Professional Communicative Competencies for Engineers

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Professional Communicative Competencies for Engineers. Topics. Computer-mediated methodologies to study language use in a range of professional engineering contexts of situation Variation in language and textual organisation across a range of professional engineering text-types. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Professional Communicative Competencies for Engineers

  • *Professional Communicative Competencies for Engineers

  • *Topics Computer-mediated methodologies to study language use in a range of professional engineering contexts of situationVariation in language and textual organisation across a range of professional engineering text-types

  • *Corpus-based inquiries a corpus is a collection of naturally-occurring language text, chosen to characterize a state or variety of a language (Sinclair, 1991: 171)

    General and specialised corpora

    Computer-mediated programmes for text analysis and manipulation, e.g. ConcGram, WordSmith Tools

    Wordlists and concordances

    The importance of surrounding language

    The strong recurrent patterns of language

  • *Impact of corpus linguisticsSince the 1980s, linguists have been studying large collections of naturally-occurring spoken and written texts (corpora) using computers to better describe language use. Examples of the impact of corpus linguistics:COBUILD, Cambridge, Longman dictionaries, grammars etc.better understanding of patterns of word association and meaningtracking changes in the English language

  • *General English language corporaThe worlds two largest corpora are in the UK:British National Corpus (BNC) (100 m words) (

    Bank of English (approx. 500 m words) (

  • *Examples of specialised corpora Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (prosodic) (academic, business, conversational and public texts), 2007

    Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus (HKFSC), 2007

    Hong Kong Engineering Corpus (HKEC) to be compiled: A small corpus of symposium papers from website of HKIE Electrical Division

  • *HKIE Electrical Division Annual Symposium papers (2002-2006)

    Annual Symposium20022003200420052006No. of papers99899No. of words25,70226,84923,01727,28228,415Total no. of words131,265

  • *

    Determining KEY words in a specialised corpus The weirdness ratio: The asymmetry in the distribution of a word in a special language corpus and a general language corpusIf weirdness >1, a specialist term;If weirdness

  • *Sample of key words in symposium papersautotransformer arresters anisotropicarc-fault broadband ballast-drivencombustor chillers criticalitydimmable diode double-busbarenergized epoxy electrorheologyelectrolytic feeders gratingshydrogen-cooled inverter impedance

  • *Corpus-based inquiries Not sure what word or words to say or write?

    Consult a corpus and study the frequencies and contexts of use of the words or words.

    A corpus can be more reliable than relying on ones intuition or the intuition of somebody else

  • *Symposium papers Wordlist 1the91047.2172 %2of47703.7814 %3 and41033.2527 %

    39electrical2570.2037 %

    44electricity2450.1942 %

    66turbine1840.1459 %

    79wind1620.1284 %

    149electric970.0769 %

  • *2-word concgrams: electricalelectrical the52 electricalof48electricaland24electricalengineering23electricalinstallation23electricalequipment19electricalsystem16electricalpower14electricalfor13electricalinstallations13

  • *2-word concgrams: electricalelectricalin12electricalan11electricalmain11electricaldata10electricaldistribution9electricalsupply9electricalinfrastructure8electricalparameters7electricalsystems6electricalenergy6

  • *2-word concgrams: electricalelectricalengineers5electricalengineer4electricalforces4electricalindustry3electricalinformation3electricalsignals3electricalto3electricalon3electricalfrom2electricalgeneral2

  • *3-word concgrams: wind turbinewind turbine + the 69wind turbine + a52wind turbine + of 48wind turbine + and 32wind turbine + is 30wind turbine + to 29wind turbine + for 22wind turbine + site17wind turbine + was 14wind turbine + in13wind turbine + on 12

  • *3-word concgrams: wind turbinewind turbine + Lamma 13wind turbine + capacity 8wind turbine + construction 8wind turbine + Island 8wind turbine + wider 7wind turbine + yawed 5wind turbine + sensor 5wind turbine + farms 5wind turbine + located 5wind turbine + connected 5

  • *Wind turbinee 6 Automatic Slope Irrigation System 2.3 WIND TURBINE PROJECTS Wind turbinesa full EIA was required to ascertain that the Wind Turbine Project on Lamma Island or research purpose. Currently, the largest wind turbine is a single 2.5kW machine grid connected hybrid RE system. Figure 7 Wind Turbine at Shek Kwu Chau There FIRST GRID-CONNECTED WIND TURBINE FOR POWERonmentally acceptable to install one 800kW wind turbine as a demonstrationer of 50m and a rated power of 800kW. The wind turbine is of stall-regulated, horizontal generation at Tai Ling on Lamma Island. The wind turbine system with built-in safety

  • *wind turbine

    Purpose/Functionpower generation in HK

    windturbinePurpose/Functionfor power generation for wider application (3), to produce electricity (2), renewable energy,

  • *wind turbine

    LocationLam Ma Island/ Lamma (6), potential sites, preferred site (Tai Ling) windturbineLocation site (5),Lamma Island (8),Shek Kwn Chau, Tai Ling

  • *wind turbine

    Development installation (2),operation (2),construction, maintenance,development,one-year monitoringwindturbineDevelopment installation (2), automatic operation, operation, monitored and controlled, site unmanned, construction stage, in operation,

  • *wind turbine

    Nature/Features first, a pilot scheme, in-service, potential, grid-connected, power, Principle of PowerwindturbineNature/Features built-in safety and protection, the most common configuration, uses its wing profile

  • *wind turbine

    Height ground level windturbineHeight hub height, limited to 92 to 97 m, complying with the aviation height restriction,

  • *wind turbine

    Evaluation the largest, desirable, reputable, acceptable, unsuitable, adequate, artistic view of Lamma (2), windturbineEvaluationdesirable height, suitable size,

  • *2-word concgrams: electricalelectricalSERVICES2electricalsensor2electricalContractors2electricalChief2electricalconduction2electricalconventional2electricalcircuits2electricalfixed2electricalfield2

  • *2-word concgrams: electricalelectricalhistorical2electricalkV2electricalenhancing2electricalRMS2electricalsafety2electricallarge2electricalmonitoring2electricalOffice2electricalquality2electricalResponses2

  • *2-word concgrams: electricityelectricityof43electricityNATIONAL40 electricityTHE33electricityMARKET33electricitysupply31electricityto15electricityindustry12electricitygeneration12electricityRules10electricitydemand9

  • *2-word concgrams: electricityelectricityLaw8 electricityfor7electricityin7electricitySINGAPORE7electricityCode6electricitywholesale6electricityreliable5electricitytransmission5electricityWIRING4electricitygenerated4electricitysystem4

  • *2-word concgrams: electricityelectricityis3electricitynew3electricitygrid3electricityon3electricityprices3electricityretail3electricitysupplies3electricityeffective3electricityfrom3electricityFinnish3

  • *2-word concgrams: electricityelectricityCLASS2electricitysecondary2electricityOrdinance 2electricitysold2electricitysector2electricityintegrated2electricityproduce2electricityPower2electricitytotal2electricityexisting2

  • *2-word concgrams: electricelectricHongkong34electricpower18electricCo17 electricThe15electricCompany10electricfield9electricXIAN8electricvehicle7electricmachine5electrichybrid4electricManufacturing4

  • *2-word concgrams: electricelectricMitsubishi4electricIr3electricImport3electrichigh2electriclEE2electricof2electricProceedings2electricthrough2electricChina2electricGeneral2electricGE2

  • *3-word concgrams: gas turbine gas turbine + the 110gas turbine + and 48gas turbine + to 46gas turbine + is 43gas turbine + a 42gas turbine + of 40gas turbine + by 19gas turbine + steam 36gas turbine + class 24gas turbine + generator 21gas turbine + with 15

  • *3-word concgrams: gas turbinegas turbine + at 14gas turbine + for 12gas turbine + on 12gas turbine + efficiency 12gas turbine + exhaust 12gas turbine + temperature 12gas turbine + coupled 11gas turbine + single 10gas turbine + consists 10gas turbine + system 9gas turbine + located 8

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