Principles of a Strong Work Ethic

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Principles of a Strong Work Ethic. Quality of Work Know what Quality is in your place of work Requires competence Stay current Quality is in the details Be diligent. Compliance. Compliance: acting in accordance with laws and with a companys rules, policies, and procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Principles of a Strong Work EthicQuality of WorkKnow what Quality is in your place of workRequires competenceStay currentQuality is in the detailsBe diligentComplianceCompliance: acting in accordance with laws and with a companys rules, policies, and proceduresIgnoring or breaking rules compromises qualityHurt a patient or coworkerLose your job

Compliance DiscussionWhat happens if employees???Dont wear their identification badges at work?Share private business matters or confidential patient info?Make threats against other employees?Attempt to perform duties beyond their scope of practice?Scope of PracticeTerm used by national and state licensing boards for various professions that defines the procedures, actions and processes that are permitted for the licensed individual

Scope of PracticeDefines the actions, procedures that are permitted by law for a specific profession

Scope of PracticeIncludes:Specific EducationSpecific demonstration of competency

Scope of Practicedietitians, respiratory therapists, nursing, midwifery, emergency medical technicians (EMT), pharmacists, social workers, physicians and surgeons, clinical officers and physician assistants, dentists and dental hygienists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, osteopaths, physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, audiologists, radiographers, podiatry , Biomedical Scientists and nuclear medicine specialists.

Rules & PoliciesEstablished for a reasonEveryone is responsible for themhealth care has written P&PKnow where to find themDont know or not sureASKNon-ComplianceCompliance gaining attentionGov taking steps to enforce Violations- you & your employerGet fired, prosecuted, fined, incarcerated Be in the KnowUnderstand law, regulations and P&Ps

Be familiar with issues

Know safety proceduresBe in the KnowKnow what is expected of you

Its your job to know I didnt know is not an excuse

ALWAYS ask for clarificationHealth Care ComplianceHIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996Protects confidentiality Care ComplianceHITECH: Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health 2009Confidentiality of Hlth info transmitted electronicallyStrengthen accountability of HIPAA

Compliance ConcernsSafety & Environmental precautions

Labor Laws

Retention of Records

Medicare billingCompliance ConcernsReimbursement

Conflict of interest

Licenses & CredentialsIllegal & Unethical behaviorsFraudulentChanging or destroying recordsSexual harassmentHostile workplaceStealing property HarassmentAvoid any suggestion of unwelcome sexually-oriented advances or comments Verbal, visual materials, unwanted touching, sexual related texting or postingAnything that makes another person uncomfortableYou may see it as harmlessSexual HarassmentVictim:Report to supervisorKeep written notesObserved, experienced, details: date, time, place, who, what happened, what your action wasInappropriate BehaviorNo weapons at workNo verbal threatsNo nasty lettersDo not create a hostile work environment BehaviorNever knowingly engage in an illegal or unethical act yourselfand if you notice it happening intervene and reportReporting Inappropriate BehaviorTo your supervisor or their bossNot sure? ASK How would this look to others from the outside?Whistle Blower: person who exposes illegal or unethical practices Laws to protect whistle blowers from retributionThe Steps to TakeIf you suspect it report itAttempt to resolve internally firstAvoid media & gov.If you have tried but have been unsuccessful, you might need to find another jobConsider ThisReporting Illegal BehaviorRepresenting your EmployerYou are the company you work for

by accepting employment, you agree not only to follow your companys rules and policies but also to support its mission and valuesRepresenting your EmployerGet a copy of company mission & values

Take an Active InterestLearn history & Structure and discussRead news letter, keep up with eventsParticipate in social eventsVolunteer for committeesSubstitute words we and us for they and them p 42Protect your Employers ReputationDont make negative remarks in publicUse discretionGive the benefit of the doubtAssume everyone is doing their bestIf you have doubts it may be best to look for other workEvaluating your PerformancePerformance evaluations: measures success in executing job dutiesVaries between companiesShould be objective not subjectiveTypically annual Evaluating your PerformanceProbationary Period: New employees, trial period to meet requirementsClosely monitoredEvaluated at the endWill determine retention

Ideal EvaluationEmployer states their professional goalsEmployer states your expected professional goals

You state your professional goal

Annually you evaluate if/how you met goalsIdeal EvaluationEmployer evaluates if/how you met goals and your assessment

Employer provides positive & constructive feedback

Lay out goals for the coming year Degree FeedbackPeersSubordinatesTeam membersCustomersOthers who work with employeeReduce subjectivity provides a broader view of performanceAffects of EvaluationsEvaluation rating scaleEvaluation may be linked to payPerformance based payPay raise or no pay raiseHighest rating means going above & beyondHow to PrepareReview JD, be familiar with essential functionsAsk for a copy of performance evaluation formUnderstand criteria & scoringIf computerized be sure you have the skillsComplete self eval & make copy for employerKeep a list of questionsDuring an EvaluationPractice good listening

Ask for clarification

If you disagree object respectfully

Accept constructive criticismDuring an EvaluationCompare your self eval to your employers eval

Conclusion: know what is expected of you

Be sure to Thank your employerThings to RememberEmployers are often uncomfortable tooYou always have more to learnRequest periodic feedbackDont subscribe to no news is good newsRegular feedback increases your valueReality CheckRipple effect what you say and do does make an impactCreate positive ripples go above & beyondAvoid the I dont care rippleBe intentional about everything you say & do


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