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  1. 1. Professional Windows data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery Data loss problems are inevitable in any Windows operating systems. And after the problems take place, most users know Windows data recovery is the best solution. At present, professional data recovery companies and professional data recovery software are able to recover lost data. However, lost data can not always be recovered. Why? We'll list some causes. 1. Store new data to the original partition after data are lost, making lost data overwritten. 2. Perform disk check after file system goes wrong. Although disk check is able to repair some files slightly damaged, it may damage data as well. 3. Secondary formatting partition may overwrite some files that originally could be recovered, causing permanent data loss problems. 4. Installing Windows data recovery software to the partition where data loss problems take place may overwrite data as well. 5. Storing recovered data to the original partition is also able to overwrite data. 6. After partition table is damaged or partition is deleted, rebuilding or formatting partition with partition table rebuilding tool will damage FAT and MFT of the original partition. --Source from tool.html Of course, factors contributing to data loss problems are more than those above. As long as we can avoid mistaken operations, Windows data recovery completeness will improve greatly. At this time, some users may ask which method they should take, resorting to professional data recovery companies or using data recovery software. According to different problems, different solutions to Windows data recovery should be adopted. If the problems are caused by hardware damage, professional data recovery companies are the best solution. But if those problems result from logical faults, we'd better use professional data recovery software, which will save us much money and prevent data leak effectively. Since there is so much Windows data recovery software, users may not know which piece should be used. Here, we recommend the professional Windows data recovery software MiniTool
  2. 2. Power Data Recovery, released by the celebrated software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. Then we'll introduce its functions. Functions of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Launching the professional Windows data recovery software, we can see its data recovery functions, as follows. Five data recovery modules are displayed, which are able to carry out Windows data recovery in many situations. "Undelete Recovery": recovering data accidentally deleted or deleted by viruses. "Damaged Partition Recovery": recovering data from formatted or inaccessible partition. "Lost Partition Recovery": recovering data from lost or deleted partition. "Digital Media Recovery": recovering digital media files specially. "CD/DVD Recovery": recovering lost data from CD and DVD. If you are being annoyed by data loss problems on Windows, please download this Windows data recovery software from and use it to solve those problems.