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Possible ideas for My MagazineI like this VIBE front cover because of the colours used. The pink and blue go really well together which makes it look really professional.I like the how the colours of this magazine emphasise how the magazine is aimed at a female audience. I like this magazine because the main image is very large and dominating.

I like the layout of this contents page. The way that the image is very dominating and the page numbers are small but we know that they are there. The image is also very effective as its as if someone wants his heart; they want him to live them. I like the main image on this contents page. The way that the model is lay on her back with her legs in the air is very effective. Also, I like how the word Contents is spread across three lines. It makes it look quirky.

I like the colour scheme of this contents page. The colours work really well together and with the image.


I like how there has been 7 images used to make up this DPS. This makes it a lot more interesting for the reader of the magazine. It also attracts them to read on to learn about the photos. Its also effective how they are along the top of the page.I like how the image is very dominating in this image and how it is a close up shot. This makes the reader feel included in the article. The layout of this DPS makes it look really professional and formal . The images are laid out very formally.


VIBEThe website for VIBE magazine is vibe.com. Vibe Media/Access Network in the leading company of Vibe magazine, VibVixen.com, Wibe,com, Uptown magazine, UptownMagazine.com. Vibe reaches over 19 million consumers per month through their different forms of media. Ron Burkles The Yupcaipa Companies, InterMedia Partners and Magic Johnson Enterprises announced in January 2012 that they merged their Vibe and Uptown Business with the Blackbook Media Business and The Access Network Company. Vibes recent statistics showed that in in 2007 the circulation was 800,000.Quincy Jones Launched the magazine in 1993 in partnership with Time inc.

The publication had been called Volume before co-founding editor, Scott Poulson-Bryant gave it the name VIBE.