Preliminary task examples and evaluation

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<ul><li> 1. SCHOOL AND COLLEGE MAGAZINES<br />Most schools and colleges seem to produce newsletters, most of these are made available online. <br />The quality and layout of the newsletters or magazines varies greatly.<br />This is probably partly because the budget for producing school or college newsletters or magazines is much smaller than that of a normal magazine and the result is therefore less professional. <br />I was drawn to read the ones that had touches of colour and more pictures as these allow you to judge what the articles are about before you chose whether or not to read them.<br />The newsletters m have school or college logos and often have a message from the Principal.<br />They report on successes and achievements of academic and non-academic activities of the school term, matters that are of most concern at the time of writing, such as exams or things going on around campus. <br />For my college newsletter, I chose college colours as my colour scheme. So that students really felt that this was their newsletter.<br />I didnt want to put too much text on the front page as I think that might put a lot of students off of reading it. <br />I wanted to get readers interested with the photosand short paragraphs so that they would be interested enough to read the full article in the newsletter.<br /></li></ul>