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PowerTeacher Gradebook & Standards. Bob Cornacchioli DERO Technical Services www.derotechnical.com CEO. Agenda/Participants will be engaged in:. Introduce Web Gradebook /Log in How to demonstrations on most aspects Short cuts to save keystrokes Final Grade Entry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerTeacher Gradebook & StandardsBob CornacchioliDERO Technical Serviceswww.derotechnical.comCEO

Agenda/Participants will be engaged in:Introduce Web Gradebook/Log inHow to demonstrations on most aspectsShort cuts to save keystrokesFinal Grade Entry Creating Assignments & Associating StandardsTeacher OptionsDiscussion regarding Comment WritingAsk Questions- this is your time

www.derotechnical.com for more resources

CEO - DERO Technical Services

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Director of Technology and Media Services Shrewsbury Public Schools (16 yrs)PowerSchool Administrator ( 6 yrs)

Bob Cornacchioli

The how to enter grades is the easier of the two!ENTERING GRADESGRADING PRACTICESKen OConnor aka The Grade Doctor

Far more important than the keystroke of a grade is how the district has trained teachers in the proper techniques in determining that grade. The information Ken and others are saying about student achievement is mission critical. PowerTeacher has been designed with these principles.

Learning Conversations: The Culture of GradingHave you had these chats yet?Same CurriculumAcross all classroomsSame Grading PracticesAcross all classrooms??Average Temperature in Vegas

100 100 100 100 100 Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs

100 100 100 100 Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs 100 AverageIs it REALLY an80 AverageRick Wormeli check him out on YouTube What does a 4 or a C really mean?With teachers at your Grade LevelWith teachers at your SchoolWith teachers in the DistrictWhat does it mean for next placement?

Setting Expectations & Emphasize ConsistencyEveryone on the Same PageChange to your grading choices?Academic Performance Indicators4 = Advanced3 = Proficient2 = Progressing but need improvement1 = WarningN/A = Not accessed this term**

Avoid homebound confusion by sending home letter grades and percentages on assessments!??Developmental and Habits IndicatorsC = ConsistentlyU = UsuallyB = Beginning to demonstrateN = Needs Assistance

http://YOURSERVERNAME/teachersEntering Grades and using the features of Gradebook 2.3Whats on the PowerTeacher Start Screen

Launch my Gradebook from school or home?

Same as beforeAlways Allow

The Web Gradebook is a JAVA application, if it is NOT OPENING on the computer, you may be running an older version of JAVA. Contact your tech department.LITTLE TECH TALKLatest versionDesigned to handle standards better

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