Pitfalls That Can Hinder Your Efforts To Stop Smoking

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  1. 1. Pitfalls That Can Hinder Your Efforts To Stop SmokingTrying to quit smoking is hard enough. There are a lot of outside influences that can hamper yourefforts to quit. Being aware of these influences and avoiding them is key to staying the course of yoursmoking cessation program. In this article, you will learn about things that can affect your progressand ways to avoid them.When people are trying to quit smoking they assume it will happen overnight. This presumption cansabotage your chances of being successful. It is important to have short term goals along with yourlong term goals of quitting smoking. It is easy to become impatient when people are congratulatingyou on quitting smoking. The reality is that you can relapse very easily within the first thirty days. It ismuch better to be patient with yourself and realize it will take time for you to be completely free ofyour cravings and habit.The importance of having a positive mindset in your goal cannot be underestimated. The power ofyour mind is truly incredible when it comes to beating any sort of addiction. If you have a positiveattitude about conquering your addiction, avoid any negativity whatsoever. Many times friends andfamily members will make conversation when they find out you have quit smoking. Sometimes theconversations will unwillingly turn negative by them suggesting it is difficult to quit and going on to tellyou stories of people they know who have failed in kicking the habit. If you are constantly subjected tothis type of negativity, it wont be long before you subconsciously sabotage your efforts.During the time you are trying to quit smoking, make sure you minimize any other stressful situationsin your life. According to many researchers, quitting smoking is just as difficult as quitting manyknown drug addictions. It is both a physical and psychological addiction. For this reason, it is advisedyou avoid any situation which may be overly stressful such as planning a wedding, purchasing ahouse, etc.Given that a commitment to quit smoking requires incredible discipline and will power, it is notadvisable to drink alcoholic beverages during this time. We all know alcohol affects our judgement onmostly everything. For many people drinking goes hand in hand with smoking and one habit willautomatically trigger the other, especially if the person is intoxicated. As you can see, it doesnt takemuch of an argument to be convinced to stay away from alcoholic beverages if you are trying to beatthe addiction of smoking.
  2. 2. One important point to realize is you do not want to overwork yourself during this trying period. Manytimes supervisors or co-workers may want you to work excess overtime and handle more tasks andresponsibility without realizing you have enough work already with trying to quit smoking.Overworking yourself can tire you out physically and mentally to the point where you feel you need arelief and cause you to crave a cigarette.No one has to tell a smoker quitting their addiction is going to be hard. Any one who has been asmoker for any length of time realizes the difficulty which will be encountered when they make thedecision to quit. If you avoid the pitfalls mentioned in this article, you can be on your way tosuccessfully conquering your habit.Click Here For More Information