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population, gcse, tgaw, 5

Text of population, gcse, tgaw, 5

  • BIG PICTURE: What is a

    population pyramid?

    What? Identify what a population pyramid is and indentify their main characteristics.

    How? By understanding how to interpret population pyramids to explain development.

    Why? So I can justify where people belong on a population pyramid according to their countries status.

  • Resources

    Pg 178-179 AQA Geography Text book

  • A useful hint before we start

    Todays lesson will be forming your formative assessment level for this


    You will be completing a GCSE paper for homework.

    You will not be having the use of your books so PAY EXTRA ATTENTION


  • Connect: Where do I belong on a

    population pyramid?

    In front of you is a template of a population pyramid for the U.K

    How much can you already understand?

    1. Locate and circle your own age range.

    2. Draw an arrow to the side of the pyramid that you belong.

    3. In the space below write an estimation of the number of people in the U.K that are within the same age range as you.

    4. Have a go at the extension question!

  • The number of people who rely on the working population to support them.

    This is usually the elderly and people below the age of 16.

    Who else could the dependable

    population also be?

    A dependable population

  • Activate: What are the key terms

    for todays lesson?

    1. Fill in the missing key terms to define what a population pyramid is.

    2. Match the correct key term up to its definition.

    Extension: Have a go answering the question at the bottom of the sheet

  • How did you do?

    Missing terms in order:

    Pyramid, graph, percentages, age, base,

    youngest, elderly, interpreting, death rates (9 marks)

    Correct Definitions: (4 marks)

    Maximum marks: ? /13

    Age Structure The number of babies that die, per 1,000 live births.

    Gender Structure The number of children that die, per 1,000 live births.

    Infant Mortality The balance between males and females in a

    population. Small differences can tell us a great

    deal about a country or city.

    Child Mortality The proportion of each age group in a population.

    This is closely linked to the level of development a

    country has reached.

  • How do population pyramids


    Just as the Demographic Transition model is split into 5 stages, population

    pyramids are too.

    Each stage tells us what level of economic development a country is at.

    Quick challenge!Sketch a population pyramid for a poor country and a rich country

  • Demonstrate: How do

    population pyramids work? 1.Cut out the 5 population pyramids.

    2. Cut out the 5 stage descriptors.

    3. Match the pyramid up to the correct descriptor.

    4. Once you are happy each phase is in the correct order, stick them down.

    Extension: Look at stage 5. Can you spot any big problems for the future?

    Clue. Think about support for the elderly.

  • Reflect: Where do these people

    belong on a population pyramid?

    I am 45 years old. I contribute to

    ____ million of the

    UKs population.

    If the globe lands on you have a go at answering the question!

  • I am 18

    years old, if

    I was

    British I



    to ____ of

    the U.Ks


  • My country is in stage ___ of

    population development.

  • My country is frequently in the news because

    of war. I am from ___________. My country is in

    stage ____ of population development.

  • I am from Zimbabwe/ Libya/ The Congo This

    is currently the poorest country in the world.

    Most people living here are between the age

    of ___ and __

  • There are very few births in my country because the government has a law that says you can only have 1 child. I am from_______.

    We are in stage ____

    A low birth rate is going to be a problem in the future because.

  • Homework: GCSE Practise


    This task will form your 2nd formative mark for this half of the module.

    Exam Pro- Population pyramids

    - Population DTM

    Please see the grade boundaries to assess your own progress.

  • Idea of Grade Boundaries:

    Grade Marks (/18)

    A* 18

    A 16-17

    B 14-15

    C 11-13

    D 8-10

    E 5-7

    F 4 or below

  • Additional activity= 1 merit for

    completion Find an example of another country in each stage.

    NOT the ones we have looked at.

    By each state whether it is an:

    MEDC- More Economically Developed Country.

    LEDC- Less Economically Developed Country.

    NIC- Newly industrialised country. (a country

    whose economic development is moving from a

    LEDC but is not yet at the stage of an MEDC.