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  • Product Catalog& Engineering Guide

    2015 Edition

    S e r v i n g t h e M a s o n r y C o n s t r u c t i o n I n d u s t r y S i n c e 1 9 2 3 !


    SYSTEMS Page TMS 402 Building Code 2L.E.E.D. Information 2Masonry to CMU & Concrete 11-12Masonry to Masonry 13-14Masonry to Metal Studs 3-4Masonry to Structural Steel 7-9Masonry Wire Ties 13-14Masonry to Wood 9Precast Anchors 19-20Restoration System 26Seismic Systems 10

    Materials & Finishes 27Engineering Guide 28-30Test Data 28-30

    Anchor Bolts 19Anchor Plates 20Anchor Rods 19Angles 20Band Iron Tighteners 27Bent Plates 20Breakaway Firewall Anchors 10Brick Veneer Anchors 3-4, 9-12BrickVentTM Moisture Control 22Buck Anchors 20Ceiling Hanger Inserts 27Cell Vents 22Channel Slots 15Channel Slot Anchors 15Ci Fasteners 18Column Anchors 7-8Construction Joints 25Control Joint Anchors 14

    Corrugated Wall Ties 9Debonded Shear Anchor 14Dovetail Anchors 16Dovetail Slots 16Dowels & Caps 27Eye Rod Anchors 19Fiberweb 27Firewall Anchors 10Flashing Reglets 17Flashings 17Flash Trac Flashing System 25Glass Block Panel Anchors 23Glass Block Reinforcement 23Horseshoe Shims 21Joist Pin Anchors 9Joist Hangers 26Ladder Wall Reinforcment 23Lateral Support Anchors 13Lath Fasteners 18Lintels 20Masonry Wall Stabilizing Anchor 21Materials & Finishes 27Melt-Away Anchors 10Mesh Ties 13Metal Lath Ties 13Moisture Control Systems 22Original Pos-I-Tie 3-5Pin Anchors 19Plastic Horseshoe Shims 21Plastic Square Shims 20PlateGripTM Embed Plate Holder 26 Pos-I-Tie System 3-6Pos-I-Tie KeyBolt 6Pos-I-Tie ThermalClip 5

    Rebar Products 24Reglets 17Remedial Ties 26Restoration Tie 26Rigid Steel Anchors 13Rod Anchors 19Rubble Stone Anchors 23Screws 14Screw On Stone Anchors 19Seismic Anchors 10Shelf Angle Inserts 21Shims 20Spring Loaded Dowels 20Stone Anchors 19-20Strap Anchors 19Strap Bolts 19Steel-Wich Rebar Positioner 24Structural Steel Anchors 7-9Termination Bar 17Threaded Inserts 25ThermalClip Pos-I-Tie 5Thermal-Grip Washers 6Thru-Wall Flashing 17, 27Tongue & Groove Joints 25Triangle Ties 14Wall Reinforcement 23Wall Ties (corrugated) 9Wall Ties (Wire) 13-14Web Ties 14Wedge Inserts 21Weep-Thru Mortar Deflector 22Weep Tubes and Systems 22Weld-On Anchor Rods 8-9Wire Mesh Wall Ties 13



    2015 Edition Heckmann Building Products, Inc. Our 92ndYear!

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    Veneer Anchors and the TMS 402 Building CodeRequirements for Masonry Structures

    Anchor Requirements:

    BACKUP ANCHOR TYPEWood Any anchor type permittedSteel (heavy and light gage) Adjustable anchors onlyMasonry Wire adjustable, or joint reinforcementConcrete Adjustable

    Basic Prescriptive Requirements for Anchored Veneer:

    Spacing of two-piece 9 ga wire ties and/or 22ga corrugated anchors limited to maximum of one anchor each 2.67 ft2 all other anchors maximum of one anchor per 3.5 ft2. Maximum spacing 32 horizontally and 25 verically with additional ties required around openings and near edges.

    Cavity limitations of 4 1/2 from backup to inside of the veneer with all insulation. sheathing, vapor barrier and air space positioned within the space. Wider cavities require engineering. Minimum air space is 1. Corrugated sheet metal anchors cannot be used when the air space exceeds 1.

    Mortar joint thickness is a minimum of twice the thickness of the embedded anchor/tie. Anchors are embedded at least 1 1/2 into the veneer from the backup with a minimum of 5/8 of mortar from the outside face.

    Continuous single wire joint reinforcement is no longer required in Seismic Zones D, E, and F. Exterior wall anchors must be a minimum of Hotdip Galvanized After Fabrication, Epoxy Coated, or Stainless Steel.

    Mill Galvanized is for interior use only.

    L.E.E.D. Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignAll of our metal building anchors are 100% recyclable after use. The vast majority of anchors are manufactured from recy-cled steel. LEED certificates for recycled content are available upon request. Regional credits are available for construction projects located within 500 miles of our factory in Melrose Park, Illinois. There is no confusion as to our origin due to our one location.

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    In 1923, Richard Heckmann Sr. founded Heckmann Tool Company on Chicagos West Side. Heckmann Building Products remains a 100% family-owned business now in its 4th generation. We are dedicated to the goal of providing you with quality masonry anchors and superior customer service.

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    2015 Edition Heckmann Building Products, Inc. Our 92nd Year!


    Steel Stud Self Drilling Screw

    CMU, Concrete, Wood, Masonry,


    Concrete/CMU Screw

    Structural Steel Dril-It

    Screw Triangle Wire Tie Seismic Wire Tie Single Wire Tie

    #75 ORIGINAL POS-I-TIE FEATURES: POS-I-TIE system fully complies with the TMS 402 Code.

    Screw is provided as a part of the POS-I-TIE System. No inferior screws can be substituted.

    The Barrel Section actually penetrates the sheathing and makes a Positive Lateral Connection with the backup for transfer of compression and tension loads to structural backup.

    Enables speedy cost-saving installation: Only one screw needs to be placed, rather than two screws.

    POS-I-TIE system COMPLETELY seals the hole it makes when it seats itself in the backup.

    Barrel allows for differential movement due to temperature variations. Tie design provides for allowable TMS 402 code vertical adjustment.

    POS-I-TIE System allows for use of 4 x 8 insulation sheets by holding the insulation in place!

    See page 28 for test data


    Screw Types

    Veneer Ties & Anchors

    Veneer Anchoring Solutions

    For anchoring veneers to steel studs, CMU, poured concrete, ICF, precast, and wood frame backups.


    Veneer Anchoring System

    The Pos-I-Tie brand is synonymous with acceptance and longevity in the masonry construction industry. With millions of units sold on thousands of construction projects across the country, The Original Pos-I-Tie Veneer Anchoring System is the #1 most specified veneer anchor.

    Heckmann Building Products continues to add new and innovative products to the Pos-I-Tie family. The newest additions include: The Pos-I-Tie ThermalClip &The Pos-I-Tie KeyBolt.Discover each innovative design and find out why the Pos-I-Tie name is the most accepted and trusted name in the industry!

    2015 Edition Heckmann Building Products, Inc. Our 92ndYear!


    Vapor Barrier Steel Stud

    OriginalPos-I-Tie Barrel


    Rigid InsulationEPDMWasher

    Adjustable Brick Wire Tie

    Self Drilling Screw

  • Selecting the correct Original Pos-I-Tie

    Barrel Sizes:


    5/8 1 1-1/2 2 2-1/2