Please sit with level groups at tables. 2013 EDUCATOR EFFECTIVENESS ACADEMIES

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Please sit with level groups at tables.2013 EDUCATOR EFFECTIVENESS ACADEMIES

Presentation OutcomesPrincipals willExamine the 2013 Educators Effectiveness Academy (EEA) agendaLogon and preview the online resources designed to support the school-led, Day One AgendaReview the Day One Principals Facilitators Guide to clarify goals and responsibilitiesReview the HCPSS EEA Transition Planning Template

EEA OutcomesDesigned to ensure that teachers and principals in every public school in Maryland are supported in their professional development needs for Common Core, Disciplinary Literacy, and STEM Education

Develop an understanding of structure, content, and resources available on the MSDE Learning Management System (LMS)

Create a school transition plan to guide school staff in full implementation of Common Core, STEM Education, and Teacher and Principal Evaluation (TPE) system

EEA Framework -- 2013EEA is largest statewide professional learning experience of its kindPast implementation was highly variableMSDE has a new strategy with more guidance and hopes of greater fidelityPast: 2.5 days content training, 1.5 days in school to develop transition planThis summer: 1 day of work prior to EEA, 2.5 days content training, 1 day of transition planningVery detailed plans for principal-led, Day One agendaIntroductionBefore your scheduled EEA weekThoroughly review guideWatch both the fall and spring sets of videos that are most appropriate for your school levelReview the materials from the principal sessions of the 2012 EEAsBookmark all relevant websites ahead of timeVisit sites to learn about how to navigate Blackboard siteDownload EEA Day One videos and test

Target AudienceDay One activities are designed for Principals and school-based team members representingEnglish/language artsMathematicsSTEMAnother area (as selected by the principal)

Academy OutcomesBuild internal capacity for implementation Develop an understanding of the structure, content, and resources Create a school transition plan to guide school staff in full implementation Materials and Equipment MATERIALSEQUIPMENTFor the Principal:Chart paperMasking tape (for non-stick chart paper)Colored chart markers

For the Participants:Extra note paper, pens, and pencilsCopies of each of the following:School Transition Team Activity #1School Transition Team Activity #2School Transition Team Activity #3School Transition Team Activity #4Your schools 2011-2012 Transition PlanYour schools 2012-2013 Transition PlanYour schools Vision statement2013-2014 Transition Plan Template

We made the copies of the Transition Activities, dont forget to pick them up!

For the Principal:Laptop/desktop computer with internet accessLCD Projector connected to computerProjection screen

For the Participants:Laptop/Desktop computer with internet access(See page 4 of Facilitation Guide)Room Setup (See page 4 of Facilitation Guide)Setup the main meeting room and each of the rooms/stations Team members will use computers to access the electronic/online resources as they work individually to complete the morning tourMake sure that all members have paper and writing materials to take notesNotes will aid in the morning share-out and the afternoon activitiesWeekly EEA Schedule (page 5)Day One: MondayParticipants in Home Schools9:00 9:30Opening Video:Welcome and OverviewTeam Activity:Review and identify school successes in transitioning to full implementation of MD CCSC and STEM Education from 2011 to 20139:30 10:00Team Webinar:Understand and embrace the role of the school transition team Review stages of changeLearn best practices for successful implementation of MD CCSC and STEM Education10:00 11:30Electronic/Online Resources Tour PrincipalsELADisciplinary LiteracyMathematicsSTEM11:30 12:00Team Debriefing of Electronic/Online Resources Tour12:00 1:00Lunch On Your Own1:00 4:00Guided Team Activities:The Common Core, STEM-centric schoolCapacity-building for successful implementationLearning Forward Standards for Professional Learning 2013-2014 Transition Plan templateNext steps for successful implementationDay Two: Tuesday8:15 8:50Registration and Networking9:00 9:302013 EEA Kick-Off Session: All participants Morning SessionsTeachers(Expand and deepen content knowledge and skills in ELA, mathematics, and STEM)Principals9:45 Content Sessions 9:45 11:30Leading and Building Capacity for MD CCSC and STEM Education Implementation11:30 1:30Rotating Lunch ShiftsSTEM 11:50-12:50ELA 12:10-1:10Math 12:30-1:3011:30 12:30LunchAfternoon SessionsTeachersPrincipalsEnding at 4:00Content Sessions 12:30 2:00Classroom Observations: Mathematics Instructional Shifts2:00 3:30Classroom Observations:STEM Standards of Practice3:30 4:00Debriefing and ReflectionDay Three: Wednesday8:15 8:50Registration and NetworkingMorning SessionsTeachersPrincipals9:00 Content Sessions 9:00 10:30Classroom Observations:English Language Arts Instructional Shifts10:30 12:00Classroom Observations:Disciplinary Literacy Integration11:50-1:30Rotating Lunch ShiftsSTEM 11:50-12:50ELA 12:10-1:10Math 12:30-1:3012:00 1:00LunchAfternoon SessionsTeachersPrincipalsEnding at 4:00Content Sessions 1:00 1:30Debriefing and Reflection1:30 4:00Integrating MD CCSC, STEM Education, and TPE ImplementationsDay Four: Thursday8:15 8:50Registration and NetworkingMorning SessionsSchool Transition Teams 9:00 9:40Culminating Team Activity Part 1(Learning Celebration)9:40 10:40Cross Disciplinary Connections Secondary Session Social Studies EmphasisElementary Session Social Studies Emphasis10:40 10:55Break10:55 11:55 Secondary Session Science EmphasisElementary Session Science Emphasis11:55 12:15Culminating Team Activity Part 2(EEA Reflection)12:15 1:15Lunch On Your OwnAfternoon SessionsSchool Transition Teams1:15 4:00LEA-Facilitated School Team Transition PlanningDay Ones Schedule (page 7)TasksMaterials/ResourcesExpected TimeOpening Activities30 minutesWelcome VideoReview and identify school successes in transitioning to full implementation of CCSC and STEM Education from 2011 to 2013. School Transition Team VideoUnderstand and embrace the role of the school transition team Review stages of changeUnderstand best practices for successful implementation of CCSC and STEM EducationURL #1: VideoSchool Transition Team Activity #1URL # 2: PadletURL #3: Video-School Transition Team10 minutes20 minutes30 minutesElectronic/Online Resources Tour90 minutesContent Area RepresentativesPrincipalOnline Resources Tour Guide for each content area representativeURL #4: Video-Leading Learning Knowledge Quest Introductory video, transition team activity, Padlet activity (Bill will review), transition team videoOnline Resources tour14Day Ones Schedule (Continued)Team Debriefing of Online Resource Tour30 minutesLUNCH (On your own)60 minutesGuided Team Activities180 minutesURL #5: PPT-Collaborative LearningThe Common Core, STEM-centric schoolCapacity-building for successful implementationStandards for Professional Learning2013-2014 Transition PlanNext stepsSchool Transition Team Activity #2URL #6: Discussion Board Post #1Your school vision statementURL #7: Discussion Board Post #2School Transition Team Activity #3School Transition Team Activity #42013-2014 Transition Plan TemplateForward Thinking 45 minutes45 minutes75 minutes10 minutes5 minutesTeam debriefingGuided team activities with suggested time frames: an activity for each theme15Class Preparation ChecklistTaskObtain and test LCD projector and computers (one per team member)Test Internet connections, URLs, and logon of MSDE Blackboard site.Obtain flip charts and markersCopy participant materials: Activity sheets, etc.Provide each participant with materials for note takingPrepare flip chartsAccessing Online ResourcesProgram Resources can be accessed at Username YOUR HCPSS EMAIL ADDRESSPassword msdelms

When you first login to the Blackboard Learning Management System, you will see this screen. You will see a number of messages indicating that modules are loading. The loading process may take up to 10 minutes so (next slide)17Accessing Online Resources

If you click on the drop-down arrow next to your name, you will be able to access Educator Effectiveness Academy resources immediately.18Accessing Online Resources

The Resources to support Day One can be accessed by using this sidebar navigation menu. You will want to visit the Welcome EEA Participants and Day One Monday at Home School links to access videos and resources19Accessing Online Resources

All of the Day One Resources can be found on this page. Principals will find facilitation resources in the first folder. Day One Principal Materials20Accessing Online Resources

The resources are divided into Morning and Afternoon sets. Please note that you will want to use the top navigation bar to move back and forth between folders. If you click the BACK button, you will go all of the way out to the main screen. 21Accessing Online Resources


Please bookmark this site prior to the morning session23YOUR TURN!Take 15 minutes to look through the facilitators guide to preview all of Day Ones Activities and Resources.


Transition Plan Outcome 1Implement high quality professional learning that is aligned with the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning to help teachers develop the new knowledge, skills, and practices necessary for full implementation of the Maryland Common Core State Curriculum (MD CCSC), STEM Education, and the Teacher and Principal Evaluation (TPE) system. Key data to guide the design of professional learning include: Student performance data; Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Maryland Survey results; Classroom-Focused Improvement Process (CFIP)