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    Status Professor: Educational Communication & Technology Dept., Kenyatta University.

    Senate: Member of Kenyatta University Senate

    Director: Centre for International Programs and Collaborations. Kenyatta University.

    Council/Board Member: Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development.

    Areas of Interest: Teacher Training in English Language and Literature; Curriculum

    Development; Research in Education; Use of Educational Media; Development of Educational


    Work Contact

    Educational Comm. & Technology Dept.

    Kenyatta University

    P.O. Box 43844 - 00100



    Tel.: +254-20-8710901 Ext. 3850


    Nationality: Kenyan

    Academic Qualifications

    1995: Ph.D. in Language Education: Thesis title: Verbal Discourse Events in a Bilingual Formal

    Setting: Instructional Procedures Used in ESL Classrooms in Kenya. University of Reading,

    United Kingdom (UK)

    1987: M.Ed. in Advanced Curriculum Development. Thesis title: The Focus of Educational

    Development in Kenya Since the Addis Ababa Conference of African States - 1964.

    University of Leeds, U.K.

    1985: Postgraduate Diploma in Curriculum Development. Kenyatta University, Kenya

    1976: B.Ed. (Education, Linguistics, English and Literature). Nairobi University, Kenya

    Other Qualifications

    2014: Certificate of Facilitation and a Resource Person Conducting Research on People with

    Disability, Kenyatta University (KU), Kenya.

    2014: Certificate of facilitation and a Resource Person Writing Research Grant Proposals, KU

    2013: Certificate of Facilitation and a Resource Person - Teaching Methodology and Assessment

    Procedures in Institutions of Higher Learning, KU

    2013: Certificate of Participation in African Storybook Writing. South African Institute for

    Distance Education. Nairobi, Kenya

    2011: Certificate in e-Learning and Teaching. KU

    2010: Certificate in Management of University Departments. Kenyatta University

    2009: Certificate in Institutional Management. Kenyatta University (KU), Kenya

    2008: Certificate in Public Procurement, Disposal, Budgeting & Contract Management. KU.

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    2000: International Diploma in Computer Studies (NCC), (Basic computer studies, Computer

    programming dBASE, Computer Mathematics, Computerized Accounting, Business

    Systems, Human Communication and Information Systems)

    2000: Certificate in First and Second level French (Alliance Francaise), Nairobi, Kenya

    1999: Certificates of proficiency in Computer Packages (Windows Excel, Word, Power Point,

    Access and Internet) Institute of Advanced Technology, Nairobi

    1990: Certificate in Advanced Writing and Communication Skills Lancaster University, U. K.

    1989: Course Tutor Certificate in In-service Training (Organization of educational resources,

    extensive reading techniques and developing study skills) Ministry of Education Science

    and Technology- Kenya

    1988: Certificate in Advanced writing, Editorial skills and Word processing, Kenya Institute of



    2013 Full Professor of Education. Responsibilities: To Conduct Research, Mentor Students, Teach

    and Assess Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Students, Supervise Postgraduate

    Students Proposals and Theses, Act as an Internal and External Examiner. Write Research

    Grant Proposals, Conduct Workshops for Staff on Various Skills Upgrade.

    2013 to date: Director, Center for International Programmes and Collaborations, KU. Ensure

    Strategic and Vision Plan, as well as Internationalization Policy are Implemented.

    Monitor and Evaluate Achievement of Set Goals. Facilitate Establishment of Local,

    Regional and International Linkages with KU. Draft and Vet all Memoranda of

    Understanding (MoU) and all Memoranda of Agreement (MoA) between KU and other

    Local and International Institutions and Organisations. Ensure Existing Linkages are

    Kept Vibrant. Establish Database of all Institutions and Organisations KU has Partnerships

    with. Coordinate all Exchange Programmes of KU Staff and Students with other Institutions

    Coordinate the Intra-Africa Semester Abroad Programme. Write proposals for funding.

    2008 -2012: Chairperson: Department of Educational Communication and Technology, KU.

    Responsible for the Day to Day Running of the Department, Chair Meetings, Ensuring

    Teaching and Assessment of Students Go on. Member of the University Senate.

    2008 to 2013: Associate Professor in Education. Teach Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education

    Students, Supervise Postgraduate Students Proposals and Theses, Conduct Research, I was

    an Internal and External Examiner; Write Project Proposals for Funding.

    2003-2008: Senior Lecturer: Teach Instructional Methods, Technology and Media in Education,

    English Language and Literature Education; Conduct Research.

    20022004: Director - Basic Education Resource Center, KU. Acquire and Produce Educational

    Materials. Keep a Database of all Materials in the Resource Center. Facilitate Access of the

    Materials by Staff and Students. Conduct Research and Seminars on Materials Production.

    1992-2002: Lecturer: Instructional Methods, Technology and Media in Education, English

    Language and Literature Education, Doing Research, Kenyatta University

    1989 -1992: Tutorial Fellow, Educational Communication and Technology Dept., Kenyatta

    University. Teaching Instructional Methods, Language and Literature Education,

    1984 1989: Senior Curriculum Specialist. Develop English Language and Literature Curricula,

    Educational Materials and Curriculum Assessment Tools. Evaluate Educational Materials

    before they are Recommended for use in Secondary Schools, Kenya Institute of Education.

    1976 1984: Graduate High School Teacher (Taught English language, Literature in English and

    Kiswahili), Technical High School, Nairobi, Kenya.

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    University Teaching Experience

    1996 to date: Teach Postgraduate Students: Research Methods; Proposal Writing; Writing of

    Research Papers, Reports and Term Papers; Language in Education; Teaching

    Methodology; Materials Development; Language Curriculum Design and Development;

    Language and Society; Sociolinguistics; Psycholinguistics; and Innovations in English

    Language Education:

    1996-2001: Teach Postgraduate Diploma students: Study Skills, Advanced Writing Skills,

    Literature and English Instructional Methods, Development of Media Educational Materials

    and use of Technology for Instruction

    1996-2000: Zonal Coordinator during Teaching Practice of B.Ed. Undergraduate Students.

    1990-1991 Assessor of Pre-service Students on Teaching Practice.

    1989 to date: Teach Undergraduate Students: Advanced Writing Skills, Study Skills, General

    Teaching Methods, English and Literature Instructional Methods, Preparation of

    Instructional Materials, Peer Teaching and Use of Media for Instruction:

    University Service and Field Development

    Postgraduate Theses Supervision:

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Completed)

    2015: Josephine Maingi: Strategy Use Instruction in Decoding and Reading

    Comprehension: Implications for Practice and Achievement of Reading Proficiency in

    Selected Secondary Schools in Kitui Central District, Kenya

    2014: Paul Nyagorme: Factors Affecting E-Learning Adoption and Utilization: A

    Comparative Study between Kenyatta University, Kenya and University of Cape

    Coast- Ghana

    2014: Harrison Mulwa: An Investigation of Pedagogy, Resources and Content use

    in the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language in Secondary Schools in Kenya.

    2014: George Andima: An Aetiological Study of Factors Affecting Reading in

    Selected Primary Schools in Kisii District, Kenya

    2011: Jotham Ndolo Dinga: Cognitive Strategy Use for Text Comprehension by Class Five and

    Seven Pupils from Different Socioeconomic Backgrounds in Kisumu Municipality.

    2010: Hamisi Omar Babusa: Factors Affecting the Achievement of Objectives of Teaching and

    Learning Kiswahili in Kenyan Secondary Schools.

    2007: Bwire Adelheid: Learner Competencies and Proficiency in English Listening

    Comprehension in Selected Secondary Schools in Kenya.

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (In Progress)

    2015: Ommeh B. Maureen: E-Learning in Chinese Language Teacher Development in Kenya

    Using Local Content

    2013 to date: Francis G. Mwangi: Strategies for Developing and Sustaining a Reading Culture:

    Effects on Learning Performance in English in Selected Secondary Schools in Laikipia

    County, Kenya

    2011 to date: Samwel Mwaniki: The Effectiveness and Challenges of Using Computer

    Technology in Teaching English in Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya.

    2010 to date: Mary Thangwa: The Impact of Innovations: Mentoring among Secondary School

    Teachers in Selected Secondary Schools in Kenya.

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    Master of Education (MEd.) Degree (Co