map how people are connected and how they influence the Deal? With Pipeliner CRM you can.</p><p> Visualize the internal relationships of an account you work with.</p><p> Find and defineacontacts positions within the account.</p><p> Keep track of all the sales roles of people within the Opportunity.</p><p>Who Was That Again?</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 7</p><p>Find the Gatekeepers and map account hierarchy.</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Change sales management forever! Pipeliner CRM Performance Insights revealsthe keys to success hiding in plain sight! Pipeliner CRM triggers the changes done by your sales team and visually displays their sales performance.</p><p> Instantly view how territories are performing.</p><p> Visually compare salespeoples performance.</p><p> Graph views measure and display performance over time.</p><p>Sales Performance Insights</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 8</p><p>Create that competitive, winning mentality!</p><p>7</p></li><li><p>Losing a deal does not always mean that you-havelost it forever. Sometimes you get a call few weeks later and you are back in the game. Now what happens if you already deleted it? Pipeliner CRM doesnt delete leads or opportu-nities. Pipeliner CRM collects the intelligence of why, and in what stage of your process, you lost the deal.</p><p>Reactivate a lost deal or generate a report that will show you why and when you lose deals.</p><p> Learn about the weaknesses of your sales reps.</p><p> Compare your sales insights using dynamictargetin the archive.</p><p>Deleting vs. Archiving</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 9</p><p>Count of your opportunities in sales step.</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>Does this sound familiar to you? The Internet is downlets take a coffee break until its back up.</p><p>I dont have reception here, how do I get the info on the client now?</p><p>If your CRM only works in an online mode then you better never leave the office and have plenty of coffee ready. Pipeliner CRM combines the best of both worlds: a cloud-based system and a desktop client.</p><p> Full offline access to all your customer information and product features at all times!</p><p> Auto-update the data on the desktop screen.</p><p>Offline Functionality Is Key</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 10</p><p>Sync your data into the cloud.</p><p>9</p></li><li><p>Pipeliner CRM does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to Management Reports. Now, in addition to the pre-filled reports Dashboard, weve added a New Report button to other views throughout the application.</p><p> Create Standard, Pivot and Forecast Reports.</p><p> Track forecast performance through a sales period for each forecast set.</p><p> Create a Management Report on closed Deals for the current month.</p><p> Create a Management Report on the Activities of the sales rep youre reviewing.</p><p>Sales Optimized Management Reports</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>www.pipelinersales.com 11</p><p>Run Standard or Pivot Reports.</p><p>Rich ReportsOneClick Away</p><p>10</p></li><li><p>START FREE TRIAL</p><p>CRM (R)Evolutionized Instant Intelligence, Visualized!</p><p>Pipeliner CRM Automata: 10 Unique Selling Propositions</p><p>Copyright 2016 Pipelinersales Inc.</p><p>Share this document:Pipeliner CRM Your Sales Management Worktool, VisualizedTwitter@PipelinerCRM</p><p>Websitewww.pipelinersales.com</p><p>Blogblog.pipelinersales.com</p></li></ul>


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