Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

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  • 1. What is Plagiarism?Plagiarize: to steal or passoff (the ideas or words ofanother) as ones own: use(anothers production)without crediting the source (Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary 11th ed).

2. Its not a black & white issue.Plagiarism can get a bit muddy. Purdue University Online Writing Lab, 3. We want to know what 4. YOUthink 5. YOUknow 6. YOUlearn 7. So WHEN do youhave to give credit tosomeone else? (citeyour source) 8. words 9. ideas 10. graphics 11. What are the two times you dont need to cite your source? Your Own Information Common Knowledge 12. Which of these do you need to cite? How I feel about Sept. 11, 2001.NO. Its my words and ideas. Information I learned about whales on aNational Geographic television program YES! Someone elses words and ideaseven though it isnt on paper. A quote from Martin Luther Kings I Have aDream speechYESif its in quotes then you must cite it. That the United States declared independencefrom England on July 4, 1776. NOthis is common knowledge 13. QuoteHow to Quote? Hit the nail directly on the head with a hammer! Must match your sourceexactly word-for-word Must be just a small part ofthe original (maximum of 2sentences per paragraph) 14. ParaphraseIt sounds simple, but it can be tricky.The rule is: USE YOUR OWN WORDS 15. So How Do We Do It?o Read the passagecarefullyPARAPHRASEo Decide the mainME!ideas of the passageo Highlight importantwords or phraseso Put the main pointsin your own words 16. Example 1Passage from Book Ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris, a good and wise king, was the first pharaoh. He spread knowledge to other parts of the world, while his wife, Isis, ruled Egypt in his place. 17. Good Paraphrase Poor Paraphrasing King Osiris was the King Osiris was anfirst pharaoh and ancient Egyptian Kingspread knowledge. and the first pharaoh.Queen Isis ruledHe was good and wiseEgypt when he was because he spreadgone. knowledge to otherparts of the world. Hiswife Isis ruled Egypt inhis place. 18. Example 2Passage from Booko Upon returning home,Osiris was murdered byhis evil brother Set, whocut Osiriss body intopieces and dumped it inthe Nile River. Isis foundthe body and put it backtogether by windinglinen bandages aroundit. 19. Good Paraphrase Osiriss brother Setkilled Osiris bycutting his body Poor Paraphraseinto pieces, and Osiris wasIsis put the bodymurdered and Isisback together. found the body 20. Some employees have to work longhours in hot, overcrowded conditions forlow pay. Some workers are exploited. 21. Computers can process informationquicker and with less mistakes thanpeople. Computers are more efficient thanpeople. 22. Summarize Include only the main points Read the source first, make notes, then,write a summary without looking at thesource