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Poems written for a project in various forms depicting all of our relationship with one of the most basic necessities: Food

Text of Poems about food

  • Food and Other Quirky EdiblesJennifer Algieri, Abby Drivere, Victoria SwagMoney

  • AcrosticDiabetes, too bad you have itOverweight, from eating so muchNothing good comes from itUnderstand this: its bad for youToo bad youre eating that, not something good

  • BalladThe child explorerher father bizarrediscovered a secretas small as a star Fairies of forestsinhabiting homesa griffin of legendthe crudeness of gnomes The pixies adored herin presents the showeredthe darling childabove them who towered

    Unknown consequencesthey brought her a sweetthe fairys createddelightful to eat More delicious than powermore tempting than greedshe acquired a tastefor just fairy feed

    Human food now staletasted sickly of sawdustrefusal to eat itbut eat it she must

    The fairies are wickedfor they cant understandtheir help is more hurtfulthan all in the land

  • Blank VerseSomething here is cooking.The freezer zone cool all around.And it spills its cool.Everywhere the food is sweating.When it leaves its home.Steaming food smells travel.

    Sending sweet savory smells.The yelling of small children.Bidding in gaps of the shelves.Loaves baking in warmth.People leave for their cars.People come in again.And the cycle starts over.

  • CinquainSnap PopSnap CrackleSnap Crackle PopSee what I did there?Pop.

    SnowAnd mintTogetherIn PeppermintCandy Canes and coldYes!

    SweetTeeth breakCavitiesGingivitisUnavoidableSour

  • ElegyThe power went outI cant cook with youIm sorry I didnt pay the billI need you microwaveYou not only warmed my foodYou warmed my heart.

  • Epic Part IThe story begins

    At the edge of the wood

    Where the Gingerbread Plum Trees

    Grow. We started the journey

    On rainbow steps

    Through the pleasant oaks iced

    with soft vanilla cream

    that gave them the faces

    with smiles they shared.

    In that woodland of plenty

    We crept on our way

    til the woods turned sweet

    and the air filled with

    a peppermint scent.

    The Candy Cane Forest we

    came upon next and

    were offered two peppermint sticks

    to enjoy on our trip

    to the throne of the Candy Land King.

    We crunched through snow, more sugar

    than ice, and proceeded

    on our merry way.

    The sticky surface

    of the ground began

    clutching our shoes as we moved ourselves past

    the Gumdrop Pass.

    The gooey sensation

    stuck to our soles

    with a temperate sun on

    the jelly like buttons.

    The drops paved the

    path that we followed and lined

    the walls of the

    bridge in place of the usual

    stones. A person behind us

    called out to us claiming

    the pass was reserved only

    for those who landed

    exactly on purple. Of course

    we didnt listen

    and only ran faster

    ahead, only to get

    Stuck in the melted mess

    of the gumdrop gluck

    to wait until we could

    pull ourselves free.

    Released at last

    we could continue forth

    between licorice sticks woven

    up to the sky. Lord Licorices

    Castle the dreadful abode,

    sat squat in the dreariness

    of the dessert desert dunes

    A place no one traveled

    and no one returned.

    But look, there are nuts

    growing on stems

    and a house, quite content

    made of Peanut Brittle sits

    comfortable in the mist

    of a peanut butter fog.

  • Epic Part IIAvoiding the squirrels,

    and the chatty Grandma Nut

    we scampered forth

    to the Lollypop Woods

    where all will get lost

    regardless of directions

    or maps. So lost we did get

    for some moments or so, before

    finding the right way to go.

    The lollypop flowers

    were perfect for picking

    and eating especially of course.

    But we couldnt fill up

    for the best was yet to arrive.

    Trotting through green fields

    and colourful candies,

    all of which we should have liked to try,

    the air got much colder

    and the winds grew much bolder

    to reveal the Ice Cream Sea!

    Behold! So majestic!

    We paused for much longer

    and skated across a frozen lagoon

    where Ice Cream Snowmen waved

    and rivers of soda accompanied

    us as we shivered,

    but still ate more.

    Amidst brain freeze that warned us

    not to over-eat sweets

    we carried on

    on our much warmer way.

    The castle was distant,

    but its outline appeared

    yet the faster we ran

    the less is came near

    for the pathway was then blocked

    by a Molasses Moat

    whose fudgesicle bars

    were only mal-par.

    We got stuck only once

    and were out in a pinch

    before racing ahead to the gates

    only to find

    we had drawn the last card

    which portrayed a picture of

    Gingerbread Trees.

    We groaned and we sighed

    we had come of so close

    but the card had been chosen,

    so we had to obey

    and were sent right in reverse

    on our less merry way

    to return to the start of the game.

  • EpistleDear French Fries,

    Time I eat youAnd taste your warmth

    I paid 2.19 for youI share with a friend

    I lay my eyes upon youFrench fries

    Youre warm and tastyWell the time has come to eat you

    Your consumer,I really loved you forever and always,


  • LimerickThere once was a small slab of hamThat rode to New York on a tramBut when he got offHe heard a small coughFrom a fork and a knife, Well damn.

    The tale told of noble Sir GruffinTells of a chocolate chip muffinHe kicked it up highIt flew to the skyKilling 6 crows and a puffin

    The snail had no finger or toeStill he found some way to sewSo the made him a patternWhen he died for the platterIt was your time to escargot.

  • OdeStupid breeds stupid

    Carelessness breeds recklessness

    Eat four saltines in a minute


    Love it!

    Tried it


    Those who never failed

    Never did anything stupid

    Still phenomenal

    It was a cracker

    And It rose to something more

    How powerful our food becomes

    When we have an abundance of it.

    Swallow a spoonful of cinnamon



    Did it anyway

    Failed again

    No one succeeded

    But we tried anyway

    The glory of a challenge

    You challenged us

    Risking our lives

    For glory

    For Saltines

    And Cinnamon

    Because you could never be boring

    Cheers to the stupid

    And the reckless

    And the pointless

    And the bold

    Props to you

    For becoming a trending tag

    The respect I uphold

    For crackers and spice

    Is not something to shame

    But something to marvel at

    No one remembers me

    The way they

    Will remember you.

  • SestinaThe best part of eating candy

    or really any kind of sweet

    is the moment you first taste

    it you know youre in love

    because there is a special quality of delight

    in any treat that is perfectly superb.

    But that brief encounter with the superb

    is short lived with any candy

    for there can only be momentary delight

    in any morsel, sour or sweet

    for despite all and any love

    there is a temporariness to taste.

    So we live on to try a new taste

    something even more superb,

    and perhaps, easier to love,

    something not uncommon in candy

    every piece more sweet

    than the last, each causing more delight

    But there is more to delight

    than the pleasantries of taste

    and the joy of something sweet

    any food may be superb

    but in candy

    there is always love

    That which reminds us in turn to love

    and to share that which causes delight

    be it candy

    or otherwise related to taste

    so long as it is superb

    to others it will always be sweet

    The special kindness of a sweet

    is the expression is shows of love

    to others we consider superb

    and to ourselves which it delights

    in the thought or in the taste

    after all, we all love candy

    The first bite is disgust or delight

    But if there is thought behind the taste

    We can endure any flavor of candy

  • SonnetLike the thick richness of marshmallow fluff

    The honeydew son of perfection arrives

    And a sugar sweet smile was simple enough

    To melt me like butter and feel more alive

    The glow of a dimple on one cherry cheek

    The pureness of eyes, candy crystal in hew

    Vanilla introversion keeps me meek

    Stuck silent, in place, in peanut butter glue

    Confectionary affection is shown to all

    Anticipation builds like soda pop

    Cinnamon dusted hair sifting through the hall

    Music crescendos, strawberry blushing must stop

    A rich chocolate voice compelling conversation

    Me stuck speaking backwards with bubblegum frustration

  • VillanelleThey took from us mans delightThe sweetest of all confectionsThe absence resulting in peril and blight Once a gift from the almighty spriteOnly left now are its reflectionsOf a treat that caused some a fright The fear of choking seemed to igniteA terror beyond all objectionsTo them a ban must be right

    Never again to see the lightThe Kinder Egg framed for defectionsIt left for the shade of the night In lands to far for anyones sightThe chocolate treat past inspectionsAnd in Europe received no slight In spite of this blightIn my sweet recollectionsOne day I will travel by flightAnd with my Kinder Egg reunite