Polesworth Matters highly important information pertaining to option choices and possible future plans

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    Polesworth Matters Dear All

    As we come towards the end of this half term I want to wish everyone a lovely break.

    However, our last week is by no means a quiet one... On Tuesday 11th February we have our Evening of Dance. Please come and support what is always an amazing spectacle of skill, strength, elegance and agility. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

    Year 8 have been attending assemblies for available Level 2 option subjects and on Wednesday 13th February we have our annual Year 8 into 9 Evening. I would encourage all year 8 students and parents to attend this event in order to access all the relevant and highly important information pertaining to option choices and possible future plans. Please be advised that school will close at 1.10pm on 13th to allow staff to prepare for the event.

    Our recent Parent Consultation Evening was a huge success and I want to thank staff and parents for their continued support and energy. It was extremely well attended and the feedback has been fantastic.

    I wish everyone a restful break and I look forward to seeing everyone after the holiday!


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    Headteachers Message


    Early Finish Letter

    Y8 into Y9 Curriculum Evening Letter

    Poetry Competition

    Dance Showcase

    Scientist of the Month

    Science Stars of the Month

    PE News

    Contact Details

    Key Dates for


    Deadline for Prefect applications


    Out of Uniform 7th

    Y11 History trip to Raglan and Grosmont Castle


    CSW Talent Contest, Leamington Spa


    Y13 Science trip to Body Worlds Museum, London


    Dance Showcase, 6.30pm, Main Hall


    Y12/13 English trip, Jane Eyre, Lichfield Garrick Theatre

    13th Break up for Half Term


    Early Finish, 1.10pm 13th

    Year 8 into 9 evening


  • At The Polesworth School we pride ourselves on our consistently high levels of attendance. For many years now, our annual attendance rate has been over the national average figure

    for secondary schools which was 94.4% attendance last year.

    Excellent attendance is crucial to a child's overall education. It is impossible for us to provide our students with the highest quality of education if they are not attending consistently and

    accessing the many educational opportunities and experiences available to them.

    Our Attendance Policy, available to download from our website, outlines the procedures we

    follow to monitor attendance and the strategies we put in place to address attendance concerns. As many of you will be aware, we always aim to send an automated text message

    home by mid-morning to inform you if your child has not been registered within the first half

    hour of the day. The message requests that parents make urgent contact with the school to inform us of the reason for absence and this helps us to ensure students who are absent are

    safeguarded. Additionally, it enables us to monitor absences, as well as ensuring we meet the legal requirement of recording all reasons for absence on the official register.

    In order to maintain our focus on high attendance we make contact with parents if their

    child's attendance falls below 95%, highlighting any potential concerns and offering support

    if required. If that student's attendance continues to decline and there are no apparent mitigating circumstances for that decline, the school may choose to set an internal target for

    improvement, which again will include support from the school to help students to succeed. Unfortunately, for a small number of students, this approach may not prove effective and at

    this point the school may have no option but to engage the Local Authority's Attendance

    Service, who will set a legal target, the failure of which could result in prosecution.

  • While we do place a high emphasis on attendance, we recognise that there are occasions

    when it can prove difficult for students to attend, either through ongoing illness or through emotional difficulties that may emerge. In these circumstances, we are here to help and are

    keen to work alongside parents to address any problems which may be affecting their child's

    overall school experience. Our Youth Worker, Mrs Owen, plays a key role on helping students improve their attendance. She, along with other members of our pastoral support team

    meet regularly with students to encourage consistent attendance and are available to meet with parents to help address any problems that may be affecting a student's attendance,

    ideally nipping problems in the bud before they get too big. These members of staff are

    easily contactable through Student Services, by calling the school.

    Thankfully, the vast majority of students tell us that they enjoy school and are keen to get the

    most out of their education. Regular assemblies highlight the latest House attendance data

    and annually, 100% attendance is recognised through prizes in assemblies. We also encourage our students to engage in healthy competition, helping their House to achieve the

    highest percentage attendance.

    We are all too aware that none of the above would prove successful without the support of

    our parents and we continue to be grateful for the parental support we receive in ensuring high attendance remains a key feature of each student's academic experience at The

    Polesworth School.

  • LGBT History Month (February 2020)

    Poetry Competition!

    This year the theme for LGBT History Month is “Poetry, Prose and Plays” so we are launching a poetry writing competition here at school. Your entry does not need to be entirely based on the theme of LGBT but can include any or all aspects of things to do with equality, acceptance, love, identity, peace, pride, human rights, reconciliation, community, togetherness etc.

    Your entry should be no longer than 1 side of A4 either typed or handwritten, and should be submitted to Mr Barber by the 14th February. You can enter more than one poem if you wish. There will be a prize for the winning poem and hopefully we may be able to create an anthology of poems from the competition. There will be a box to post your entries into in the Study Centre or you can hand them to Mr Barber in Tomlinson Hall.

  • Dance Showcase

  • Scientist of the Month SEPTEMBER 2019

    Year 7 Science Pheobe Twells

    Year 8 Science Dylan Spearing

    Year 9 Science Ellie Hicks

    Year 10 Biology Amelia Arnold

    Year 10 Chemistry Ty Cox Higgins

    Year 10 Physics Billy King

    Year 11 Biology Georgia Smith

    Year 11 Chemistry Taylor Harris

    Year 11 Physics Mackenzie Gilbert

    Year 12 Chemistry Mia Roche

    Year 12 Physics Josh Kermode

    Year 12 Forensic

    Science Cristina Dobanda

    Year 13 Chemistry Tom Banks

    Year 13 Physics Ethan Lomas

    Year 13 Forensic

    Science Caitlin Holmes

    Year 7 Science Barri Lines

    Year 7 Science Maisie Powles

    Year 8 Science Seth Chilton

    Year 9 Biology Chelsea Collins

    Year 9 Chemistry Astrid Hopkins

    Year 9 Physics Ethan Grills

    Year 10 Biology Declan Jones

    Year 10 Chemistry Fawaz Sanusi

    Year 10 Physics Daniel Maddox

    Year 11 Biology Alice Smith

    Year 11 Chemistry Nicole Wilkes

    Year 11 Physics Cameron Sherlock

    Year 12 Biology Sarah Wilcox

    Year 12 Chemistry Charlie Howell

    Year 12 Physics Katie Moss

    Year 12 Forensic Science Laurie Kelly

    Year 13 Biology Meg Hogben

    Year 13 Chemistry Harry Hudson

    Year 13 CHEMISTRY Sam Rhodes

    Year 13 Forensic Science Elisa Watret

    Scientist of the Month January 2020

  • Alexander Josefen Zac Smith

    Jack Longmore Jessica Wheeler

    Ellie-Louise Nickless Lily-Ann Edwards

    Mayah Imaan Jack Underwood

    Evangelina Clarke Alicia Fearing

    Maisie Powles Alfie Aston

    Maisie Hughes Jenson langman

    Lewis langley Oliver Cuthbert

    Harrison Johnson Matthew McKitton

    Vaughan Plester Josie Boucher

    Imogen Smith Leah Mitton

    Stella Spies Euan Wilson

    Joshua Gray Freya Moore

    Harley Brown Amy East

    Kiera Davis Ryan Wilson

    ChLoe Engley Fin CLover

    Will Barker Tom Fraser

    Ross Davies Madison Margetts

    Evie Jenkins Kenzie McWilliams

    Demi Reid Nastasja Gugleta

    Finley Spragg Bailey Jackson

    Oliver lavender Tom Chesters

    Kelsey Davis Millie Brown

    Harry Stringer Freya Kurtulus

    Amaya Bailey Daisy Thorpe

    ChLoe O'Brien

    Carys Jones

    Jess Sadler

    Emma CLover

    Liam Sheard

    Lily-Mae Clamp

    Lily-Mae Mazi

    Kelsey Roe

    Madeleine Gould

    Kyle Statham

    Madeleine Gould

    Hope Palfrey

    Chris Dutton

    Leah Carvel

    Josh Kermode

    Liam Kirkham

    luis Santos

    Robyn Watre