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  • 1. Cell Biology

2. Whatsthat?Lets start with a dictionary definition...The information source that is derived directly from fullydescribed (or referenced) formal observation, proceduresor experiments performed with valid, scientificallyaccepted methods. In its strongest form, this material isusually (but not only) a paper in a refereed scientificpublication.primary source. (2001). In Pharmaceutical Medicine Dictionary. Retrieved from primary_source 3. ScholarlyAcademicPeer reviewed 4. Howcan you tell what a primary research article look like? 5. Original research Abstract Credentials Research methods References 6. Which databases will help you find primaryliterature? Biological Abstracts PubMed ScienceDirect Web of Science 7. Click on Article to find primaryresearch articles 8. Note the Abstractor summary of thearticle 9. Some articles willeven let you knowwhat methods and equipment wereused 10. Type in yoursearch terms 11. Click on moreunder Articletypes to viewmore options 12. Note thedifferentoptions. To find primaryresearch, clickon Journal Article 13. Click on theSearch tab tostart yoursearch 14. Click on theJournals tab tostart yoursearchUnder Limit by document type, click on Article for research/primaryarticles 15. Note that underarticle #2, it statesthat it is anoriginal research article 16. Type in yoursearch term and unclick SocialSciences and Artand Humanities 17. Note that you can also limit to aspecific date range 18. Note thedifferentoptions. To find primaryresearch, click on Article 19. This is the end of our tutorial on Primary Research in CellBiologyPlease check out our other tutorials: Where to Start your Search Secondary Resources Smart Searching MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) Browsing Journals Acknowledging your Sources 20. If you have any questions, please Visit the Research Help Desk Phone (807) 343-8302 Chat online with us!Email: [email protected]

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