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  • MN 168 Acc 7388A 1  Copyright SLWA 2010


    The Union which was to become the Western Australian branch of the Printing Industry Employees' Union of Australia (WA Branch) was formed in 1888 and can claim the honour of being the first Union in the State. It was then known as the Western Australian Typographical Society. When the first Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act was passed in 1900, the title of the Society was altered, registering as the Western Australian Typographical Industrial Union of Workers. This was when the Union became part of the federated industry. The Union became a branch of the PIEUA in 1916 but retained its former name until 1921 when it merged with the Goldfields Typographical Union, the Bookbinders' and Paper Rulers' Union and the Metropolitan Female Employees' Union of Workers, WA. In 1931 the Union left the Federal body and was known as the PIEUA of WA until it re‐affiliated in 1935. The Newspaper Industry Union of Workers was formed in Perth in 1932 by a section of disgruntled newspaper employees. This group amalgamated with the WA Branch of the PIEUA in 1938. Other amalgamations took place with Printing Trades Employees' Union of Australia, Federated Photo Engravers Employees' Association, and the Victorian Printing Employees' Union of Australia. The Union changed its name to the Printing and Kindred Industries Union in 1966. The PKIU amalgamated with the Automotive, Food, Metals and Engineering Workers' Union in 1995 becoming the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU).

    PRIVATE ARCHIVES MANUSCRIPT NOTE (MN 168; ACC 7388A (see also Acc 1321A, 5503A, 7267A, 7290A)

    SUMMARY OF CLASSES FILES Date range 1902‐1994 (approx.) Includes attendance registers, circulars, conference proceedings, correspondence, financial records, minutes, registrations, reports, rules.

    ACC. NO.


    7388A/1 1957‐1958 PIEUA. Committee of Management, Attendance Book, Attendance Payments.

    7388A/2 1957‐1966

    Petty Cash Book. Payment Register.

  • MN 168 Acc 7388A 2  Copyright SLWA 2010

    7388A/3 1940‐1965 Commission Register. Collectors Commissions for Collection of Union Dues.

    7388A/4 1957‐1960

    Capitation Fees to Federal Union, WA Branch Finances, Withhold Payment of Capitation Fees, Mortuary Benefits, Membership Returns, Election Federal Councillors, Provident Fund for Branch Officials. Graphic Arts Award‐Apprenticeship Matters, Technical School Training, Board of Reference Representation. Screen Printing Agreement between Operative Painters and Decorators’ Union and PIEUA. Circulars, Correspondence.

    1941‐1964 Circulars (7388A/5‐7388A/8) 7388A/5 1945‐1948

    PIEUA. Federal Circulars; Executive/Council Meetings, Election Officers, Rule Changes, Log of Claims, Mortuary Benefits, Annual Report 1945‐46, Pulp and Paper Award, Pulp and Paper Mill Conferences, Printing Trades Journal, Process Engravers’ Claim for own Award, Process Engraving Conference, Newspaper Award 1948, Newsprint Mills, Minimum Rate for Females, 40 Hours and Master Printers’ Case, 38 Hour Claim for Night Shift, Xmas and New Year Holidays, Award Variations, Amended Commonwealth Arbitration Act, ACTU Conference, Amalgamation Conference PIEUA/APTEU/VPOU/APMEU/Process Engravers/Victorian Litho Union.

    7388A/6 1941‐1964 PIEUA. Branch Circulars, Federal Council and Executive Meetings, ALP Congress 1964, Printing (Record) Agreement 1964 No 17 of 1964, Newspaper Award Working Conditions and Disputes, Government Printing Office New Award No 3 of 1963 Disputes and Working Conditions, Increased Contributions, Roster Arrangements, Apprenticeship Matters, Office Visitations Time, Wage and Factory Inspections, Branch Rule Changes, Application by AJA to Amend Constitution Objection by PIEUA, Casual Employment Policy, Graphic Arts Award Conference, Various Log of Claims, Apprentices Advisory Committee Meetings, Preference to Union Prosecutions, Application for Queen’s Birthday and Empire Games Day Holidays, One Man One Machine Policy, ACTU Biennial Conference, Newspaper Section Summoned Meetings, West News Chapel Fines, Lamson Paragon Formation of Chapel, Training on Linotype Machines, Integration of Timework and Piecework Batteries West Australian Newspapers, Opening Printers’ House June 1962, Newspaper Conference, Underpayment of Wages Prosecutions, Ballot for Election of Secretary, Photo Engraving Award Variations. Long Service Leave Conditions.

  • MN 168 Acc 7388A 3  Copyright SLWA 2010

    7388A/7 1950 PIEUA. Federal Circulars; ACTU Special Congress Introduction of the Communist Party Dissolution Bill, Anti‐Communist Bill, Federal Government’s Threatened Legislative Proposals to Control Trade Union Affairs, Basic Wage Hearing; Burnie Sub‐Branch Election of Secretary; Amendments/Additions to Rules; Statement of Receipts and Expenditure; Federal Country Printing Consent Award (New), Court Proceedings, Apprentice/Junior Wage Rates, Log of Claims; Cardboard Box and Carton Employees’ Association, Cancelling Registration; Brisbane Telegraph, Decision Saturday Penalty Rates, Strike Action; Federal Awards, Increased Basic Wage; Graphic Arts Award Female Margins, Application by Employers to Reduce Marginal Rates of Females, Constant Service Leave, Log Conferences, Machine Composing Schedule, Quarterly Basic Wage Adjustments, Proportion of Apprentices Photo Engraving, Christmas and New Year Holidays; Variation of Award; Artificial Lighting in the Printing Industry; Mortuary Adjustments (1949); North Australian Workers’ Union Application to Change the Description of Industry, Conditions of Eligibility for Membership, Decision; Metal Badge Engraving, Decision; Newspaper Agreement, Apprentice and Junior Wage Rates, Newspaper Log Dispute; Newsprint Mill Agreement; WA and Victorian Newspaper Agreements; Election/Appointment/Nomination of Officers; Organising in the Northern Territory; Pulp and Paper Award Dispute at Botany Mill, Log Conferences, AWU Activity in Mills, Mill Development, Award Variations; Margins for Photo Engravers; Variation Branch Rules; Staff Retiring Allowances; Vari‐Typer Composing Machine Operation.

    7388A/8 1960‐1963 PIEUA. Branch Circulars; Newspaper Award, Conferences, Amendments, Margins/Night Loading/Pieceworkers’ Increase, Abnormal Shifts, Proof Runners Applications for Membership, Summoned Meetings, Chapel Rule Changes, Amalgamation of Daily News and West Australian Chapels, Retrenchments, Formation of West‐News Chapel, Rosters; Election of Officers; Photo Engraving Award, Log of Claims, Preference to Unionist Prosecutions; ALP Rejection of Nomination of T. P. Burke; ACTU Affiliation of WA Branch, Formation of Separate Trades and Labor Council; Office Visitations and Inspections; Government Printing Office, Supervisory Staff Dispute Composing and Bindery Departments, Overtime Dispute Linotype Section, Lithographic Machine Room Complement, Accident on Guillotine, Seniority of Service, Transfer of Labour Dispute, Log of Claims; Goldfields Sub‐Branch, Meeting Kalgoorlie Miner Chapel, Office Inspections; Printing (Country) Award No 12 of 1960 (New Award); Apprentices’ Advisory Committee; Printing Trades Advisory Committee; Western Press, Prosecution Underpayment of Wages, Retrenchment Dispute, General Hands Duties, Training on Linotype Machines, Staff Men Required to be Union Members, Non‐Employment of Assistant Readers, Annual and Long Service Leave Dispute; Application for Long Service Leave Award No 16 of 1958; Kalgoorlie Printing Award, Amendments Night Rate Loading/Wage Increase; West Australian Newspapers Industrial Agreement with AEU/ASE/ETU Opposed by PIEUA, Integration of Piecework and Timework Batteries, Roster Dispute, Chapel Fines, Watchmen Union Membership, Automation Effects in Newspaper Industry, Inspection by Chapel Officials of Sydney Newspapers; Purchase of Printers House at 115‐117 Newcastle Street for 6,400 Pounds, Challenge by Member re Enforcement of Rule 34; Art Photo Engravers, Overtime Dispute, Rostering of Apprentices Dispute; Graphic Arts Award, Office Inspections, Award Breaches, Boards of Reference Apprenticeship Matters, Award Variation Three Weeks’ Annual Leave and 10% Marginal Increase; Public Holidays, Easter, Anzac Day, Foundation Day Birthday of the Sovereign, Empire Day; Seventh Summer School of Business Administration; Workers Compensation Act, Proposed Amendments; Administrative Committee Report; Branch Rule, Amendments; State Printing Award; Lamson Paragon, Formation of Chapel; Leigh & Co Pty Ltd (Sydney) Dispute, Application by Employers to have Bans, Limitation and Restriction Clause Inserted in Graphic Arts Award; 1963 Council Meeting, Agenda; Paper Manufacturing Award No 16 of 1959, Proposed New Award; Labour Day Procession; One Man ‐ One Machine Policy; Proposed Amendments to the Industrial Arbitration Act 1912‐61; ACTU Biennial Conference.

  • MN 168 Acc 7388A 4  Copyright SLWA 2010

    7388A/9 Government Print Chapel. Photo Album. Rally over Closure and Privatisation of Government Printing Office, Perth.

    7388A/10 1962‐1964

    PIEUA. Government Printing Office. Federal and State Circulars, Wage Schedules and Correspondence. Claims Covering Wages and Working Conditions, Log of Claims, Marginal Rates, Comparison of Wage Rates, Public Service Arbitration Act 1920‐1959 Determinations Covering Commonwealth Government Printing Office, Composing Room Staff Agreement No 1072 of 1962, NSW Branch Females Agreement, Females R


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