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<p>The evaluationJournalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television. I started off by researching many magazines which are notorious for having the worlds best artists. Magazines such as vibe, GQ and issue. However, I ended up being drawn in by GQ which was by far a very elite and classy magazine. I read through countless pages and understood the concept, the colour and the layout which GQ magazine use to put there article together. As I proceeded to make my own GQ article I started facing problems, I was using the latest version of Adobe InDesign however, the software in college was out dated and it wouldnt convert my article. I also had to write in the way a GQ author would write, with a bit of humour and class, humour by itself is on the other side of the scale compared to class, so bringing them together was a mission. I guess I had to relearn about magazine jargon and sarcasm. However, I prevailed and ended up writing a fantastic article. A fresh start is said in many occasions, and this was one of them. I had never used InDesign before and I had to learn from the basics. I started by learning how to import (place) pictures, how to use all the side functions. I had problems finding the links for the pictures so they could be opened again at a later time. However, I didnt find many weaknesses, but I found out that I could quickly adapt to these changes to come out with a better article. I also used GQs idea of a border to depict the corresponding football theme for that time. Eventually I made the time consuming task of creating a Blogger account. It was defiantly the hardest task to complete, as in the college it would never load and it required a lot of loading time. I then started uploading my work to it to create a blog and for the teachers to be able to track my work. I was struggling to upload my article as a .png file, I ended up having to embed it into the blog. After this I created a questionnaire to gain audience feedback which helped me a lot. I had no negative comments about the article the main thing my audience wondered about was that if the text in the article should be in the layout of a newspaper in blocks or in normal word paragraphs. For next time I will use a larger variety of colours, might use column text and use more pictures.</p> <p>Danyaal </p>