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Executive Leadership Team

President and Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Sr. Vice President, R&D and Quality Chief Marketing Officer Sr. Vice President, Logistics & Distribution Sr. Vice President, Product Supply Human Resources Customer Development

VisionTo focus on reaching out to new geographies, within and outside India.

Mission To create a powerful Brand and service our customers

Objective Company want to capture as many share of the market so that the company maximize its market share. Customer attraction towards the product is very important and withou t this phenomena company cant fulfill its targets. Strong distribution channel is the foremost element and is required more when the need increases, so the company should also focus on them and will give them certain benefits as well as the retailers. Profit maximization is always prior magnitudes for every company for that purpose they reduce the cost of production to enhance the turno ver of the company.

WHAT WE VALUEPeople: The belief in the ultimate importance of people and our commitment to them. Integrity in all things: Doing the right thing. Acting with honesty, consistency, and transparency in a way that generates mutual trust. Passion for success: The energetic drive, focus and perseverance to achieve success. Humility: The essence of continuous improvement realizing there is always more to know and learn. Commitment: Doing what you say - always.


PRODUCTCompany name- El Wouds Punch line- Remove the stain keep yourself maintain

IntroductionThis is a spray which is a combination of stain remover and perfume, It is a unique product since it doesnt require water for cleaning to take place. It is a perfumed liquid so while using,it would not give a bad odour,there is also a mini bottle so u can carry it in your pocket.

Ingredients Water Sodium benzenesulfonate Sodium Silicate Sodium Cocoate Sodium Xylenesulfonate Herbal Fragrance

PRODUCT FEATURES perfumed liquid cleaning spray non alcoholic non toxic non causticity


Differentiation Perfumed liquid spray(one of its kind). Pocketable spray. One of its kind in the market.

PricingCompetitive Pricing 30 ml mini spray Rs . 50 ml spray Rs 60. 100 ml spray Rs 105.

Place Mumbai and Delhi Then to expand to other key cities

PromotionFormal Advertising Newspaper & Magazines Television Radio Theatres Outdoor Advertising Signboards Wall painting Local Bus Boards Bus stops


Plastic bottles of above mentioned volumes with a spray mechanism on top. The bottle will not have a box cover with it.



Estimated Project cost & Means of finance Cost of project 50 Crores Land and Land development 4.20 Building 1500 Sq. mt. 6.75 Plant & Machinery 10 MT per day finished product line 27.00 Misc. Fixed Assets 2.50 Preliminary & Pre-operative 3.00 Provision for contingencies 2.55 Total Fixed Assets 46.00 Margin Money for working capital 4.00

Means of Finance Promoters contribution 14.30 Cr. Term loan 35.70 Cr. Total 50.00 Cr.

Competitors Pricing Washing powders were categorized into four segments economy (selling at less than Rs.25 per kg) mid-priced (Rs.25 - Rs. 90 per kg) premium (Rs. 90 - Rs. 120 per kg) compact (selling at over Rs. 120 per kg).

Major Players The major players in the Indian detergent market were HUL, P&G, Nirma Henkel

Competitors Market share

The compact, premium and medium priced segments together accounted for 20% of the volume share and 35% of the

Targeting Company is passionate about cleaning products that reduces the hassle of using water and detergents together for cleaning cloths.Its markets as a convenient use of cleaning cloths while in are out and dont have the time and access to water and much time to wash cloths.The product targets the youth and working women and men.The company prides themselves on top quality cleaning product.

As indicated above the proposed project will require approx. 6000 Sq. mt. of land and proposed built-up area for proposed unit will be approx. 1500 sq. mt. The unit will have installed capacity of 1500 TPA considering 150 working days in a year. Total estimated fixed cost of the project in INR 46.00 Cr. and INR 4 Cr. will be as working capital margin, which will make estimated capital cost of INR 50 Cr.. The proposed unit will cater to domestic and international demand. Thus, the estimated term loan amount would be of INR 35.70 Cr and Equity will be INR 14.30 Cr.

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