Production of my music magazine front cover powerpoint

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  • 1. Production of my music magazine front cover.

2. Here I have added the photo whichwill act as a background on my musicmagazine. It will also be the mainimage on my music magazine. I addedthis by importing media. 3. At this stage, I had added mymasthead Indie-vidual and thewebsite on the right underneathand on the left side underneath ismy positioning statement The onlyway is Indie. 4. This bit I found challenging. I had the cutoff the top section of Hayleighs headand the copy and paste it so that itwould go in front of the title. I cut thehead by using the polygon lasso tool.Then I blended it into the backgroundby using the spot brush healing tool. 5. In the screen grab, I had added mycover lines and main cover line byusing a simple text box. Then, Iadded outer glows to the text tomake it stand out more. 6. This is the final design of my music magazine. Bythis point I had added the issue number anddate in the bottom right, just above thebarcode. I inserted the barcode my importingmedia. The strip on the bottom is added byusing the shape tool and the writing over it isadded my using a simple text box.