Professional Development & Teaching S trategies in Higher Education…

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Professional Development & Teaching S trategies in Higher Education…. Debra J. Stork. Connections. Components of Improvement. Works cited:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Development-teaching strategies in higher educaiton

Professional Development & Teaching Strategies in Higher EducationDebra J. StorkConnectionsComponents of ImprovementWorks cited:Blanton, M. L., & Stylianou, D. A. (2009). Interpreting a community of practice perspective in discipline-specific professional development in higher education. Innovative in Higher Education , 34, 79-92.Chasteen, S. V., Perkins, K. K., Beale, P. D., & Wieman, C. E. (2011). A thoughtful approach to instruction: Course transformation for the rest of us. Journal of Collgete Science Teaching , 40 (4), 24-30.Ho, A., Watkins, D., & Kelly, M. (2001). The conceptual change approach to improving teaching and learning: An evaluation of a Hong Kong staff development programme. Higher Education , 42, 143-169.Keengwe, J., Kidd, T., & Kyei-Blankson, L. (2009). Faculty and technology: implications for faculty training and technology leadership. Journal of Science Educationand Technology , 18, 23-28.Silverthorn, D. U., Thorn, P. M., & Svinicki, M. D. (2006). It's difficult to change the way we teach: Lessons from the integrative themes in physiology curriculum module project. Advances in Physiology Education , 30, 204-214.Stes, A., Coertjens, L., & Van Petegem, P. (2010). Instructional development for teachers in higher education: Impact on teaching approach. Higher Education , 60, 187-204.