Planning a bathroom makeover

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<ol><li> 1. Pa n g l i annB tro Ma e vr aho m k oeht: w watr saho ms o kctg r- tro si s t t / w . ui b tro . . /ae oy aho m- t . mlp/s a cubue h </li><li> 2. Planning a Bathroom MakeoverApart from having a vital function, the bathroom along with the kitchen should be rooms that reallyare statement pieces in your house. Its important therefore to plan every aspect of each roomcarefully. For example, in the bathroom you should concentrate on things from the bathroom suiteitself through to the wall finishes and floor coverings. Always take your time when choosingbathroom suites to make sure you get the right one to suit your space and family needs.The Future ValueHowever when youre planning a bathroom, you must not only think about your familys needs butalso what will be attractive to future buyers of the house. Opting for a shower in place of a bath mayput off some people for example so fit in both if you can. Think about how to use the space mosteffectively too. If you have a large room double basins are an attractive and practical feature. You canalso look at building in storage space with a vanity unit instead of a normal pedestal basin. This givesyou cupboards or drawers so you have somewhere to keep clean towels, spare toiletries and so onwithout the room looking cluttered.Its Bigger on the InsideIf your bathroom is small you can use various tricks to make it look bigger. Choosing the suite tomake the best use of the space is vital, look at things like corner baths and basins for example. Moregeneral tips include using mirrors and bright lights along with paler colours for tiles and floorcoverings to give a greater sense of space.Take your time at the planning stage as its easier to identify problems before you start work and ithelps you ensure you buy the right fittings for your needs. Draw out a plan on a piece of paper orthere are websites that can help you with this and identify things like waste pipes and radiators soyou know how much space you actually have to work with. The waste system is most important toget right as pipes must slope down to the soil pipe so you need to take account of this in yourplanning. Because bath and shower outlets are generally low down waste pipes may need to rununder the floor or you may need a raised platform in order to get sufficient fall on the pipe. Showersneed careful selection too, make sure you get one thats compatible with your water supply anddecide if you need a pump to give extra pressure. Remember that Building Regulations apply tobathrooms so make sure that all of your fittings conform to the right standards.Of course whatever you do its important to ensure you get a professional job. Plumbing and tilingneed professional expertise if theyre to be done well. It pays to get a professional in as a botched jobis likely to prove expensive to put right.Turn your bathroom into a statement piece, creating a stylish space by installing beautifullybuilt bathroom suites and make your room feel bigger on the inside. Not sure where to startthen try one of the many online specialists for advice and help. </li><li> 3. Author BioJon Smith is a frequent contributor for Asturias Bathrooms and has written many articlespertaining to all things regarding bathrooms and bathroom suites especially on such subjects asmaking the best of your bathroom furniture and vanity units.</li></ol>