PowerPoint An Introduction to the Good Stuff. Shapes & Drawing Tools Make sure the drawing toolbar is visible  View → Toolbars → Drawing For more drawing

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Text of PowerPoint An Introduction to the Good Stuff. Shapes & Drawing Tools Make sure the drawing toolbar...

  • PowerPointAn Introduction to the Good Stuff

  • Shapes & Drawing ToolsMake sure the drawing toolbar is visibleView Toolbars DrawingFor more drawing tools go to:Insert Picture AutoshapesOr go to the autoshpaes button at the bottom of the screen

  • Cool Drawing ExamplesVolume AddedTotal Addedheightradiusarea

  • Shapes & Drawing ToolsZiploc barrier will be placed so that the bumper makes contactDrop heightImpact measuring device.This diagram was made using the drawing objects in PowerPoint.

  • Shapes & Drawing ToolsContactBumperWooden block with holeDowelPaint mixing stick for marker to record spring stretchFelt tip penSpringThis diagram was made using the drawing objects in PowerPoint

  • Connectors & FlowchartsFlow charts and mind maps can help clarify or illustrate complex procedures or relationships

  • Connectors & FlowchartsConnectors can be used to make links between objects to create flowcharts or mind mapsInsert Picture Auto shapesClick on the connectors button to select a connector type.To start your connector, click on the connection point for the first objectThen click on a connection point for the second object to complete the connector.

  • Alignment & LayeringTo change whether an object is on top or bottom:Highlight the object/sUse the order commands from the draw button on the drawing toolbar

  • Alignment & LayeringTo align objectsHighlight the objectsUse the order commands from the draw button on the drawing toolbar

  • Grouping & RotatingTo group or rotate objectsHighlight the objectsUse the group and rotate commands from the draw button on the drawing toolbarNote what happens when you group before you rotateBeforeAfter

  • Saving Images From The Internet1. Right Click on the image you want2. Select Save Picture As3. Tell the computer where to save the image

  • Images1. Choose Insert -> Picture -> From File2. Locate the picture on your computer and hit OK.

  • ImagesWhen you click on a picture a picture palate with all sorts of tools.

    Try using the crop tool to isolate a part of the picture.When you resize a picture it is best to drag from the corners, this keeps the picture in the correct proportions

  • AnimationAnimation is used to stagger elements of a slide to reveal certain pieces of information after other.Slide Show Custom AnimationPick which items you want to animate and specify the order and effect

  • HyperlinksTo create a hyperlink:Highlight the text or object you want to make into a hyperlinkInsert HyperlinkSpecify the website, file or slide you want to link to.

  • To create a hyperlink to another slide within a presentation1. Click place within document2. Select which slide to link to3. Click OK

  • Action ButtonsAction buttons perform actions that you specify.Insert Picture AutoShapes Action ButtonsChoose the blank buttonDrag out the area you want the button to occupyThe action settings window will then appear. Choose the hyperlink option pick the appropriate option

  • Presentation TemplatesTemplates add a little flair to your presentations.Pick templates that are appropriate to your showFormat Slide Layout or Apply design templateChoose the template you want and hit OK

  • Working on the Master SlideThe slide master's purpose is to let you make a global change that is reflected on all the slides in your presentation.To access the master slide:View Master Master SlideAdd buttons, pictures or text that you want to appear on every Slide.Click the close button on the master toolbar to return to the slideshow

  • Working with the Master SlideClick the close button on the master slide toolbar to return to presentation design modeAny objects or hyperlinks placed on the Master Slide will appear on every slide in the presentation

  • Creating Kiosk Presentations

  • Saving As A ShowWhen you save a presentation as a show it creates a separate file that automatically opens in presentation mode.

  • Cool IdeaDuplicate a slide with an image on it.Use the crop tool to isolate a part of the image.Resize the image so that it is largerGo back to the original slide and create a shape that covers the area of the image that you enlarged.Make the shape transparent and hyperlink it to the other slide.This way you have an image that can zoom in on sections.