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Prezentation Haus Möbel

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    Are You needa reliable partner?


    Working with us you will get PROFITbut not simply collaboration, through:

    1. High, repeated quality2. A wide, constantly updated range3. An individual approach to each model4. Folding, functional models5. Orthopedic ergonomic furniture6. Large assortment of fabrics and leather7. High-quality packing8. Stable deliveries9. Advertising support10. Training of sellers


    Quality Guarantee 25 monthsIncoming control of raw materials and components,

    bench testing products (90kg weight applied - 29 000 times)implementation from 2010. Quality Systems, built-in processand Japanese management philosophy Kaizen, which provide

    high quality guarantee - 25 months and lifetime - 10 years.All our products are certified.


    Wide, constantlyupdatable, assortment

    We produce more than 50 basic models of furniture of variousdesign, style and price segment, and monthly update lineup.

    Furniture design in our own design departmentand testing on special equipment.


    Individual approachIf you dont need the standard size?

    Then we will work as it should for you!The original sewing please!

    Non-standard equipment easily!


    Folding functional modelAll models are functional, with bed place and

    different systems of transformation (decomposition), popular in the market and own constructions.


    Orthopedic,ergonomic furniture

    Taking care of health, comfort and safety of their customersfactory Furniture-Style with National Forestry University

    of Ukraine and Lviv Institute of furniture constantlyconducting research and consultations to improve

    orthopedic-ergonomic properties of furniture.


    Wide rangeof fabrics and leather

    Our furniture is put on a qualityfabrics imitation leather and leather.


    High-quality packagingThe permanent component quality high-quality packaging

    in bubble wrap and polyethylene, whichprovides and maintains integrity during transport.


    Stable deliveriesWe support the warehouse program running models,

    uninterrupted production, which provide a reserveof materials and components,

    and introduction of system Just in time. Well-organized logistics is the key to timely delivery.


    Advertising supportYou will get free catalogs, flyers and the other

    advertising materials. Also you will receive a free design, while produce the advertising.


    Training sellersWe are ready to share their experience of training salesconsultants based learning materials and instructions.


    Following the mission we set for our productsreasonable prices and optimal production time.

    Production capacity currently account -1050 units per month.


    Learn more:tel.: +38 (03245) 3-64-68fax: +38 (03245) 3-66-25

    mob.: +38 (050) 253-97-94mob.: +38 (067) 672-93-65

    e-mail: [email protected]