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<ul><li> 1. PROCESS OF MY MAGAZINEFRONT COVER.By Catherine Broadbent</li></ul> <p> 2. 1: This is the bases for my magazine. Originally, The background for the whole layout was grey, but I changed thisbecause personally I thought the grey overpowered the whole front cover itself. White is also a very clean and crispcolour which most magazines use as a background to easily see the text and also to compliment the celebrity/modelon front. 3. 2. The shape in the top left hand corner is to go with the Masthead for the magazine front cover. I wanted tokeep it simple yet bold providing and interesting twist on the masthead. I colour this a light grey so I could stillstick to my original Grey and purple theme yet still keeping the element of it. 4. 3. This is my chosen title for my masthead. The font chosen is called Stereo Funk. I personallythought the font style and colour choice (Dark/Plum purple) would correspond with the genre of mymagazine (House music) giving it an interesting edge. 5. 4. This is my cover model for my front cover. The model had been cut out using the Magnetic lasso tool andpasted onto the front cover. I re coloured the shadow grey so it could look realistic onto the white background. Ithen used a filter on her called Diffuse Glow which is found in the filter section of Photoshop under Distort.This effect made her glow and hazed so she looks pale and bright in the picture. I also used Liquify underfilter in which I tweaked certain facial features. I made her eye bigger, her nose a little bit smaller and her top lipsmaller and her bottom lip bigger. The image was also stretched a little bit on the magazine making her evenand bigger on the page and also making the image clearer. 6. 4 (i): Example of previous image I took of the model. The image I took was before manipulation. 7. 5: The model now has been given brighter hair. I did this by selecting the hair with the magnetic lasso and going intothe adjustments section above the layers and applying a brightness and contrast to it so it could look bright and notdull. 8. 6: this layer contains the small text on the top right hand corner. The text indicates the date as towhen the magazine came out and the issue number. In most magazines these two are usuallyplaced in the same area as to where I have put it And it is written in black text so it can easier toread. 9. 7. Again, I have added text but this time it is in the bottom left corner. This is the text for the price ofthe magazine. Originally, the text colour was purple to fit with the theme, but I changed this last minuteto black so it could be more easier to see. Magazines tend to have this at one of the bottom corners oftheir magazines. 10. 8: This is when i added the banner at the bottom of the front page magazine. I coloured it grey to fitinto the whole colour scheme and to put some of my text onto it. I laso darkened the hair a bit in thisimage so it could stand out a little bit more. 11. 9: This the text put on the banner of the magazine. The text is put into the font style of Terminal and was put into a purple colouragain to match the colour scheme. 12. 10: I have now added the barcode underneath the price of the magazine. This is a must have for magazinesand many other items as it registers the price of the product. 13. 11: This is the added text to my front page. The text is a cover story for the magazine as well as the text on thebanner. This is so readers can be attracted to the text as well as it being on the left third. 14. 12: This is the main header for my magazine. This is the story for the cover model on the front of mymagazine. 15. 13. Finally, I add the slogan for my magazine just below my masthead. The slogan says House music; witha twist. The slogan indicates that the magazine I have produced is accordingly different from the othermagazines which cater to the Dance genre. 16. 14. These are some last minute edits of the front cover of my magazine. In these edits, i have made a dropshadow for my Featuring text and also an inner shadow for my banner. I have also increased the size of myMasthead so it can be more eye catching to the magazine.</p>