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Prinoth ISAAC Solution

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The Prinoth ISAAC solution for fleet and snow-depth measurement managemetn

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Page 1: Prinoth ISAAC Solution

Contact the sales and service site in your area.


PRINOTH AG - Head OfficeBrennerstraße 34I-39049 Sterzing (BZ)Tel.: +39.0472.722622Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH Ltd.North American Head Office1001, J.-A.-Bombardier StreetGranby (Québec) J2J 1E9 CanadaTel.: 450.776.3600Fax: [email protected]

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PRINOTH LLC - ROCKY MOUNTAIN US2746 Seeber Drive Bldg BGrand Junction, CO 81506 USATel.: 970.242.7150Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH Ltd. - WESTERN CANADA6815A 40th Street SECalgary (Alberta) T2C 2W7 CanadaTel.: 403.279.7271Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH LLC - INTERMOUNTAIN US2565 South Decker Lake Lane(1935 West) #3West Valley, UT 84119Tel.: 801.364.8266Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH Ltd. - EASTERN CANADA615, Georges-Cros StreetGranby (Québec) J2J 1B4 CanadaParts: 450.776.3636Service: 450.776.3663Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH LLC — EASTERN US264 NH Route 106Gilmanton, NH 03237 USATel.: 603.267.7840Fax: [email protected]

PRINOTH LLC - FARWEST US2620 East 5th StreetReno, NV 89512 USATel.: 775.359.7517Fax: [email protected]



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Page 2: Prinoth ISAAC Solution

Backing reliable snow grooming vehicleswith productivity-enhancing tools!

PRINOTH provides the best snow grooming machines on the market – but unlocking their full potential requires informed management. That’s why we’ve introduced a fleet management solution that provides the data you need to maximize both vehicle and operator productivity.

Productivity through fleet management solutions using intuitive software. All data is routed through a user-friendly software system that allows both customization and total control. While the system is possible to master in minutes, it’s also reliable, with features such as shareable SQL databases.

Productivity for staff across the board. Mountain Managers get analytical tools for perfect planning:Greater fuel efficiency, for both financial and ecological benefits, better fleet management and route optimization, real-time and post-hoc monitoring for added convenience, reduced maintenance costs through accurate vehicle monitoring.

Operators enjoy improved performance through: Route planning and post-route overviews to improve future work, accurate performance analysis, and satisfaction with proof of a job well done, training that meets their actual needs, thanks to on-point monitoring.



+ Productivityenhancement through cutting-edge technology

Equip your fleet with the PRINOTH fleet management solution and expertise – allowing managers to both monitor data in real time, and conduct comprehensive performance reviews.

+ Productivity assessment

Vehicle playback maps – monitor vehicle metrics while watching them retrace their steps on your slopes.

Fuel efficiency reports: fuel used per acre and total fuel used per vehicle.

Track time spent pushing snow, winching, and using the POSIFLEX tiller.

+ Productivity through precise metrics

Dozens of data points come together automatically to give a full portrait of snow groomer performance. Mountain Managers benefit from in-depth analysis of every groomer in their fleet.

+ Maintenance monitoring

Track vehicle RPM continuously, and view machine stress data (RPM >1800 for over 60 seconds, total time RPM >2000, etc.).

Track vehicle use in hours, and monitor for engine error codes or other signs of possible machine stresses.

+ Idle time control

Monitor idle time to the second, with reports that provide idle time per machine, per opera-tor, percentage of operating time, and the location of the excess idle.

Trackable per PRINOTH snow groomer, per operator or on a whole-fleet basis for an accurate portrait of idle time.

+ High-performance grooming

A wealth of tilling data, including ratio of active tilling, time spent tilling, tilling speed (in acres/h), and a range of tilling depth options to track (from 0–20% to 80–100%).