Positive Behavior Support Staff Orientation. “If a child doesn’t know how to read, we teach.” “If a child doesn’t know how to swim, we teach.” “If a child.

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Booker T. Washington Sr. High

Booker T. Washington Sr. HighPositive Behavior SupportStaff Orientation1If a child doesnt know how to read, we teach.If a child doesnt know how to swim, we teach.If a child doesnt know how to multiply, we teach.If a child doesnt know how to drive, we teach.If a child doesnt know how to behave, we teach? punish? Why cant we finish the last sentence as automatically as we do the others?(Herner, 1998)2School-widePositive Behavior SupportThe application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures.3School-wide PBSA collaborative, assessment-based process to developing effective interventions for problem behaviorEmphasizes the use of proactive, educative, and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomesAim is to build functional, effective environments in which appropriate behavior is more effective than problem behavior

4Time Cost of a Discipline Referral(45 minutes per incident)1000 Referrals/yr2000 Referrals/yrAdministrator Time500 Hours1000 HoursTeacher Time250 Hours500 HoursStudent Time750 Hours1500 HoursTotals1500 Hours3000 Hours5CORE VALUESP-Positive AttitudesR- Respectful BehaviorsO- Ownership/AccountabilityS- School Pride6Behavior Tracking FormThis form is used to document a recurring classroom behavior incident. Only Level I and II Infractions should be recorded on this form. For all other behaviors see Corrective Strategy Flow Chart. The student should be given a warning and re-taught the expectation and specific rule concerning the infraction prior to recording on this form. This is not a referral. However, continuation of this behavior may result in an office discipline referral.


8Corrective Strategy ProceduresTeacher must contact parent advising them of behaviors that disrupt the learning environment. A referral documenting on-going inappropriate behaviors should be forwarded to administration. Administration will proceed to administer appropriate corrective strategies as outlined below, according to the Code of Student Conduct.9Corrective Strategy ProceduresStep 1Parent contact is initiated and logged by the teacher for disruptive behaviors. Referral is not required.Step 2If in appropriate behavior continues after initial parental contact, a Student case Management Services Form should be completed and forwarded to administration. A conference with an administrator or counselor will be conducted.Step 3Teacher submits a referral to administration. A parent/ teacher/counselor and or administrator conference will be conducted. Corrective Strategies may include work detail assignment/indoor suspension or outdoor suspensions (severe infractions). 10Corrective Strategy ProceduresStep 4 Teacher submits referral to administration. Appropriate corrective strategies are administered (outdoor suspensions 1-3 days).Step 5 Teacher submits a referral to administration. Outdoor suspension will be administered, 5-10 days. The student must return with parent to meet with an administrator prior to returning to school. Once student approaches 20 days of outdoor suspension a request for expulsion/ alternative placement is submitted to Division of Alternative Education.When a teacher refers a student for disciplinary action on a Student Case management Form, it is imperative that he/she be notified verbally or in writing as it relates to actions taken. The administrative team will ensure that students who violate the Student code of Conduct receive appropriate corrective strategies


1st Step

Complete Tracking formIntervention
Behavior ceases.No furtheraction
1. Write Referral(Attach teacher tracking forms if applicable.)2. Contact security monitor. Provide them with referral. They will escort student to main office.
4th StepSeek Assistance from PBS TeamMove to additional corrective strategies.
Behaviorceases.No furtheraction
a) Copy ofreferral and/orletter sent to the parentb) School retains copiesc) Copy ofreferral to (how given to teacher?)teacher for files(when?time frame?)
Administrationdetermines course of actionor consequences
Behaviorceases.No furtheraction
2nd StepComplete Tracking formIntervention

Contact Parent

Data will be entered by Administrator or his designee into ISIS.



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