Planning a Cremation

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  • Planning a Cremation

    Everything you need to know

    to make the process easier.

  • Cremation has become a

    common and acceptable

    alternative for final


    After the loss of a loved

    one there are many things

    to consider, both

    emotionally and also


    In the next few pages,

    well explain the steps and

    answer some common

    questions regarding


  • What is Cremation?

    Cremation is a final and

    irreversible act that must involve

    the consideration of your loved

    ones who are left behind.

    The process involves heating the

    body to an extremely high

    temperature until all that is left is

    ash and bone fragment. Bone

    fragments are further ground to a

    fine powder and combined with the

    ash. Ashes are then placed in an

    urn or alternative container and

    either returned to the family,

    scattered or buried.

  • Once You Arrive at the Crematorium

    Once you are removed from your place of passing and transported to the funeral home, your

    remains are placed within a cremation container or casket. If you wish to have a

    visitation/viewing prior to cremation, we do require embalming. Finally, prior to cremation, we

    do remove all medical devices and they do pose a danger when exposed to the high temperature

    used during the cremation process. All devices are disposed of as medical waste.

  • How Do Funeral and Cremation Services Differ?

    Funeral services allow the family

    to celebrate the life and mourn

    the death of their loved one.

    The rituals remain consistent

    between your service options.

    Cremation does offer you more

    flexibility in scheduling when

    you will have the service. It also

    allows you flexibility in choosing

    the location of the service.

    Traditional services can be

    limiting in your options for

    service location and burial.

  • Burial

    There are many options to memorialize your loved one after cremation.

    Columbariums are structures designed to hold urns. These buildings offer family units or

    single spaces. Some cemeteries offer columbiums indoor as well as outdoor.

    You also have the option of in-ground burial. A special vault container is required. You may

    purchase an urn/vault combination to save some expense. Burial of ashes is common even if

    your loved one or significant other chooses a traditional burial. Your ashes can be buried

    along with them in a single grave space or in the same grave space.

    We also receive questions about scattering ashes but you must check with your director

    conceding local and state laws regarding this, as each state is different.

  • Scattering Ashes This can be a beautiful symbol of

    returning your loved one back to the

    earth as you say goodbye.

    There are many places where

    scattering can be legally done

    check out local laws to make sure

    that your loved ones resting place is

    an appropriate place.

    One option is a Scattering Garden.

    Some cemeteries offer these to

    families who may want personalized

    plaques or headstones in the place

    where they scatter the remains.

  • How to choose a crematorium?

    When making the choice of cremation

    for yourself or your family member,

    you should always go with what gives

    you the greatest peace of mind.

    We encourage you to find a funeral

    home with an onsite crematorium,

    not one who is only able to provide

    you the service. This allows you the

    peace of mind in knowing that they

    will be with your loved one

    throughout the entire process. No

    third party facilities are involved.

  • Talking about final services is

    much easier when families are

    not grieving.

    Discuss all the options before

    they are needed, so that when

    a family member does pass,

    the preparation wont be in

    the way of saying goodbye.

    Plan Early

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