Press & PR Catrin Taylor, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

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Text of Press & PR Catrin Taylor, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

  • Press & PR Catrin Taylor, Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales

  • Todays sessionWhat is news?Media & contactsIs the press release dead?Selling inPR & Social MediaTipsPlease ask questions

  • Whats news?

    A dog biting a man is NOT newsA man biting a dog IS news

  • What is news?LargestSmallestUnusual/quirky objectGood photographRare object foundObject relating to a topical issueHuman interest story/profileNational days/weeksExhibitions and events

  • Some examples100,000 from players of Peoples Postcode Lottery

  • Some examplesUnseasonal wild flowers Winter 2012

  • MediaPrintLocal weekly papers (Tivyside Advertiser, Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald)Local daily papers (Wrexham Leader, South Wales Argus)Wales national papers (Western Mail, Daily Post)UK national (Guardian, Times)Magazines (Golwg, Buzz Magazine, Cardiff Life)Specialist publications (Museums Journal, Art Newspaper)

  • MediaBroadcastRadio (BBC Radio Wales, Real Radio, Heart FM)Television (Heno, BBC Wales Today, Newyddion)OnlineBBC Online, Wales Online, ITV, Culture 24Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Flickr

  • How to make contacts?Read, listen and watchNetworkResearch onlineWork in partnership

  • Is the press release dead?PRESS RELEASEA summary of facts about an event, exhibition, programme or issue on which you want media attentionIt must contain news

  • How to write a press releaseInverted pyramid style First paragraph is "lead" and contains the most important informationSubsequent paragraphs expand on information and give more detail

  • A good press releaseWho, what, when, where, why, and howWho is the subject of the story? What is the story about? When is, or was, the event? Where is, or was, it happening? Why is the information important?

  • Selling inJournalists receive hundreds of press releases a dayYour journalist contact has to sell your story to the editorJournalists can switch off after the first paragraphWork to the journalists deadline - always ask when their deadline is

  • Selling inPreparation is key Know the publications/outlets youre callingBe enthusiasticEnd by asking Is this of interest?Any examples?

  • PR & Social MediaWebsite update regularlySocial MediaBlogsTwitterVimeoFlickrFacebook

  • This is newsTheres no point selling in a story if the journalists going to ask so what?Something thats relevant to the current news cycleIs it a story that youd want to read?

  • Making an impact55% judge you on how you say things38% judge you by what you look like7% judge you by what you say

  • Any questions?